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"What is it?" I asked.

I looked forward and saw a waterfall above. We had no choice but to ride through it. When we went through the falling water, we all uttered a scream.

"That was pretty funny," I said.

I saw that Kasumi and Akane were sopping wet.

"Yeah," Akane answered.

After we reached the end of the ride on our tubes, we handed them off to the next people in line.

"Oh, I think it's time I get going," Kasumi told us.

"Alright, we'll see you again soon, Kasumi," Akane said.

"Bye," Kasumi said as we hugged.

She headed off for the lockers to change and then headed for the exit.

"Maybe one more slide and we should go, too?" Akane said.

I agreed and we went to the cliff-diving section. After we completed our jumps, we headed off for the locker rooms to get our clothes.

(Akane's P.O.V.)

"I'll drive home," I said when I met up with Ranma.

He handed me the keys and we went to the parking lot.

"That was so much fun," Ranma told me.

I smiled. "Yeah!"

"So, what should we do when we get home?" He asked in a flirty voice.

"The only thing we will do is go to sleep. I'm tired," I answered.

"Oh, come on! I'm sure that we still have energy left!" Ranma said. "I'll let you wear a bikini."

"Okay, fine." I replied.

When we got home, I went to our room to change into my favorite bikini. After that, I went to the pool to meet Ranma there. He was already in the water, smiling at me.

"Ooh, you're in your favorite bikini. I like it on you because it is my favorite." He said.

My bikini was a yellow one with a flower design on it.

I blushed and got in the water. I swam towards Ranma. He took me in his arms. I rested my head on his chest. We stayed like this for a while.

"I'm so glad that you suggested the water park because now, I want to go back there again." He told me.

"Yes, I wanted us to do something different," I answered as I looked into his eyes. "Maybe next time, we'll invite the others."

"No need for that," Ranma disagreed. "Because I bet we'll run into our friends there."

"Yeah, you're right; if we ran into Kasumi today, we can run into others." I said.

A few minutes passed.

"Hey, Ramma, where is our pet?" I asked.

"Why?" Ranma replied. "I thought we're going to have this time to ourselves?"

"Hey, we haven't play with him for a while. I'm sure he'd like to join us." I told him.

I got out of the pool. I went inside and got Shiro to come out.

"Here he is," I said to Ranma after bringing him to the back yard.

Instead of running to Ranma, Shiro ran over to the back of the house behind the jacuzzi. That's when I saw Shiro had found a mud puddle.

"Shiro?" I asked him. "Shiro, what are you doing?" I asked as I ran after him.

Then, I saw him at a mud puddle… then, he pointed his head at it.

"No," I told him sternly. But, he ignored and did it. "SHIRO!"

When he heard me, he turned around and ran straight for the pool!

He cannot go to the pool because he will get it dirty so, I chased after him.

"Great, I have to wash him now." I groaned.

When I got to the pool, Shiro was now in the water, licking Ranma's face.

"Look what you've done! The pool's now dirty!" I yelled in frustration as I jumped in, swam towards them and restrained Shiro. "Bad boy!"

Shiro made a sad whimper and looked at me.

I took him out of the pool and I spot the brown areas in the pool from the mud on Shiro's fur. I sighed in frustration. Then, Shiro ran back to the mud puddle and got in.

"Shiro, stop it!"

I tried to get him out of the mud puddle, but I slipped and fell into the mud. Now, my bikini was dirty from it. "You dog!"

"Are you all right?" I gasped and turned around to face Ranma.


Ranma shrugged his shoulders and got into the mud.

"Hey, Shiro," Ranma said as he petted him and our dog licked his face. "It is fun to play in the mud, eh?"

Now, he just pissed me off. Instead of helping me, he's helping Shiro!

"Ranma..." I told him, sternly.

Ranma gives me a terrified look. "Oh, I'm sorry."

He put his arm around Shiro's head. "Calm down, boy, you're dirty."

