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I will try in the future to make this story as close to the setting of Naruto as possible. Therefore, I consider Tenten's Sister to be a slightly AU story; I will never be able to completely recreate the world Kishimoto made for Naruto. In future chapters, I also hope to merge my own characters and a few of my own settings into the Naruto world.

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2. Tenten will not leave during the Chunin Exams.

3. Tenten's experiences outside of Konoha will be expounded upon.

4. Tenten will sign a Summoning Contract.

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1.) [As a note for this teaser, I was a bit inspired by the songs "Leaving on Red Hill" and "Sold Your Soul" from the anime Wolf's Rain. ;)]

"I'm worried about her." Minoru rumbled, his thumb rubbing circles over his mate's hand.

Kazuko said nothing for a short while, her sapphire blue eyes taking in the thick forest that was a short distance from their home. She slowly let her eyes wander to where her mate's eyes lingered.
A short distance from their backyard, due northeast, were gentle rolling hills. And sitting on the highest and closest one to their backyard was the white she-wolf named Tenten. She had been there since the hunting party's return, and had not left her spot since.

"Taro told me she has been cresting that hill alone for this past month...and that she has been quieter than normal. Kai of course thinks she just needs her space, but I have a feeling Tenten's recent behavior is more than that."

The dark navy-haired women lifted her head from Minoru's shoulder to set her deep blue eyes on his profile before glancing once more to the gently sloping hill.

"Maybe it's time..." she murmured, the certainty in Kazuko's voice drew Minoru's piercing yellow eyes away from his sister and to meet her own.

There was no shock or surprise, but instead his weary eyes held resignation and uncertainty.

"Are you sure?" he asked, turning away from her to look back out toward the hillock where Tenten sat. "Is she ready?...Are we ready?" he asked, his last question bringing his focus back on his alpha female.

She gave his questioning expression a reassuring smile, cupping his right cheek gently before leaving a soft, lingering kiss on his lips.
He opened his eyes when she pulled away, watching silently as she stood from the bench.

"I will go talk to her." she said, glancing back at him to give a small, calm smile before walking over to the crude, low wooden gate that enclosed their modest backyard. She unlatched it, closing it without a turn of her head.

Minoru gave a tiny, affectionate smile as he watched the dark, almost black, navy-furred she-wolf pad on silent paws toward the smaller white she-wolf that was outlined by the orange and golden rays of the setting sun.


"JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! PLEASE!" Tenten screamed, gripping her head. She didn't know if she could maintain her appearance much longer. Tears streamed out of her tightly closed eyes, trying desperately to calm herself.

And knowing he was seeing her like this made her curl in on herself more, her hunched form facing away from him. She had not realized how tangled her heart was until he had pointed it out. Or maybe she had known all along and had refused to acknowledge the situation. But she didn't want to deal with it now, not now when such things shouldn't even be questioned of her.

'You expect too much of me right now.' she thought miserably, her quiet sobs finally filling the silence that had followed shortly after she heard her front door close.

She gave a light shudder as the memories of earlier surfaced, and she choked back another sob as her eyes opened suddenly. 'I am doing the one thing I told myself I would never do when I returned.' she thought bitterly, her nails digging into her scalp at the realization.

'And here I thought you were going to make it so easy for me Neji...well you proved me wrong tonight...didn't you?'