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Jim's P.O.V.

Captain's Log 2259

We are approaching the Firefox nebula, making our way into an uninhabited area of space to look for more Class M plants- Like Earth and Vulcan, planets where life is sustainable. Currently the ship's moral is high; how long that will last is unknown. We are in the first year of our five-year mission; so far, things are going well. Only a few mishaps have happened and sadly the premature death of one of our crewmembers. I vow never to lose anyone else. Captain out.

The rush in traveling to a new place always makes me happy in that, it hits me that I'm living up to my father's memory. Looking over at my first officer, I note he looks distressed, how I'm able to recognize this, I'm not sure. Even after a year of working together, we still distant from each other. I sometimes still can't believe what his older self told me-that we will be best friends. In using Spock's words, it seems highly illogical. Leaning back in my chair, I cover my face with my hands. This is too boring. God, I cannot wait until my shift is over. Then Scotty and I might be able to invest in his secret stash of whiskey. Feeling the need to talk, I pull myself out of my chair and walk to Uhura. "Lt. how is work going?"

"Oh, just fine captain," she said with a sarcastic tone. Even after all the years that we have known each other, she still feels irritation towards me. I have no idea why; I don't flirt with her anymore. Although that is mostly because I know that Spock would beat my ass if I did.

"Keep up the good work." Feeling the need to still talk, I approach Spock who watched my interaction with Uhura intensely. "Spock, anything new?"

"No captain," he said turning back towards his work. He's not one to talk to when bored. I've heard some of the so called intellectual conversations he has with Uhura, some of the most boring shit, I have ever heard in my life. I could pester Bones, but he would just chew me out for not doing my job. Scotty is in the engine rooms, Chekov is too young and doesn't understand most of the stuff I joke about, and Sulu is too focused on steering the ship. Space is suppose to be exciting, but right now it is boring as hell. Actually, I would have more fun if I was in hell now. Placing my ass back in my chair, I stare into the blackness of space.

Just I start to space out; a strong force rocks the ship. "Shit, what was that?"

"It seems Keptin, we have run into an unexpected ion storm," Chekov informed me.

"Put the shields up, but not at maximum power." Hitting the intercom, I speak to Scotty. "How is she holding Scotty?"

"Fine so far captain, I don't know if this storm continues."

"Do your best. Kirk out." I don't know if it is just me, but it appears that the sky is becoming blacker and a combination of sound waves and lighting appear in the sky. One the bolts of lightning violently strikes the Enterprise. "What's the damage done?" I demand.

"Not much so far," said Chekov. "Do you vant me to increase the shields?"

"Yes," but before he increase them another bolt strikes, sending everyone flying from their posts. Knocking my head on the ground, I pull myself up and notice that there are certain particles in the bolts of lightning. I wonder what they mean. "Scotty, how is she holding up?"

"I'm trying to keep her steady; we can't take much more."

"I'm counting on you to keep her in one piece."

"Captain there is something heading toward us," Sulu said. Turning my eyes, I notice some kind of waves spitting electricity coming toward us.

"Can you maneuver around it?"

"No, sir, it's too large."

"I don't trust it, shields at maximum power. Everyone brace for impact." The ship is rocked with another hit, as I try to keep steady I feel something run through me and then all I see is black. Regaining my vision, I notice that everyone on the bridge is looking at me weird. God, I must be bleeding or something. "What the hell are all of you staring at?" Normally, I don't listen to what I say, but I notice that my voice is of a higher pitch than normal. "Chekov, are we in the clear."

With a mouth hanging up, Chekov managed to speak. "Yes keptin."

As I try to hit the intercom system, I notice that my arms are completely encased in my shirt and I can't reach it. I've never noticed my shirt being this baggy before. "Spock what the hell is going on; what's wrong with my shirt?"

I have never seen Spock in shock before, but his face right now is priceless. Quickly he gains his composure. "Captain, it seems that the effects of the storm have caused changes in your well being."

"Like how?" Before he can say what, I start to feel dizzy, suddenly my breakfast comes out of me and I fall into darkness again.

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