Title: Lavish
Author: Mad Server
Rating: T
Characters: Dean, OFC
Word Count: Nothing round
Summary: Dean has some fun.
A/N: PRL threw down the gauntlet and, well, you know how it is. This is my first and probably only attempt at PWP, and it's not beta'd. Be gentle!
Disclaimer: I don't own these guys.

"I want to wash your feet."

His eyes are sleepy, lips swollen with kisses; his hair's spiked up on one side, where she's been playing with it.

"Oh," he grins, slow and wide. "Kinky."

Her favorite bowl, warm water, a sea sponge - she sets up on the floor and he leans over the bed's edge, watching, pacified.


He shifts, dangles a pale leg over the side, eyes sparkling. She takes it in her hands, and smoothes her way down the hairy, muscular calf to the impossibly soft skin on top of his foot, the thickly calloused sole. She bathes him - then looks up, and sees a new intentness in his eyes, a flush to his cheeks.

"Now the other."

He pushes up, drops the other leg beside her, and she gives it the same attention. Now his eyes are glazed, his lips slightly parted.

"You have beautiful feet," she says, and nuzzles his baby toe, takes it into her mouth. He gasps. "Such sweet little toes." She licks between his toes, sucks hard on the next one, which is bent, feels like it's been broken at some point. "I just want to eat them." She plants a delicate kiss on his big toe, hears a groan and looks up, sees he's slit-eyed, face glowing, chest heaving. She lifts up his foot, kisses his delicate arch.

"Oh my god," he pants, fisting the bedspread.

She kisses his kneecap, then cherishes his other foot. Stands, and kisses his hot mouth, feels his arms slide greedily around her.

She steps back, leaves him bright-eyed and red-lipped, his focus all on her.

"Your turn," she says.