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Enter! Kaikatsu!

The large canine halted as a great dome-like structure appeared in front of her. She bent her head to the ground and sniffed cautiously. Her ears pricked as the smell of her sister's scent wafted through her nostrils. "Tenten's scent leads into this building." she mumbled thoughtfully, lifting her head to look up toward the top of the large, round building.

"How can i get in without getting caught?" she asked herself quietly as she looked for an opening other than the entrance; which was a few yards away from where she crouched in the foliage. She chose not to go through the entrance door because she knew that if she used the entrance or exit, she would be found.

Her eyes flashed as she saw a balcony with two guard ninjas walking around it. "Perfect." were her confident words before leaping into the air toward toward the small balcony.

The leap was dangerously high, but she was a wolf which meant she had heightened senses and power.
But there was also another reason to her immense strength and bloodlust...she was a jinchuuriki. Holder of the Ten-Tailed Wolf.(AN: I made up the whole Ten-Tailed Wolf, and i promise I did not copy any of this for people who might think otherwise.....and this beast ain't just a wolf either...XD) Her grandmother and a few others had somehow captured the demon and sealed it inside her. Although this had cost her her grandmother's life, which her race had thought a tragedy since her grandmother had been the oldest and wisest of her wolf pack.

Shockingly the demon inside her was incredibly calm and wise, but she also had a bloodlust and a short temper that were sometimes hard to control. Meaning when her feelings would go overboard, the pupils in her eyes would turn into slits and the color of her eyes would change depending on her mood.

She was soon infront of the balcony in midair. The gaurds looked shocked as they stared at her, their means of attack completely forgotten. But they wouldn't have had any time to attack her though because she soon disappeared as she raced past them and ran down the hall. She had been too fast for their eyes to comprehend. (A/N: I swear for almost a year this was the scene I always imagined my OC doing. hahahaha! XD)

"What was that?" the ninja asked, completely dumbfounded. He looked around warily, thinking on whether to believe it was all a dream or expect more flashes of unkown creatures. He turned to look at the other ninja, hoping for any reassurance.

"Maybe it was just our imagination." the other ninja reasoned before both began walking around the balcony once more.

"Ok that was too easy...maybe i should've just teleported." she whispered to herself as she raced down the hall.

"Almost there." she thought eagerly, her speed quickening. The clang of metal was ringing into her sensitive ears as her legs drew her closer to the cause of the noise.

A few seconds later she was gone. "Wonder if Tenten knows how to do this? Invisibility shoudn't be so hard for her." she thought before stopping at the the opening to the arena.

"Good it just started." she thought, satisfied that she came on time; and deciding to stay invisible.

She looked around the arena her eyes stopping on the first team she saw. The first member was a boy with spiky brown hair with small circular glasses, obscuring her from seeing his eyes. He was also well covered, hardly any skin was visible on his body. "Guessing by the rim on his shirt; which is covering most of his face. I'm guessing he is from the Aburame Clan." she thought as she raked her eyes over toward the second one.

She was a Hyuga but she looked shy and timid compared to all the proud and arrogant Hyuga's she had seen. The girl had extremely short hair with two tendrils that framed each side of her face. Like the first boy, she was also well covered with a large jacket. She smiled softly at her at how innocent this girl already seemed to her.

And lastly her eyes settled on the other male of the team. Obviously from the red marks on his face and his smile, showing his canines. "An Inuzuka obviously." she thought, smirking inwardly, for she favored the Inuzuka Clan.

But she frowned when she saw a little white dog who was whimpering loudly in the Inuzuka's hood.

The pup was now staring right at her, his whimpering noises vanished. Its light brown ears were back and it was bristling slightly at her but made no noise to announce her arrival. She stared right back at it, shocked that it can see her when she was invisible. Especially when she had masked her chakra so well.

She smirked as an idea popped into her head. She invisibly turned into her true form and stared at him, her green eyes giving off a dangerous glint.

Akamaru started to whimper helplessly once again, as it was intimidated by the large wolf and the masked chakra eminating from the beasts body. Kiba turned around looking at his companion.

"What is it akamaru?" he asked, concern flowing into his eyes as his little puppy quivered in fear.

She shook her head, she was getting sidetracked. Her eyes widened as she looked down at the arena. The match was almost over and what she had seen in the future was about to happen now. She jumped off the ledge and ran over to her sister. She was starting to fall toward Temari's fan as the beast lept at her, still maintaining her ivisisbility.

"Hope this works." she thought anxiously as she flew into Tenten's body, her body starting to merge with Tenten's.

"Lets hope there isn't any side effects." she thought as her brain started to merge with her sibling's.

"Sister?" her mind asked as she waited for Tenten to speak.

"Who are you? What's happening?" a wary voice asked.

"Tenten!! I guess your going to have a few questions. Well my name is Kaikatsu but you can call me 'Kai'. I am your twin sister, our parents separated us at birth." Kai replied cheerily as she stared at a mirage Tenten in her mind. It was quiet for a few minutes before a voice spoke up.

