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Ranma's and Akane's time engaged had taken twists and turns throughout from the unexpected of things to the two of them, thanks to their Dads. They had been through one thing after the other… good and bad. It had now been 3 years since their unexpected engagement came up. The two had still been living at the Tendo Dojo since Genma's and Ranma's arrivals.

Still getting their chemistry worked out, Ranma and Akane were walking through town together. They had just left the market from the hustle and bustle of people walking back and forth and were heading home.

"Hey, Ranma," Akane started to say to him.

That's when Ukyo, Shampoo, and Kodachi appeared.

"Ranma," Everyone said in unison.

Ranma seemed really shocked by their unexpected appearances.

"Ranma, you must decide who fiancé should be," Shampoo protested.

We've had it with your indecisiveness," Ukyo added. "Pick one of us who you want to marry."

"Ranma darling, surely this is the best idea to marry hers truly," Kodachi implied, doing her annoying cackle. "Come on, Ranma darling, say it's me."

"No, say it's me!!" Ukyo shouted.

"Ranma, you not dare break Amazon custom," Shampoo added.

"Akane," Ranma said to her.

"But why, Ranma?" Akane said, staying where she was. "You're going to marry one of those cute fiancés… it doesn't even concern me."

"See, Ranma," Shampoo said. "Akane already rule herself out… now pick one of us!!"

The three ladies waited to hear Ranma's answer, while Akane just looked off in another direction with no care in the world.

Alright, this is it… just one pick and they'll be off my back, Ranma thought. But if I pick one… the other two will be on my back… not to mention Mr. Tendo if I don't choose Akane… she's never believed me, but…

He felt excited that he wouldn't have to be cornered by 3 girls/fiancés, but he also felt trapped because everyone would be on his back, regardless of whichever girl he chose. If he went with Shampoo, Mousse, Soun, Genma, and the others wouldn't have been so pleasant; if he chose Ukyo or Kodachi, Shampoo, and the fathers would be on his case; if he chose Akane, then the three would be driving him crazy. It looked like Ranma had no way out of this, regardless of who he chose.

"Well, Ranma, who are you going to choose as your fiancé?" Ukyo asked.

"Yeah, you tell us, Ranma," Shampoo agreed. "Say Shampoo will be your fiancé!"

"Hey, not a chance, Shampoo," Ukyo shouted, getting defensive.

The crowd of people just looked on in shock, even though Ranma hadn't decided yet.

"Ranma darling, surely you should belong to me," Kodachi replied, doing her annoying cackle again.

The girls gathered together again, awaiting Ranma's decision.

"Ranma, are you coming or not?" Akane asked.

"Oh, yeah, Akane," Ranma said a little flustered.

"YYYAAAAHHH!!!" Ukyo screamed, throwing her spatula, blocking their way.

The two turned around to see the girls with angry faces.

"Ranma-honey's not going anywhere until he picks one of us," Ukyo replied with the meanest look anybody had seen.

"Oh, don't I have a say in this?" Ranma said.

"Hey, you shut up!!" Ukyo snapped.

"Yeah, just pick Shampoo already!!" Shampoo demanded.

"Hey you!!" Ukyo said.

"This is getting ridiculous," Akane said. "Come on, Ranma."

"Not a chance!!" Kodachi replied, using her ribbon to tie up Akane and Ranma.

"Hey!! Let us go!!!" Akane demanded.

"Not until Ranma darling says it's me that he's going to marry," Kodachi said, doing her annoying cackle once again.

"Ranma just pick one and let's go!!" Akane demanded. "Not that it really matters to me."

She looked off in the opposite direction of Ranma once again.

"Alright," Ranma said after a moment of silence.

He started thinking about it.

"My decision's made," Ranma began to say.

The three "fiancés" gathered around him.

"I choose…" Ranma said again before he broke into a pause.

Their hearts and stomachs were getting tight. Unable to contain it, they all started shouting "Me… me!! Me!! Me!! Me!!!"

Akane still looked like the situation didn't matter to her… until Ranma began speaking up again with his answer.

"I choose… Akane," Ranma answered.

Akane gasped and her face turned red.

"Ranma?" She uttered in surprise.

"Ranma!! You dare break Amazon pride?!!" Shampoo screamed, sounding outraged.

"Shampoo, I admit you're cute," Ranma said. "But I just don't think I'm the right person for you… plus you hit on me in the worst ways."

He turned to the others.

"Alright, the truth is going to come out for all 3 of you," Ranma said, finally letting the girls hear out the truth about how he felt about all of them.

The three leaned in to hear it… and surprisingly, Akane did as well.

"Shampoo, as mentioned, I just don't know if I'm the right guy for you, and I just don't want to be the Old Ghoul's 'Son-in-law'," Ranma boldly stated to Shampoo.

He then turned to Ukyo.

"Ukyo," Ranma said to her. "Just because we're childhood friends… doesn't mean we HAVE to marry each other… plus, as a kid, we were engaged, but I was too young to agree."

"Ranma," Ukyo said, looking shocked and heartbroken.

"And, Kodachi," Ranma spoke up again, looking at her. "You and your stupid brother are just 250 percent… annoying. I don't even like you and I would rather be murdered than being married to someone like you."

Upon hearing that, Kodachi gasped.

"So, Ranma wishes to marry the dreaded Akane Tendo…" She said, heartbroken. "I'll be going then…"

She started running away from all of them with her face in her hands… crying as her figure got smaller and smaller.

"You in big trouble, Ranma," Shampoo snapped, walking away.

"Ranma-honey, you are sure going to regret marrying her," Ukyo replied, walking away as well in anger.

"Yeah right," Ranma said out loud, after scoffing at first.

"Ranma…" Akane said in shock. "You really DO want to marry me?" She asked, looking surprised.

"Yes," Ranma admitted. "I just didn't want to hide my feelings for you any longer."

This shocked Akane in the most embarrassing way.

"Ranma?" She said in awe like a little girl looking up at her big sister/brother.

Back at home in their living room, when everyone in the Tendo Dojo got word that Ranma wanted to marry Akane, Genma and Soun were overcome with emotion.

"So, you've finally seen the light, boy!" Genma said to Ranma.

"That's not how it's like," Ranma replied.

"Huh?" Genma replied, looking surprised.

"Akane's gotten cute since, and we just want to be by ourselves… away from you," Ranma answered.

"I agree with Ranma," Akane spoke up. "Honestly, since you all decided for me to be engaged when I didn't want to, until Ranma admitted what he said to Ukyo, Shampoo, and Kodachi the Black Rose; inside, I couldn't wait to be away from you all."

"Akane… are you… serious?" Soun asked, looking very surprised.

"Believe me, I'm dead serious, Dad," Akane replied. "I just need to be on my own, and I believe this is the best way."

"Oh, Akane," Soun said, hanging his head. "Your mother would be horrified to hear this if she were still alive."

"I can say the same for you, Pop," Ranma replied. "Getting away from you and the freak's schemes is what I really want. Marriage or death is a real blessing in disguise."

"Well, despite their reasoning," Nabiki said. "We better get those invites out."

End chapter.

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