E/O Challenge word Spent. Wee!chesters. Saying 'no' just doesn't work when it comes to Sam.

Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't own Supernatural. I own chocolate. Really. Just open my fridge. There's at least 5 Symphony bars in there, along with a box of brownies. ;)

Word count: 100

Dean is ten, Sam is six.



Dean stared at the container, salivating at the bite-size chocolates that filled it.

He wanted one. He deserved one.

Dean looked down at the five in his hand. It was supposed to be spent on groceries, but it was just one little sweet. It wouldn't hurt.

He tossed one in with the food and paid.

Sam's eyes widened at the confection. "Can I have it, Deanie? Pweeaaasse?"


Unshed tears began to glisten.

"Okay! Fine…" Dean threw the candy at his brother.

Sam eagerly unwrapped it, then tugged on Dean's sleeve.


Sam held out a tiny half. "Want some?"