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Spock's P.O.V.

Captain's log

We are about to deck at star base 21 and rendezvous with Captain Pike, so that he may access Jim's physical and mental being. In the time leading to our departure, Jim has shown considerable fear in seeing Captain Pike. After having Lt. Uhura speak to him, he has expressed that he is afraid that he will be sent back to Earth to live with his biological mother. Despite Dr. McCoy discussing about why Jim did not have the best relationship with his mother; we felt it was best for Jim to explain to us why he did not want to see his mother.

After some coaxing from Lt. Uhura, he admitted that his mother always felt disgust towards him, because of his resemblance to his father the late George Kirk. He then went on to explain that she would belittle him constantly for not living up to his father's memory. When asked if she ever physically abused him; he refused to speak.

Going by his own admissions, if Jim were to be sent back to Earth; Lt. Uhura and I have decided that we would challenge the decision. Feeling that Jim's wellbeing and happiness is best aboard the ship with us. However, I must think in realistic terms, since no child is allowed to stay on-board a starship for an extended period of time. However since we do not have a clear idea when Jim will become an adult again, sending him back to Earth would be counterproductive.

As I record the log, laughter is heard in the background from no other than Jim as he takes his bath. Since we will be reaching the base in the next hour; Nyota decided she wanted him to have a good bath and fresh clothes on. With a sigh, I get up and enter the bathroom only to see bubbles float towards the ceiling, with his small hands Jim popped each one that he could catch.

It almost feels good to see him happy again. Last night had not gone well do to Jim awaking around 2am crying and screaming about his stepfather Frank. After Nyota brought him into our bed and comforted him; he explained that his nightmare was about the man beating him when he was nine years old. We had him talk about his feelings and assured him that he would never be put into another abusive situation. Once he felt safe, he visibly relaxed and fell asleep. Nyota unsure about him sleeping by himself, just in case he woke up again, decided to have him sleep between us.

Upon waking up this morning, I found Jim in Nyota's arms comfortable. As I looked at him, I felt the need to protect him despite Jim not being my biological child. Last night was one of the few times I wanted to harm another being. Hearing about what Frank has done to Jim has awoken a fatherly instinct within me. Something I need to speak about with Nyota.

"Spock pop the bubble."

Snapping out of my thoughts, I see a large bubble float by my ear and to please him I do it. In response to my actions he lets out a series of giggles as he continues to pop different multicolored bubbles. "Jim are you almost done?" I asked seeing that his fingers are in the beginning stages of wrinkling.

"No, I want to play more," he squealed as he slathers bubbles over his chin to make a beard. I do have to admit his beard is amusing. "Please a few more minutes? Please Uhura?"

With a gentle smile, my beloved lifts him out of the bath and wraps a towel around him. "No Jim, we will be docking before you even know it, besides Spock and I need to get ready as well. We don't want you to become a prune before Pike sees you. Do we?"

"No ma'am," he replied leaning into her arms seeking out comfort. In response she gives him a hug and whispers into his ear that makes him start to giggle again. She would become irate if I brought up her acting motherly again. A role, I think suits her when we have children of our own.

"Spock can you help get him dress, while I take a quick shower?" Nyota asked standing by my side.

In a rare form of public display of affection I kiss her on the cheek. "Of course," I reply. However she knows she did not need to ask. We agreed to share responsibilities in taking of Jim.

She places a chase kiss upon my lips; they taste delicious. I note she is wearing her peaches n cream lip gloss. "Thank you."

"Oh get a room," Jim said making a retching noise as he placed a finger in his mouth.

"Really you find kissing disgusting Jim?"

"I don't know," he said a little confused.

"More mental regression," I conclude.

"No!" Immediately he began beating his head with his fists. In alarm, I grab his wrists to stop him. "Let go, I can't loss any more of my mind," he cried.

Why do I act out of character? I think to myself as I take him gently in my arms and proceed in a rocking motion. "I assure you still have your mental capabilities."

Tears run down his face as he buries his face into my shoulder. "No, I don't just admit it."

Nyota lifts his head so he can look her in the eyes. "Shh Jim. Just because you regressed a little more, doesn't mean you're losing your mind. Remember what Bones said? This is going to happen, whether you like it or not." He allowed her to wipe away his tears. "Whatever new challenge you experience, Spock and I will be here to help you."

"Yes Mommy."

For once she does not react to him saying mommy. "How about you go lie down and relax while Spock and I get ready."

"Yes ma'am," he whispered which earned him a kiss on the forehead.

Nyota gives me a look, which tells me to go get him ready. Once I help him with dressing, he lies on the bed and grabs a pillow holding on tight as he closes his eyes. I note that we need to get him a comfort item such as a teddy bear.

Once I feel he is comfortable, I return to the bathroom where I see Nyota showering. As if in a trace I watch her wash every contour of her body. "Spock, you should really come in," she says turning her head in my direction.

"That would be inappropriate at this time."

"It would save time." Stepping out, she places her wet fingers on my shirt and pulls it up. "A little fun Spock that is all I ask."

Curse my human side. "I believe we can do a quick shower together."

"You won't regret your decision," she purred.

Uhura's P.O.V.

Stepping out of the bathroom, I leave Spock back there completely blushing over what we did. It was inappropriate to do sexual acts with Jim close by, but I enjoyed the danger. Going to check on him, I see Jim napping while sucking his thumb and holding a pillow close. Generally he doesn't take naps, so I decide not to disturb him as I fix my hair and makeup.

