Kenta: Here it is! The first Chapter of Hanyou Shinigami!

Ichigo's about to do something no fanfic author has thought of! (as far as I know) He's gonna become a Half-Demon!

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Rated M for Sexual themes and awkward scenes, as well as foul language on both Ichigo's and Rukia's part. (not to mention mine...) also slight AU.


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*Crack* "Now get outta here!" An orange-haired male said as he cracked his knuckles.

"WE'RE GONE!" The leader of the gang said before the group ran away like their lives depended on it; and they did.

Ichigo Kurosaki sighed as the last of the gang turned the corner. He then turned to a little floating girl who looked transparent. "They won't bother you any more." He said. "I'll get you some more flowers so you can rest in peace." The little girl smiled. "Thank you." She said. Ichigo nodded before he turned and started walking back home.

Ichigo Kurosaki had a power no-one would expect. He could see spirits. Yes, the 16-year old could see ghosts and the like, but it didn't mean he had to enjoy it. Every time he helped a ghosts burden, another would pop up soon after. Even worse, some were the kinds of spirits he would help as quickly as possible. He shuddered as he remembered a gay spirit that started hitting on him. 'Never gonna get that memory out of my head...' Ichigo mentally cried.

Ichigo stood 6'2, had orange hair and brown eyes. He was wearing his school uniform, which consisted of a white button-down shirt with jeans and a grey jacket. The students had the choice of wearing a tie or not, so Ichigo decided not. He was a student at Karakura High in Karakura town. He had a few friends, one always making fun of him at every opportunity he had. He sighed as he found out he was in his class.

'One of these day's, I'm gonna kick his ass...' Ichigo thought as he walked up the walkway to his house. He was grinning as he thought of what he would do to him when he opened the door to hear, "YOUR LATE! ICHIGOOO!!" before he got a kick to the face, sending him back outside. Ichigo's father stood there smiling like an idiot before he suddenly was punched in the face, courtesy of Ichigo. "DAMN IT! WHAT KIND OF SICK FATHER SETS A SEVEN O' CLOCK CURFIEW FOR HIS 16 YEAR OLD SON!?" Ichigo shouted at his father. Isshin Kurosaki sat up and looked at Ichigo with tears in his face. "There is nothing more I can teach you." Ichigo twitched. "THAT'S NOT WHAT I ASKED YOU!!!" "Ichigo, stop argueing with Daddy and come and eat before your dinner gets cold!" Yuzu, his blonde-haired younger sister, scolded him. "FORGET IT! I'M GOING TO BED!" Ichigo yelled as he stomped up the stairs to his room. After Yuzu, Karin (Ichigo's black-haired other sister) and Isshin heard the door slam, Yuzu turned and glared at Isshin. "Daddy! How could you!? Ichigo's been really stressed lately with all the spirits coming to him so frequently nowadays!" She said as she tried to pout. Isshin gasped. "He told you that and not me!?" "Of course he did." Said Karin gloomily. A sword suddenly appeared and stabbed Isshin in the back. "For one, you have the attention span of a rabid rabbit, two you act like a four-year old." Karin added. Isshin started crying as every reason Karin named, another sword stabbed him in the back. He then ran to a 32 foot tall picture of an orange-haired woman smiling. "Misaki, I don't know if it's because they're teenagers and they're in their rebellious stage, but our daughters are treating me terribly!" He said crying. "And thirdly you have a giant picture of your wife that you always cry to whenever you think things seem to get bad for you." Karin added with a red tick mark appearing on her head while another sword stabbed into Isshin's back. Yuzu sighed. Why was her family always like this?

Upstairs, Ichigo was staring at the cieling again when he heard a familiar and irritating, "What are you doing now?" Ichigo turned to see a small black-haired girl garbed in a black robe staring at him with her arms crossed. She was tapping her foot with a cute pout on her face as she waited expectantly for an answer. "Buzz off." Ichigo simply said before turning back to the cieling. The girl twitched before stomping over to him and bending over to where she was staring straight into his face. Ichigo blinked in confusion before his left eye twitched and his eyes narrowed. "Get away from me or you're going to regret it." He said darkly. The girl glared at him some more before saying, "And how exactly will I regret it?"

Meanwhile, downstairs Karin was getting irritated at how Isshin wouldn't stop crying to the picture. She finally snapped after a few minutes before stomping over to him, a dark shadow covering her eyes. Yuzu turned and almost stopped Karin, but decided he needed this. She then watched as Karin stomped over to Isshin before giving him a swift kick in-between the legs, sending him flying up to the cieling in the process.

