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EPILOGUE – Fare-thee-well, my friends!

With a serene expression on her face, Monica held her precious little miracle close to her chest as she walked slowly inside the pretty bedroom of the apartment where she and Andrew had spent the last year and a half of their existence. Little Hope had had her night snack and was peacefully sleeping in her mom's arms, resting her little head over her shoulder as her mom gently rubbed her back. The room was beautifully decorated for the little angel who had been born a month earlier, even though their friends knew that soon it would be time for Hope, Monica and Andrew to leave that place and follow their path as messengers of God.

"Is she asleep now?" Andrew's whispered voice made her turn around slowly to look at him.

"She is!" Monica replied, with the same whispered voice and a broad smile at him as he approached the two.

"Look at her..." he said, tenderly caressing the little girl's soft auburn hair. "So calm and so peaceful!"

"At least until her next meal!"

They laughed, remembering how grumpy Hope would be when she was hungry.

"And I think it's time for little angels to be in bed right now..."

"Agreed... She's had enough fun for today with Tess and many other angels drooling over her!"

"And let's not forget the neighbours and a very proud 'almost grandmother'!" Monica spoke, she and Andrew remembering how much Ella loved being with their little angel.

The angel of death kissed the top of Hope's head and held her tiny hand in his. "Good night, sweetie. May you have only sweet dreams, and be sure that when you wake up daddy is gonna be here for you, my little angel..."

Kissing the baby's cheek, Monica approached the crib and carefully deposited her in her fluffy bed. "Sleep well, wee one... Mommy loves you so much..."

Holding each other, the couple stood by the crib a little longer, quietly watching as their daughter slept away involved in an aura of peace and much love.

"Is it true, Andrew?" the Irish angel was the first to speak again, still in a low voice, and raising her head to look up at him with a slight smile.

"What, angel?" he wanted to know, a little confused.

Monica turned around completely so to face him and tilted her head. "Be here when she wakes up?"

Andrew stroked her cheek very gently. "I promise I will... For her and for you..."

She placed her palms against his chest very lightly, touching him as if touching something precious, as if he would suddenly fade away from that place like an angel was able to do, like he had done so many times before taking her with him. "So it means we still have this night?" Her voice was nothing more than a whisper and her eyes were sparkling even at the suave glow coming from the night stand placed in a corner of the room.

Deeply moved and with evident devotion for her, he took her both hands and kissed each of them. "Oh, my angel... we'll have all the nights to come, from here to eternity."

He held her gaze for long minutes, his heart speaking to hers in a language that both knew so well; words were not necessary to convey the loving feelings that filled their spirit – two angelic souls connected for the centuries to come, sharing the love that was granted to them like a special gift, a blessing from which another angel had been generated. Despite the fact that none of them knew what God's plans were concerning little Hope, they knew that much love and kindness for humanity would be generated from that little angel.

Andrew let go of her hands and bent his head, and as he crossed the small distance that kept them apart she closed her eyes, putting herself completely under his care, trusting that he would always make her feel the immense love he felt for her. When his mouth captured hers, he settled his palm at the back of her head, his fingers entwined in her long auburn strands and his strong arm wrapped around her waist, brining her closer to him. Monica let out one contented sigh as she bent her head and enjoyed his sweet caress – tender and delicate despite the strength in his human body.

And when she opened her eyes again surprise and confusion clouded her meek face as she noticed they were not in Hope's room anymore. That was their bedroom, which they were saying goodbye at the dawning of a new day, all decorated with candlelight and beautiful roses.

"Andrew?" she murmured his name with the lovely accent that he would forever endear. "What..."

He smiled seductively, finding her questioning face an adorable one. "Even though you have not felt it yet, our angelic status has returned, baby..."

"It has... Yes..." she spoke, now feeling that something different had happened – Andrew would not have been able to transport her to that room otherwise.