Vulcan are a bit primal in their love making, hiding the little bite mark Spock gave me would be a little difficult, but with the right amount of makeup and skill, I cover it up.

"I am sorry for hurting you," said Spock standing beside me. "I should have controlled my desires better."

"It's alright; I admit I did like the biting."

His ears turn red as he tries to keep a stoic face. "He is sleeping soundly," he said motioning over to Jim.

"After what happened last night he needed a nap. Good job handling him in the bathroom Daddy."

"Nyota please do not call me that. You do not approve when he calls you mommy."

"About that, I was thinking for his mental stability it would be best for us to encourage him to see us as his parents."

Spock visibly pales. "Such a notion is irresponsible, especially if he is sent back to Earth."

"But what if he's not? He needs stability to thrive."

"And being aboard this ship thinking we are his parents will not give him stability."

"The ship is docking on Earth in less than a month for shore leave and during that time we'll be on earth for three months and if he doesn't change back we can request to remain on Earth."

"I will not do that. I am committed to this five year mission."

"And I am to, but there is a child that needs us."

"What are you two arguing about?" Turning I see Jim looking up at us, with a pair of worried eyes.

"Nothing you need to worry about." My words don't calm his fears, so I put him on my lap and hug him. I decide to change the subject. "We're going to have to get you a haircut while we're on the base."

"No I like it long."

"I rather have you see," I tell him pulling some hair away from his eyes.

"If I'm good with Pike, do I get something special?" he asked.

"Maybe," said Spock. "Only if you are good."

"I will be. I promise." On his face is a mischievous grin.

Spock grabs a comb and runs it through his hair and then Jim's. "Come Jim, I have work to finish before we arrive. You may come with me to the bridge and sit in the captain's chair."

A large smile broke across his face as he took Spock's hand trying to hurry him to the bridge.

Smiling to myself, I pull out my PADD and pull up the list of items that we need to get for Jim based upon the decision made today. If he does stay he will need his own set of clothes. Right now he has been wearing miniature uniforms and Chekov's civilian clothing. Luckily for us there is a talented seamstress on board and was able to adjust all Chekov's clothing to fit Jim. Next he needs shoes, toys, and a stuffed animal. Hopefully I can get a small bed, so he won't have to sleep on the couch anymore.

Finalizing everything, I head up to the bridge only to run into Bones in the turbolift. Looking at him, I see there are dark circles under his eyes. "Did you sleep last night?"

Yawning he stretched his arms. "Not much, I was working all night preparing the data we collected on Jim. Hopefully on the base, I can get a decent cup of coffee." He yawned again. "So how was he last night?"


"About Frank I presume."

"Yes. It took a few hours before he went back to sleep. Bones, it seems to me that his nightmares get worst the more he remembers. How did he deal with his nightmares when we were in Starfleet?"

"Mostly numb his mind in alcohol. I did recommend to him about seeing a psychologist, but he blew off my suggestion."

"I can never understand why Wiona never stopped the abuse."

"Well she was off planet a majority of her time in Starfleet, but when she wasn't she was emotionally detached to the point that she didn't care. What he needs right now is someone to fill the role of mother and father. Hint…hint."

"He called me mommy the other day and this morning," I admitted.

"How did you take it?"

"I freaked out the first time. And this morning, I didn't care. I actually did bring up the topic to Spock earlier about Jim seeing us as his parents…"

"What did he say?"

"…Spock was less than ecstatic about the idea."

"Figures he wouldn't go along with the idea. We'll think of a way to convince him. Besides he actually is starting to act human now that Jim is a child."

The lift stops at the bridge, walking out we see Spock in the captain's chair, with Jim sitting comfortably in his lap. Damn I need a camera.

"Hi Bones," Jim called out waving franticly.

"Hey Jim."

"Dr. McCoy what brings you on the bridge?" Spock asked, I hint some annoyance in his voice.

Bones just gives him an all knowing smirk. "Just came to check up on our mini captain. So Jim ready to see Pike?"

My surrogate son just nodded with a small smile. "Yes and I'll tell him how I have perfectly ran the ship since my transformation."

Bones ruffled his hair. "Yeah right kid. You can tell him how you didn't force everyone to commit suicide watching after you."

"Hey I'm not that much of a pain. I'm the perfect comic relief."

"Not all the time."

"Bones you suck."

"Jim, we have spoken about insulting people," warned Spock.

Jim shifts uncomfortable. "I'm sorry Bones; I didn't mean to say that about you," he said looking down.

"It's okay. It looks like Spock has you whipped."

A flash of anger and fear cross Spock's eyes. "How dare you imply that I would beat him Doctor? I would never harm a child in my life," he said with a hint of a hiss.

"Not remotely what I meant Spock. It's an expression; it means that you have him behaving perfectly."

"Hey I'm not an angel," Jim said.

"We all know you're not, but you are better than a few days ago."

Spock spoke up. "Mister Chekov, it's time to make the ship wide announcement."

"Yes sir." He typed in the code that sent out messages. Hello this is Ensign Pavel Chekov, in less than twenty minutes the Enterprise will dock at star base 21. Captain Spock has informed me that groups will be allowed off the ship for three hours at a time, while he is conducting business. Groups will be let off based on rank, please refer to the information computers in the hallways to find out when you will be allowed to leave. That is all.

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