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I'm coming sister

It was early in the morning, the sun was extremely bright as it smiled down upon earth. The beautiful melody of birds chirping and the peaceful aura all throughout the forest gave the area a quiet atmospere.

Beams of light hit the ground as the trees shaded an animal who lay near their trunks. It was a wolf. A she-wolf. She seemed to be in a peaceful slumber, her ears flopped forward and her body relaxed as her lips twitched upward. Although, after a few seconds her body became rigid as she continued to sleep, albeit restlessly now. Her ears flew down and her body slightly shook as the animal began to look into the future.

(What she saw)

"Begin" a voice said. The voice came from a man with two girls who stood infront of him.

"Tenten....Temari." she whispered.

The two girls stood staring at each other before Tenten lept back. A few shouts of encouragement were heard from the apparent crowd as the battle began.

Temari's brow quirked upward as she looked questioningly at the bun-haired girl before shouting, "Huh! Guess she's waiting for me to make a move. Big mistake, because the first move I make will be the last move you'll see." she smirked at her opponent as she stepped forward. Tenten took another step back.

"Come on! I don't want this match to be over too quickly. So why don't you go first. Come on girl! Show me what you got."

"K if you insist. Remember you asked for it!" Tenten replied before leaping into the air, throwing a few shuriken at Temari. It was all a quick blur before the shuriken hit the ground. Tenten had missed her opponet.

A few minutes later

Temari threw a defeated Tenten off of her fan toward all the weapons scattered on the ground. She was saved from any more harm when her teammate Rock Lee jumped down and caught her.

The vision disappeared and two orbs of green glistened as the wolf awakened. The rays of light brightened her emerald-like eyes as they lazily looked about.

The she-wolf stood up, her figure changing into a young girl, who looked to be around 14 years old. She had dirty blonde shoulder-length hair that was flat and thin. Her eyes were darker than Sakura's, mixed with a normal green and a dark forest green. Her clothing consisted of a brown tunic with many holes plagueing it. Wrappings were bound around her chest, hips, and thighs, some of it noticeable on her body. Her rich olive skin was nicely tanned but also dirty since she was living in the woods. Although, the most dinstintive feature visible on her body was the deep pink scar on her forhead. It was in the shape of an X.

She stared up through the trees, the sun shimmering through the leaves and warming her body. But the girl did not seem to be at rest at the moment.

She looked down at ground, her face scrunched up in puzzlement.

Her mind was blurred with shock at seeing her sister and her long-time friend, Temari. She had been able to easily distinguish Temari because of those four ponytails that she had always worn, even when she was little. But the only reason she was able to recognize Tenten was because of her sister's eyes. The girl had never forgotten Tenten's eyes, the chocolate and black mixed together gave a unique dark chocolate color to them.

But what frustrated her was the fact of why Tenten wasn't using her kekkai genkai. She was also confused that Tenten had never used her true form in the battle at all.

'Why wasn't she able sense where Temari was? Hasn't her kekkai genkai been activated yet?' the girl wondered thoughtfully.

"Oh well I'll find out soon." she said to herself as she stared into the direction of Konaha; causing memories to form in her head . Memories of her time with humans. Memories of villages and people who had cared and loved her.

"If Temari's there then....he...must be there... with Kankuro." she thought, smiling sadly of the memories in Suna. A tear quietly escaped her eyes as she remembered the red-head that had used to be her best-friend. The best-friend she hadn't seen in over nine years. A misty look claimed her eyes as more memories of Suna swam through her mind, overtaking her train of thought.

She stayed in this stated for a few more minutes before finally snapping out of her trance. "No...I mustn't do this...I have to help Tenten." she said angrily to herself, wiping the tears from her eyes and willing her confidence to come back to her senses.

She changed back into her true form and raced off to Konaha.

After a few minutes she arrived at a chain link fence where a sign stood. It said:

"Forest of Death"

"Tenten's been here....." she growled as she easily jumped the fence.

She ran off into the woods, her sleek tail traveling behind her. It acted as a kite's tail as she flew by the many trees and bushes that came in sight as she ran, not wanting to get tangled in their branches and clinging leaves.

Time drawled on slowly as she still ran at an even pace.

She suddenly sensed something coming toward her and stopped. She began to smile as the person's chakra became more readable to her senses.

"This'll be fun." she thought, sensing an evil aura coming from four ninja that were heading in her direction. Her smile grew wider, causing her to bare her fangs as they got closer. Bloodlust was slowly starting to take over her as the targets drew nearer. She turned into her human form and waited. A minute later, she was about to lose it, barely unable to keep her human form before one of the ninja's appeared in front of her. She was getting too excited.

She gazed hungrily at the man, like how a starved wolf stares at a little lamb. She was immensly satisfied with the mans appearence.

He was a big man with a small round head and looked quite overweight with muscle. There was no fat on this man. He had large bear-like arms and meaty hands that would ball up into club-like fists. His legs seemed to be incredibly large and brawny, but his ankles were fairly small for it looked as though they could not stand the weight of something so large as himself. His feet seemed to be of normal size and were not as large as the she-wolf thought they'd be. But his looks didn't faze her, because to her he was still prey and prey he will always be.

