Remus folds his legs underneath him and Sirius follows suit, and Shakespeare jumps into Remus' lap.

"What's your problem with the cat?" asks Remus as Sirius tries to hide a frown.

"Cats just don't mix with dogs," explains Sirius. Remus sighs and rolls his eyes. "What's with this cat anyway?"

"What do you mean?"

"It's just, you really attached to it," says Sirius, trying to word his question carefully. "It's just a cat, and you freak out when anyone looks at it the wrong way."

Remus sighs and strokes Shakespeare's head. "I had a rough summer."

"Rough…?" Sirius frowns.

"He gives me a purpose, okay?" The cat in question slowly closes his eyes, and Remus gives him a small smile. "Even when I'm at my…wildest, he's here for me."

"Moony." Sirius takes his hand and examines it for a moment. "That's what I'm here for. And what James is here for. And even Peter. That's why we became Animagi, Remus. To be here for you."

Remus looks away, and the cat falls asleep with a purr of contentment. "You're not always here."

Sirius frowns. Remus refuses to meet his eyes again, so he returns to his own bunk extremely unsettled.