"Yes. For now, however, we remain in human form. And I wanted to make you a surprise..." The blond angel kissed the tip of her nose and waited until she looked at their surroundings. "This is certainly not our last night here on Earth but it's in a way our last night after our journey as a human couple. And it has to be special..."

"How can I ever love you enough so that I can return all the wonderful things you do to me?" Monica spoke after a couple of seconds, soft brown eyes looking back at him and blinking back some tears of emotion.

"You will always love me more than enough, angel... more than I deserve. Because you're a blessing. My blessing, and who I'll love forever. " He said, stroking her hair as he searched for her lips once again, kissing her deeply with passion and much love.

"I love you so much..." she whispered, when their lips parted for a brief second, to melt in each other once again in another soulful kiss. He gently guided his wife to their bed, covered with rose petals and neatly arranged with white satin sheets. Under the candle light, Monica's glow enchanted him and was also enchanted by the beauty of his masculine features. She caressed his short golden hair while he covered her face and neck with soft kisses and lay her human body against their bed.

The following moments were all filled with passionate kisses, tender caresses and whispered loving words; joyful memories of one of the uncountable love nights they would still share together whenever they were back to that human form.


The afternoon sun shed its golden rays over the Earth and covered that green area in the center of the New York city with a multitude of colours. The birds were starting their journey back to the tree tops, and so were squirrels and many other little animals which would probably enchant Monica. The fragrance of the blooming wild flowers invaded the visitors' lungs and added more magic to the atmosphere that surrounded the central park. It was beautiful in spring and Monica had always enjoyed walking around it, even when she was only a little caseworker who did not know what the future held for her.

"I cannot imagine a more beautiful day for this to happen..." Ella spoke, with tears in her eyes despite the slight smile on her face.

Monica was standing right in front of her, holding little Hope in her arms. Andrew was right behind them, resting his hands over his wife's shoulders, and he too felt sadness in his heart at what was about to happen.

"When you and I met I hardly did I know that I would be the human in need and you would be the angel who would walk with me... with us, along our journey."

"Knowing that does not make things any less difficult, dear..."

"I know. But it makes very clear how special you are, Ella Johnson, for you've been entertaining angels all this time."

"And few are the human beings with a noble and generous heart who have done this along the centuries." Andrew added.

Ella gave a step ahead and gently placed the palm of her hands against their faces. "I like you so much... As if you were... God forgive me, as you're both His angels... but it's as if you were my family..."

"You're our family, Ella. No one can say otherwise." Monica looked at little Hope, who was awake in her mom's arms. "And when she grows up, she'll know that angels don't always live up in Heaven, but also here on Earth."

Tears rolled down the old lady's face as she looked at the baby and caressed her rosy cheek. "Would you allow me to..."

She did not have to finish the sentence as Monica was already handling her the little one. In Ella's arms, Hope felt comfortable and relaxed, and when her sparkling green eyes – the only physical feature she had inherited from her father, met Ella's ones, she smiled.

"Oh, baby... there you are, smiling at auntie Ella! You're such a beautiful little angel! And I hope and pray to still be able to watch you grow and to tell you a few bedtime stories I used to tell my son when he was this little!"

"She will sure be there to hear them, Ella!" Andrew spoke, smiling at her.

Ella kissed the baby's forehead and gave her to her daddy, and then turned to look at Monica.

"Please, don't you take too long to visit me..."

"We won't..."

The loving embrace between them was moving and long; a mother and daughter one. And even holding Hope in his arms, Andrew also joined it, resting his head on the top of his wife's head.

"Thank you... For everything." Monica managed to say once they pulled away.

"Please don't ever thank me."

"We have to go now, but we leave knowing that God will be with you." The angel of death spoke.

"And we'll be back to visit you sooner than you think." Monica added.

The teacher watched as the two angels started to walk towards the morning sunrays and suddenly their human forms slowly started to fade, until they were no longer visible. It was then that a white dove cooed and crossed the blue sky.

The end.