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"I love you."

The words had tumbled out of his mouth, but he'd had no intention of stopping them. Words he'd never dared to say. Words he'd never thought he ever would say. Ianto never expected him to feel the same. He knew it wasn't reciprocal. He'd lived with that knowledge, and now realised he would die with it. All he could do was wait for the rebuttal.

When he heard it, it still hurt more than the gas inside him ever could.


He felt himself let go, the loss flowing into every pore. Muffled noise made him refocus. Looking up, he saw Jack watching him so intently. He could feel something stroking his cheek but wasn't sure whether it was Jack's hand or the power of the gas taking effect.

Heart breaking, and lungs slowly collapsing, he asked for reassurance of the only thing left he felt he could cling to.

"It was good, yeah?"

The confirmation from the man who's face swam above him almost made it worse. The knowledge that it had been worth it, not only for himself almost ripped Ianto apart as he fought back tears. He knew for him it had taken up a significant part of his life... For Jack, he would be a mere fragment considering his years.

Knowing his last moments were upon him, he asked for something, in one of the only selfish acts he'd ever done his whole life. "Don't forget me."

Ianto looked at the eyes above him, unable to focus on much at all anymore, he heard, "never could."

That stung. Never would mean never for Jack. There was no way he would always have the memory of him.

"A thousand years time," Ianto choked out. He couldn't help it, he needed to know... Jack may not have loved him, but at the very least he wanted him to be honest with him with how much he'd retain. "You won't remember me," he choked out.

A more forceful voice this time spoke up, "yes I will." Sincerity fell over those lips. "I promise, I will."

Ianto slipped into unconsciousness, and further, much closer towards death. Feeling the final kiss goodbye, his subconscious forced his body to take its last breath, in that moment drawing in all that he could from the man he knew he had loved and now had lost. Forever.


Jack was screaming inside, the pain too immense to actually allow for any physical exertion, or even any thought. There was no light. Darkness was flooding him An expanse of shadows and obscurity which stretched infinity.

The pain stopped. Emptiness took its place. There was nothing, no pain, no emotion, no feeling of any kind. That was entirely worse.

The physical agony returned, sharper than before. A thousand knives stabbed at his heart and lungs for what felt like a lifetime before the light came. When it did it came fast, spearing through his eyes and causing him to sit bolt upright with the realisation that he was, once again, alive. Alive only to suffer once more.

The pain was no longer physical. It became purely emotional.


He was gone. Lost

He turned to see Gwen looking at him. She knew exactly what was going through his head. He could already see the body which lay next to them. So still. She'd already pulled the blanket from the Welshman's face. It now rested upon his shoulders displaying the peachy cheeks and shut eyes.

Staring down at the face, choking on her tears, she felt the Captain's shaking hand grip her shoulder for support. She knew it was for himself more than for her.

Gwen reached down to place her hand gently against Ianto's face. Flesh touching flesh, she sharply drew back as if stung.

Throwing the blanket fully and furiously from the body lain in front of her, she grabbed at her own chest due to the feeling of her heart imploding. Not due to loss. It was elation.

The cheek had been warm.

The chest was now rising in breath.

"Jack!" She choked out, her eyes flying to the man behind her who had completely missed any reaction in the state of his own misery.

Eyes meeting the woman's before him, he only heard her next two words.

"He's alive."

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