Dean was bored.

After Sam had shattered his leg into pieces and needed a long recovery period, Bobby had given them to the keys to his friend's fishing cabin in Twin Bridges, Montana. Three days into their impromptu vacation though, Dean was climbing the walls. He had left a hasty note to Sam and was scouring the small town in his car when he spotted it and made an impromptu purchase. But now, he was actually nervous about what Sam would say.

"Hey where have you been?" Sam asked, perched awkwardly on the bed, with one leg dangling down and one stretched in front of him.

"Uh! Ok now don't hate me. Remember we can always get more money from the bar down the road." Dean swallowed.

Sam's eyes narrowed. "What did you do? Did you hire a hooker again!"

Dean shook his head.

Sam at the package with shock and turned flashing eyes at Dean "YOU SPENT ALL OUR MONEY ON GUITAR HERO!!!!"