Author's Note (OR Update Fail and More!)

First and most importantly, I want to apologize to all of you for neglecting this story for ages when I said I wouldn't! I know there are readers who don't want to hear the apology unless there's some change to be had, so here's to my slow-but-steady return! I don't want to be presumptuous and assume that anyone is hanging off the edge of their seat in hopes of an update from me, of all fanfic authors, but I also know how frustrating it can be to be invested in a story and then suddenly have the author stop writing for whatever reason.

Because of the stunning response this story received (I'm still so blown away!) and the uplifting and flat out brilliant reviewers, I didn't want to leave any readers feeling discouraged or unappreciated so I thought I'd give you the courtesy (however small) of an update on my writing process when I'm lacking an actual writing update.

In terms of how real life will affect future posts, I was surprise-attack fired by my dear family so… Yay? That last part is mostly genuine relief and excitement on my part because running a corporate (even a small-time) business is like selling your soul to a crack addict and hoping for the best. I mean no offense to any awesome business people out there; clearly, I don't have the stuff it takes to deal with some of the more unsavory folk that want to metaphorically spit in my face. And yeah, my family is kind of cutthroat but it is what it is and I'm just happy to be free and home. I missed my geeks, yo! (I won't lie, this past month of joblessness was spent playing Portal and Tekken [and watching too many zombie movies]). I appreciate those of you who have expressed their sympathy and shared their experiences with my situation; your cyber support was just what I needed!

While I am in a far better writing place right now (I threw out my pant suits LONG LIVE NINJA TURTLE PJS!), I also had to immediately invest myself in something nice that helped the community as well as my karma points so I'm volunteering for the Trevor Project (best thing EVER). This turned out to be an excellent move because now I've been pushed (literally, thanks Hannah!) into writing again, which I had no idea how much I missed!

Important Sidebar: For those of you who let me know about the unknown person posting over on AFF and who PM'ed me with the deets, I am so freaking grateful at how eloquent (and vicious, the viciousness was totally hot) you all were on my behalf. I canNOT thank you all enough for being so awesome and I know I haven't responded to many of the comments (I lost my password so there goes a whole crapload of stuff) but I do LOVE each and every one of you! Just so you all (including the confused bystanders) know, I got a hold of this mystery person (who really just pissed me off because he/she wasn't even continuing the story just claiming the available chapters were his/hers) and he/she has deleted the account. Fist pumps all around, justice seekers!

Anywho, This is not an actual update because I'm terrified of touching this story. There. I said it. I'm rereading the chapters to try to get back in my groove without my misplaced Notebook of Notes, but I mainly found typos and whatnot that I didn't bother to fix the first time around. Warnings will especially be rewritten and be more thought out because I noticed how careless and kind of stupid I was when I just assumed no one would read this story and didn't think about triggers and whatnot. So there will be moderate revamping. Nothing big or plot shifting but I thought I should let you all know. As for the first part of this paragraph, I've decided to head on over to lj and fill some prompts on the glee kink meme *not so subtle foreshadowing for HP/DW sexy times* (less important sidebar: yes, I'm in love with Glee [Kurt] and I'm in awe of the craziness surrounding the fandom and hope to write something on ff at some point) because I need somewhere where I can crowd surf my way back to this story comfortably. I'll eventually find my password to my lj and post completed prompts there (and here, if anyone wants to read).

For those of you wanting an exact date for when you'll have the story back on track, I won't give one because I've seriously jinxed the crap out of myself whenever I've tried before. Just know that I have not forgotten this story or the great people that gave it a shot!

On a final note (and as somewhat of a peace offering/show of trust), I wanted to let you all know how the story will proceed in terms of the future (ie: the end, possible sequel…). I'd decided long ago that the story would be in arcs and shortly after I started posting, the chapters fell into a whole episode-esque format so the arcs became seasons in my head. As I quite like how the chapters progressed with this structure, I planned for up to two solid "seasons". I want to at least ensure that those ideas get written so they will most definitely be posted (hopefully, more quickly once I get back in the game). I can't really give details on the transition from season one to season two because… *squeal* It's so freaking off the wall that I was dazed when I thought of it. That, I remember! I'll aim for about 21-22 chapters in each season, in true episode form, so surprise, surprise we're half way through season one!

If I haven't lost you yet, I want to thank all of you again. You truly inspire me and I can't wait to get caught up with the stories rolling around ff so rec some my way, if you can! I haven't been watching Spn due to lack of time but I'm going to hold off until I get chapters rolling so I don't go Aries up in here and change directions entirely. (PS: excuse the borderline terrible sentence structure, it's my form of rebellion after doing formal paperwork for eight months straight *gag*)

Tl;dr… I love your support which I do not deserve but appreciate anyway, I'll have more time to write but will be taking a needed reboot in which I shall write klaine smut! Questions, comments, and complaints are more than welcome!