He looked at me.

"Let me help you out," Ranma picked me up and carry me back to the pool. "If Shiro's happy being dirty this time, then, we should let him be in the mud."

I blushed – my frustration went away.

When we got back to the pool, he put me down and went back. I sighed - he's going to play in the mud with Shiro. Well, if I can't beat them, then, I'll join them. I grinned as I walked back to where they were.

"Okay, boys… make room for me!" I got their attention. That's when I jumped into the mud.

After we done playing in the mud for a long time, we took Shiro back inside and took him a bath.

"Hey, how about we give him a bath outside? It is still daylight." Ranma suggested.

"Okay," I sighed; why does he have to make things harder for me. "Or better yet," I grabbed the water hose and turn it on. Then I pointed it at him, "YOU have to give Shiro his bath, and spray me down."

"Say what!" He asked. I sprayed him.

After Ranma finished him up, he looked at me.

"Why do I have to spray you down?" He asked me.

"Duh, I'm a girl... and it's ladies first," I said.

"But I've been in there for a while," Ranma argued.

"We both were," I said.

Ranma looked upwards with his eyes.

"Now spray me down and get this disgusting mud off me before it becomes permanent," I ordered.

"Okay, fine," Ranma said, spraying the hose at me.

I pretended I was showering and rubbed the mud off of my body.

"Now you have to get me," Ranma said after I told him I was done.

I was left soaking wet.

"Only fair, I said as I grabbed the hose from Ranma.

After the mud was off of Ranma's body, I handed him a towel and he dried off.

"I think I'll stay out here a little longer," I told Ranma.

"Me too," He smiled. "I'll go wherever you go."

"That's sweet." I kissed him.

We gazed into each other's eyes. Then, the house phone rang.

"Oh, I'll get it," Ranma left me alone.

While, Ranma took care of the phone call, I took the towel and lay it down on the grass. Then, I sat on it and lay down. I wanted the sun to dry me so I can go back in and take a warm bath. However, first, I'm going to take another swim. After being in the sun for a while, I got up, picked up my towel and went back to the pool. Then, I jumped into the water. I went back up to the surface for air.

After being the water for too long, I got out and went back to the house. After I asked Ranma what he wanted for dinner, I went to the bathroom to take a warm bath. After the bath, being covered by a towel, I went to our room to get changed into a grey sweatshirt and white sweatpants. Then, I went to the kitchen to get started on our dinner. Two hours later, the dinner was done and I called Ranma to the kitchen.

"It smells good." He sat at the table.

"Thanks." I said.

Our dinner for tonight was steak with mashed potatoes and veggies. Our drinks were pink lemonade.

"So, what do you think about the water park?" Ranma asked.

"What I think about it? Hmm..." That was my response. "I liked the water slides. They were fun. I like their food as well. That place got it all for all ages."

"I liked the cliff-diving." Ranma said.

"Even though it was a 20 ft. drop?" I asked in a terrified tone. Frankly, I was nervous then.

"Yeah!" I guess Ranma was thrilled by it.

The conversation ended when we went back to eating. After getting seconds and becoming full, I suggested to Ranma if we could clean the windows with our bathing suits on. He told me that he would love to. I went back to the room and changed into my already dry bikini and went back outside to meet Ranma there, holding a bucket of water and soap. He was wearing his dark blue and black swimshorts.

"Ready to go," I said to Ranma.

"Alright then," He said, tossing me a big sponge.

He held the garden hose in his hands. As for Shiro, we had already given him his dinner and he was already sleeping.

"Let's start," Ranma said to me, pulling the nozzle, aiming it at the dirty windows.

"Okay." I said.

As soon as Ranma had soaked the windows in water, he dipped his sponge in the soapy water and pulled it out.

"Guess I'll get another window," I said as I dipped my sponge in.

"No, just help me with this one," Ranma said.

"Alright," I said.