" How do you know my name? Parents? I thought I was an orphan? How am i speaking to you? What is happening?" Tenten asked, supsicion and shock was easily noticed in her voice. Kai easily saw how fast this all came to Tenten and understood that sometimes...bluntness gets you nowhere.

"All of those questions will be answered when you win this." Kai said boldly, a smirk prominent on her lips.

"Let me take over." She knew was asking quite alot from Tenten right now. Her sister had only just found out that she had a family and Kai was now asking if she could take control of her body; hell she didn't even know if she believed her. It was quiet for a few seconds before Tenten finally spoke, slowly beginning to understand what she meant.

"If you are my lost sister and you know about my family then ok. Do what you have to do. But you must tell me everything after this." Tenten replied, doubtful of winning this match, but Kai had heard the new strength in the girl's voice.

"Ok." Kai and Tenten's mirage images of themselves soon disappeared. Kai had now taken over her sister's body.


Temari laughed mockingly as a knocked out Tenten fell toward the ground. But what she didnt see was that Tenten's body had chakra that was starting to course through her veins.

Tenten('Kai') awoke spinning toward Temari. Her eyes started to ache as she plummeted toward the ground. To keep herself from getting any more injuries, Kai twisted Tenten's body before landing a few feet from Temari. Everyone's eyes widened at what they all saw.

"There's no way she could still have enough chakra to fight." Kankuro replied looking down at his sister. Gaara's eyes narrowed as he watched the bun-haired girl.

"Heheheh... Temari. I never thought I'd get to see you again. And with a fan. Sorry I have to take you out but I must." Tenten murmered quietly. Temari's eyes widened at what Tenten just said, confused at the words that she had spoken. She had a feeling that it wasn't Tenten she was battling now. Bafflement was laced in Temari's emotions as she stared in shock at the bun-haired konoichi.

But she had no time to think it over before Tenten disappeared.

"Where'd she go?" Temari was starting to panic. She looked all around her, but saw nothing. This only gave her greater anxiousness. Her eyes darted to look around at every place she could think of that a konoichi would hide. Unfortunately, Temari didn't seem to sense the dark aura behind her.

"Here." a voice said darkly from behind her.

Temari had no time to react as Tenten punched her in the shoulder a with a chakra infused fist.

Neji's eyes hardened as he watched, something wasn't right. Tenten was never really good at Taijutsu and had never used a chakra punch. Because if she would've, she would've used that attack against him when they would spar. And he knew he was right.

A sickening crack was heard before Temari flew into the wall, dust and small rocks enveloping her and the whole arena. As the dust cleared everyone's eyes were bugging out of their heads once more as they looked at Temari. She lay there; a stream of blood came from her mouth. She was out cold. And her shoulder was mangled up sickeningly, with blood staining through the shirt. Her fan had fallen out of her hand and now lay on the ground beside Tenten's feet.

It was quiet for a few moments before the judge spoke. "This match is over. Tenten wins."

Smiles errupted on some peoples faces as they watched Tenten, who had her head bent forward, her bangs covering her eyes. Loud cheers were soon heard across the stadium as they showered their happiness at the bun-haired girl.

A few moments after the cheering had started, Temari opened her eyes. She had regained conciousness. She looked up at Tenten, shocked that the bun-haired girl was staring right back at her. But what she saw made her eyes widen and her body shake as she looked into Tenten's eyes. Green eyes had taken over Tenten's dark chocolate eyes.

"No...it can't be." Temari said shakily as she stared at Tenten.

But Kai didn't hear, she was raking her mind looking for Tenten. "Thank you."

"No problem sister, that's what family does."

"Will you tell me about our family now? If you really are my sister."

"Yes but let me get out of your body first and let's find a quieter place to talk".

Kai slowly slipped out of Tenten's body, still maintaining invisibility. Tenten looked around her, disappointment clouding her eyes when she noticed that Kai was nowhere to be seen. An idea flared a small ray of hope in her brain.

"I know where to go...follow me." Tenten thought hoping Kai would hear and understand her.

"Ok." Tenten widened her eyes slightly, shocked that Kai had answered her. She never thought that she would ever be able to experience telepathy.

They soon entered a very quiet room with a bed and chair, it was Tenten's room; which she stayed in while at the Chunin Exams. It was quite empty. As soon as the door was closed, Kai's invisibility vanished and she stood in front of Tenten in her human form. Tenten looked at her sister in shock of finally getting to see her long lost sibling.

"Ok, will you tell me now?" Tenten looked at her sister anxiously as Kai closed her eyes. A few minutes later Kai opened her eyes and what Tenten saw unnerved her.

A pair of sharingan eyes with three dots spinning had replaced the green orbs of her sister's eyes. "What do you want to know?" Kai asked her sharingan spinning wildly.

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