Chapter 4/4.

Notes: I forgot that I hadn't finished this because at first I was aiming for only 3 chapters but I thought I'd try and add something sexy on the end.


Squall stirred in his sleep, turning on his side and snuggling into the nearest heat source. He draped an arm around Seifer's abs and tucked his head under his chin. The brunette opened an eye, looking up into his new lover's face. Seifer was still sound asleep. Squall's lips quirked up slightly, his hand soothed over Seifer's chest, over his stomach muscles. He stuck out his tongue to tease a nearby nipple, scraping lightly with his teeth. Seifer inhaled deeply in his sleep and his hand came up to bat Squall's away. The brunette smiled, moving his hand away quicker than Seifer's. He slipped his hand under the covers, feeling his way down. Over Seifer's hip then following the light trail of hair till he ran a finger up Seifer's cock from base to tip. His lover was already hard even before Squall touched him, his erection twitched in response to the brunette's fingers on him. He ran that single finger across the head and down the other side, at the base he wrapped his fingers around it and squeezed slightly.

Seifer gasped and opened his eyes, blinking a few times.

Squall started a slow rhythm, just gently stroking back and forth.

"Hi." He smiled at Seifer.

The blonde gave him a lazy smirk. "Hello gorgeous." He said.

Squall squeezed again getting a gasp from Seifer. "Have you been playing?" His lover asked, with a grin.

Squall just looked at him before he moved. Seifer's eyes widened in shock as Squall shuffled down the bed and under the covers. He could feel warm breath on his erection before he snapped in action and tried to fling the covers off so he could see Squall. They flopped back down, covering the brunette who snorted out a chuckle before throwing it off. He locked his eyes with Seifer as he lapped at his lover's cock like a ice lolly. The older man moved a hand in Squall's hair pulling lightly on the chocolate strands. After a few tugs on his hair the brunette took Seifer's cock into his mouth, experimenting with how far he could go down without gagging. At first he cautiously stayed around the head and used his hand to help. Seifer didn't seem to be complaining. Squall started a rhythm, after finding how much he could take before he hit his gag reflex. Seifer shifted his legs further apart, breathing heavily now.

"Jesus Squall." He almost whispered, his hand tightened on his lover's head.

His eyes fixed on his hard cock disappearing before Squall's lips. He hips were thrusting up of your own accord, he was trying to be gentle for Squall's first time giving a blowjob. The brunette moved to hold his lover down, reminding Seifer that Squall was stronger than he looked. Squall bobbed his head on his lover's cock faster, cradling and stroking Seifer's balls with his free hands.

"Gonna…" Seifer warned and he tried to tug Squall off his cock when his orgasm neared. The brunette just batted the hands away, and when Seifer came he swallowed as much as he could manage. Seifer's head fell back and he shut his eyes as he rode out his orgasm, his fingers playing in Squall's hair. The brunette continued to clean off the older man before he shuffled up the bed and flopped onto his chest.

"That was nice way to wake me up." Seifer said, wrapping his arms around his lover's torso. He could feel Squall's own erection against his thigh.

"How about I help you out with that in the shower?"

"In the shower?" Squall raised an interested eyebrow.

"Don't tell me you've never done it in the shower."

Squall shook his head.

"Oh, I would have thought Rinoa would have-"

Squall shook his head. "We had a few kisses but that was it."

"Oh." He pressed a small kiss onto Squall's lips. "Good. I like being your….Fir- Only." He said quickly, not liking the word 'first' the idea of Squall with anyone else made his skin crawl.

Squall repeated the light kiss that Seifer had given him. "So…. Shower?" He reminded when Seifer just stood there grinning stupidly at him.

"Right shower." He pushed Squall through the door. "And then I have to go back to my dungeon."


Here endth.