When we finished that window, we moved to the next one. After we finished three windows, Ranma suddenly poured the bucket of soapy water on me!

"HEY!" I yelled.

"Ha ha, you look so sexy now," Ranma laughed.

"It is not funny! Gimme me the water hose NOW!" My eyes were closed because the soap got into them. Ranma then got the hose and sprayed me.

"Okay, there is something else that you want to do as a payback?" Ranma asked.

"Hmm, how about we get wet with the water hoses, naked?" I asked, sexily.

"What?" His eyes were widened. "Are you serious?"

"Yes," I said with a huge smirk.

"But, what if..." Ranma started.

"We got a big fence! No one is going to see us!"

"Uh, well..." Ranma stuttered.

"Do you love me?" I asked.

"Yes." Ranma answered.

"Then, would you please do it with me?" I asked.

"...YES!" Ranma exclaimed as his answer. I laughed.

"Hee hee, if there's going to be a water hose fight, there's got to be two hoses first..." I said.

"You're right," Ranma agreed as he left to bring the 2nd garden hose from the front yard. A second later, he came back with it.

Ranma hooked up the hose and looked at me.

"Are you ready, Akane?"

"Yes," I answered.

"Just try not to be too loud." Ranma said.

"Agreed," I said.

With that being said, I saw Ranma taking his shorts off; I started to undo my bikini top and bottom.

"I know I already took a bath, but a soaking in the bath won't hurt," I said to myself as I turned the nozzle on.

"And... BEGIN!" I announced.

Ranma pulled the nozzle and soaked me. I did the same thing to him, getting him sopping wet, too. We giggled and giggled each time we sprayed each other.

"This is so much fun!" Ranma said.

"Yeah!" I agreed.

We were chasing each other, using our water hoses as weapons. We were hoping that we wouldn't get caught by unaccounted visitors.

I could feel a shot of water on my back from Ranma spraying me.

"I hope you like the payback?" I asked.

"I do, I deserve it," He smirked.

We continued to giggle and shoot water at each other.

"Akane, I'm a fireman," Ranma joked. "My job is to put out fires in the forms of a naked you."

"And my job is to put the fires back on," I giggled. "So, you can come back for more."

"Well, I don't know if I'd appreciate more," Ranma joked. "But in this case, I'll make that exception!"

He shot water at my chest. I shot water back at his stomach. Both of us were sopping wet and naked.

"Hey, Ranma, I'm a firewoman," I joked. "I have to put out a fire in the form of a naked you."

"Is that so? If you want to put the fire out, you gotta catch me first."

"I'd love it," I smirked as I began my chase.

We were running around in circles for a while until I sprayed him. We laughed and did the same thing until our house phone interrupted our fun.

"Oh, man… since you answered it last time, I'll do it this time." I told Ranma as I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around me.

Then, I ran into the house and answered the house phone. It was my Dad.


"Akane, it's your father," Dad said over the line.

"Oh, hello, Dad," I replied with cheerfulness.

"Akane, how goes the marriage with Ranma?" Dad asked.


"Did you two have your dinners yet?" Dad asked. "Because Saotome and I were going to pick something up."

"Yes, we did, Dad," I answered.

"Do you still want us to get you both something?" Dad asked me.

"Yes, that would be lovely, Dad,"

"Okay, what would you like?" Dad asked.

"Hamburgers with french fries," I answered.

"Okay," Dad said. "By the way, Akane, what is it that you and Ranma are doing right now?"

"Uh, we're...watching a movie right now," I lied.

I did not want him to know that we were playing with the water hoses naked.

"A movie?" Dad asked.


"Akane, are you pulling my leg?" Dad asked.

"...Why would you ask that, Dad?"

"Akane, why don't I hear your TV in your background?" Dad asked.

Shit! I forgot to turn the TV on!

"Akane, why don't I hear your TV in your background?" Dad asked again.

"Uh... the TV is muted because there are commercials going on and we're not interested in them." I lied again.