"Well hello there, young lady. Are you lost? Well then why don't we help you." the ninja said, not waiting for an answer.

She ignored the look he gave her and looked at his headband, noticing that he was from the Sound Village. Soon three people quietly landed in front of the man that spoke to her before, all wearing Sound Village headbands. At their appearance, her smile grew even wider, her fangs easily seen as white chakra slowly seeped out of her body like an angry swarm of bugs.

"Take her down." the Sound ninja replied, ignoring the power and bloodlust evident in the girls chakra and stance.

She stayed quiet; her green eyes flashed as she looked up at them. "You're all asking for a death wish." she smirked before vanishing, smoke rising around them because of how fast she had moved.

"What the?!" the leader shouted, completely suprised.

He started to panic as a yell errupted from the smoke. But it only lasted for a second before everything became silent. As the smoke started to disappear he widened his eyes in horror at what he saw. The bodies of his dead comrades laid there, each of them blood stained with their throats ripped out. He also noticed to his disbelief that one of the bodies didn't even have a head.

He went rigid when he felt a pressure come and go against his foot. He slowly looked down, his eyes widening in fear and terror. There, a few feet away from him was the bloody head of one of his comrades, his eyes glazed and wide open with his mouth bloody and ajar, giving the ninja a gruesome site to look at.

"Like what you see?" a voice said behind him.

He jumped before shakily looking behind him. He froze in paralysis; what he saw scared him. The man tried to yell for help, but no sound came out of his mouth. Fear had taken over his body and will to live.

The girl had a thin layer of white-red chakra surrounding her. Her nails had grown sharper to form a pointy edge. Her eyes had a thin black ring arround them, her pupil in a slit like a snakes. But what scared him was how savage and aggresive her eyes looked. They were a forest green still, but with a prominent spiky red hue to them that made it look like fire was dancing in her eyes. Her smile was more sadistic, and her fangs had grown longer and sharper. But unlike Naruto, instead of spiky hair, her hair grew long wavy. It gave an elegant touch to her other not-so elegant features. Finally, to the man's immediate shock, he noticed that she had grown tan and black colored wolf ears (A/N: Ok when I say this, I mean that one ear is tan and one is black. Hahaha! Sorry to confuse those who didn't know. XD) and had a long, elegant, tan tail with a lighter tan underside. He watched as the tail swished around her violently.

She smirked at him before opening her jaws, clamping them on the man's throat, her fangs easily slashing through the his neck. He was dead in an instant. She smiled lustily, blood plastered on her face as she licked it off, moaning at the metallic taste on her tongue. After a few minutes she lost the demonic chakra surrounding her body and her tail and ears vanished. She turned back into her wolf form and raced off, remembering to find her sister, leaving the dead bodies to rot and decompose.

"I'm coming sister." she thought, the thoughts of the death she caused and her hunger fading from her memory as she smiled fondly at how much her sister had grown. She looked above her. The sky wasn't visible at the moment. She then looked down, sighing sadly before racing off toward her twin sibling.

-At the Chunin exams-

As everyone was having lunch(A/N: They were taking a quick break.),Kiba rested peacefully on one of the benches with akamaru dozing on the ground in front of him. Akamaru lifted his head as he snapped out his trance, looking in the direction of the exit and cocking his head to the side.

"What is it boy?" Kiba asked.

Shino and Hinata looked up from their lunch as they watched their friend's companion. Kiba's eyes widened slightly when akamaru yelped, scrambling on the bench trying to get to Kiba. He was about to pick him up, but then saw Naruto quietly walking up behind his dog.

"Hey dog-boy what's with your puppy?" Naruto asked skeptically, confusion in his voice as he stared at the small white dog in front of him.

Akamaru yelped in suprise as he leaped into the air, landing in Kiba's hood.

"...I don't know." Kiba replied, ignoring Naruto's unnecessary taunt.

"Hey akamaru, come on out pal." he said gently, reaching his arm into his hood.

What happened next shocked everyone who was watching the scene unfolding in the room. Akamaru had bitten Kiba in the hand. Kiba's eyes widened as he slowly retreated his hand and looked at it. There were two small puncture wounds where blood started to trickle out. He looked sideways at his hood, as he watched it shake nonstop since akamaru was shivering in fear. Shino and Hinata looked just as suprised as their teammate was as they looked on in silence.

"Akamaru would never do this....something isn't right." Kiba said, concern and puzzlement were well heard in his voice.

"Why do you say that?" Naruto looked somewhat baffled as he stared at him for an explanation but Kiba just ignored him.

"This is worse than the time we saw Gaara." Shino muttered quietly, not wanting anyone to hear him.

Loud, fearful whimpers and whines were heard inside Kiba's hood. "Well whatever it is that's scaring akamaru, it's heading right toward us." Kiba said as he looked at the exit to where thick foliage was easily viewed.

Neji was tempted to use his Byakugan but decided against it. So what if dog-boy's puppy was aftaid of danger. It was probably just a squirrel that mutt saw through the window. He smirked as he decided to ignore the Inuzuka's somewhat ominous warning.

Everyone else turned their heads to stare at the exit before heading back toward the arena for the next battle.

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