I can hear you.

Bella Swan first heard the deep, velvet voice while driving to school. Her mind was drifting to rather anything as she made her short distance to Forks' High School, going through her next Chemistry test and what her friends might think of her new blouse, when she heard a mumble in the back of her head. She stopped momentarily at a stop sign, letting her thoughts stop also, and she heard it again. A mumble of words, too faint for it to be comprehensible. At first she thought nothing of it.

I'm just thinking too hard.

She continued driving, seeing the school come into view. She was turning onto the road that lead up to the school when she heard it a third time. But this time she made out a word.


Her foot hit the breaks before she knew she was going to, sending her to a screeching halt in the middle of the road.


Oh god, something's wrong with me.

She contemplated the reasoning as to why she was hearing the voice in her head. She assumed first of all that she was hallucinating, but as she thought that the velvet male voice chuckled.

Hallucinating? I just met you two minutes ago and already you're making me laugh.

With that Bella started to panic.

What's going on?

I was going to ask the same thing.

Oh gosh, I must be going mental! I must have hit my head and now I think I'm talking to someone in my head. This is bad. I should go to the doctors. I might have a concussion.

You don't have a concussion, you silly girl. If you have one than I have one, and, unlike you, I'm not clumsy and don't fall on my face every time I walk.

I do not fall on my face every time I walk!

Well, I only assumed.

Bella was so preoccupied in arguing with this mysterious voice that she didn't hear the loud honking going on behind her. When she finally drown out the male voice with her singing, which wasn't very enjoyable to the voice inside her head, she noticed the long line of cars and trucks behind her.

"Oh! Sorry!" She said out loud.

What did you do?


Bella quickly turned her truck into the nearest parking space, shielding down her eyes so she wouldn't meet someone's mean glare as they passed her.

You're making me lose my train of though, Bella accused him as she got out of the car, putting her backpack over her shoulder.

Well, you're doing the same thing to me. I almost hit a tree on my way to school!

School? Where are you?

California. You, Mrs. Clumsy?

Washington, Mr. Annoying.

He made a noise that sounded like he was amused.

Bella entered homeroom, sweeping her eyes around the room in hopes of locating a friend or two, but they haven't shown up yet. Frowning, she sat down by herself in the back of the room.

She wanted to desperately think of why this was happening to her, but if she did, he would hear. She was surprised how well he kept his thoughts controlled. He probably wanted to ponder this odd occurrence too, but he was forcing himself not to.

I still think I'm going mental.

Well, you might, but I'm perfectly fine.

Okay, lets be real for a moment. Who are you exactly? What's your name?

Names Edward Cullen. I'm a seventeen-year-old resident of California. You?

I'm Bella Swan. I'm seventeen, too.

Nice to meet you, Bella.

I would say the same thing if I wasn't so weirded out.

Again, Edward made his amused sound.

I suspect that you and I are both wondering the same thing right now.

Why is this happening?


I mean, it's not normal. I have never heard of people being able to do this.

Yes. It's very…non-normal. But how long do you think this will last?
I have no idea.

Ah, this is confusing.

Join the club.

Is there any membership fees?

Bella snorted out loud and a few people looked back at her.

I'm going to have to get use to this.

Yeah, me too. Now every time I think…I'll have to remember I'm not alone.

Bella sighed and Edward did too.

Well, I don't know what to think of this.

Neither do I.

They sighed again, then stayed mute, trying to pretend this wasn't happening.

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