"Okay," Dad said, believing my lies. "Akane, are you... having fun right now?" Dad asked me.

"I might be," I answered, not lying this time.

"What exactly are you doing?" Dad asked again.

"We're just talking, Dad,"

"Talking?" Dad asked, becoming skeptical.

"Yes, we're talking about what we are going to do at our jobs tomorrow,"

"Okay," Dad said, still believing me. "Alright, well, Saotome and I will get you your burgers and fries and I'll see you in a few minutes." Dad continued.

"Okay, Dad... we'll be waiting," I removed my towel. "bye, Dad." I hung up.

After the phone call with Dad was over, I rejoined Ranma outside.

"Who was it?" Ranma asked.

"It was my Dad… he'll be picking up hamburgers and fries for us. We need to stop this now and get changed quickly before they arrive!" I said.

"Got it," Ranma told me. "Did you tell him about what we were doing?"

"Of course, not." I told him.

"Okay, how about another two sprays?" Ranma asked.

"Yes, after our fathers drop off the food!"

We both went back and changed to our swimsuits to save time. Then, we heard a knock on the door and I went to answer it.

"Who is it?" I asked.

I looked outside through the front window and saw the Dads outside. I opened the door.

"Here's your food, you two," Dad said to me.

"Oh, thank you, Dad," I took a big brown paper bag from his hand.

"You're welcome, Akane," Dad replied.

He was about to head off when he noticed how I was dressed.

"Akane, why are you wearing a bathing suit?" Dad asked.

"Oh, we're going to take a swim in the pool after we're done eating," I lied.

"Akane, you'll get a cramp that way," Dad said to me.

"I know, we're going to wait until it's digested," I told him.

"Okay, you two enjoy your burgers," Dad said to me.

"Yes, once again, thank you for taking your time."

"Alright, hon," Dad said.

We hugged each other before he went off.

"Bye." I headed back inside. "Whew, that was close,"

I sighed in relief, knowing for sure that Dad didn't know we were really playing with the water hoses naked. I placed the paper bag on the dinner table.

"Ranma, are you ready to finish the war between us?"

"Yes I am," Ranma answered, taking his shorts off.

I removed my bikini and followed Ranma outside. We grabbed each other's respective hoses and resumed spraying each other. We giggled and giggled with each spray we took from one another.

"Akane, what about our burgers?" Ranma asked.

"We'll eat them when we finish this," I said.

After 10 minutes of spraying each other back and forth, soaking each other once again, I signaled for the water hose war to be over. Both of us shut off the water, grabbed our swimsuits and went inside.

"Whew, that was a load of fun," Ranma replied.

"Yeah, and we will do it again."

"I sure hope so," Ranma replied as we bit into our burgers.

Ranma had finished half of his burger before speaking up.

"Akane, do you have to take another bath?" He asked me.

I had already donned my bikini before I started eating. "Yeah, I'm just going to soak in it."

"May I join?" Ranma asked. "We could do it in our swimsuits."

"I was planning to wear my bikini anyway. And you can join if you want to."

Ranma and I both finished our burgers and fries and headed into the bathroom where Ranma filled up the bath.

"Akane, can we do another water hose war tomorrow morning?" Ranma asked.

"Yes, should we do it in swimsuits or naked?" I asked.

"Hmm, we'll do it in swimsuits this time," Ranma answered.

In the meantime, the bath had just filled up and I shut off the water.

"Well, after you," Ranma said to me.

"Thank you," I said as Ranma helped me in the bath by the hand.

After he joined in, we cuddled in each other's embrace.

"I had fun today, Akane," Ranma said. "especially tonight."

"Me too," I said.

After I finished my soaking and Ranma did his bath, we got out and Ranma drained the water.

"Well, it's our bedtime," I said after we changed.

Ranma and I went to our room, ready to take on tomorrow.

"Good night," We said to each other and dozed off to sleep.

End chapter

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