Ichigo opened his mouth to tell the girl that he was going to take her and throw her out the window, but at that moment Isshin's head hit just below Ichigo's bed, making it bounce up. Ichigo and the black-haired girl's eyes were the size of dinner plates as they suddenly locked lips. It took a moment for them to realize it before the girl jumped away and they both started acting like they were coughing/gagging/choking, even though they were both blushing. "WH-WH-WH-WHAT THE HELL!? HOW BIG OF A PERVERT ARE YOU!!??" The girl yelled, her face still red. "BULLSHIT! I WAS GONNA SAY THAT I WOULD THROW YOU OUT THE WINDOW!" Ichigo roared in anger, his face equally as red as the girl's. "YEAH RIGHT! YOU PROBABLY WOULD HAVE RAPED ME OR SOMETHING!" She yelled out. "WHAAAT!!!??? I'M GONNA KILL YOU FOR THAT!!" He jumped up and was about to strangle the girl before he felt as if the gravity in the room doubled. He fell to the floor before slowly trying to get up. He lifted his eyes to see the girl with a terrified look on her face. A beeping sound shook her from her state as she pulled out a cell phone. "A Hollow!? This close!? Why didn't I sense it before!?" She gasped as she turned to the boy on the ground who was slowly getting up. 'Of course, it was his spiritual pressure that was blocking my radar!' Ichigo was just about to ask what was going on when he heard a scream and a crashing sound. "That's Yuzu!" He yelled out in horrer. Before he could do anything, he heard the girl say "Bakudo one. Paralysis!" He suddenly felt his entire body freeze up as his arms were pulled behind him by an invisible force and his legs gave out. "Wha....WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO!?" Ichigo demanded.

"Quiet! Stay here until I return!" She said before running out the door and down the stairs. "W-WAIT! STOP WHATEVER THE HELL YOU'RE DOING TO ME!" He called out in vain. The girl ran down the stairs and turned to see a hole in the house, with a strange creature out the door. She gasped as she saw Yuzu in the creature's hand. The girl ran at the creature before unsheathing her sword. "Disappear Hollow!!" She called out before swinging at the newly identified Hollow. She gasped as the Hollow caught her sword and threw her back. She un-successfully tried get up before she heard a thud. She turned to see Ichigo fall down onto the floor, his arms still tied behind his back. 'Wh-what!? He shouldn't even be able to move!' She gasped. Ichigo saw Yuzu in the Hollows hands before getting angry. "YOU BASTARD! PUT HER DOWN NOW!" Ichigo demanded as he tried to rid himself of his binding while he stood up. The black-haired girl gasped as a bunch of different Kanji's appeared around Ichigo. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" He roared out as a wind picked up around him, making his hair and his clothes move around. With a final roar, the Kanji's flew off, and Ichigo's arms were at his side. He then picked up a chair before running at the creature. "DIE!" He raored out as he swung the chair at it. The creature mearly chuckled as it swatted the boy away.

Ichigo slammed into the ground and slowly got up next to the black-robed girl. "Wait!" She called out. Ichigo turned to her, anger evident on his face. "WHAT!?" "That thing isn't after your sisters, it's after you!" Ichigo gasped. "It's going for you because you have an incredible amount of spiritual power! Even if you run away, it will still follow after you!" "So let it!" The girl gasped. "If it wants me, then I'll lead it away from here!" "And what if you die!?" She said deathly (haha) serious. "I don't care!" She gave a small smile. "Very well. I will give you my powers." Ichigo blanched. "Wh-what!?" "If I give you my powers, you'll have the power to save your sisters!" Ichigo's eyes widened. He then nodded. "All right." The girl lifted her katana to where the blade was pointed at Ichigo. He gasped, but heard her say, "You have to take my zanpakto, my spirit sword, and plunge it into your chest. It will give you temporary Soul Reaper powers." Ichigo nodded and grasped the blade. "Wait, before you do, tell me you name." The girl said. "My name?" She nodded. "It's Kurosaki Ichigo." "I'm Kuchiki Rukia." Ichigo grinned. "Let's hope we both make it through this." He then plunged the sword into his chest, causing a bright flash to appear.

When the light faded, Rukia was sitting there staring in awe at Ichigo. Ichigo was holding an enormous Zanpakto, which looked to be a broadsword. The handle was red, but the base was orange. It had a square sword guard, and a pure white blade. Ichigo looked up and Rukia gasped. His eyes were orange and had cat-like slits in them. He was weaing the Shihakusho, the Soul Reaper Uniform, but there was something off. Her voice left her as she saw what was wrong.

Ichigo glared at the Hollow in front of him and readied his sword. The creature laughed. "So, you are a Shinigami eh? This will be quite easy! I will defeat you the same way I defeated your friend there, and then I will devour all your souls!" The Hollow cackled out. It suddenly gasped as Ichigo had appeared behind it, an unconscious Yuzu in one arm, his sword in the other arm's hand. The creature's right arm suddenly fell off and hit the ground with a *THUD!* before the Hollow screamed out in pain. Ichigo disappeared once more, appearing next to Rukia as he set Yuzu down next to her. "Watch her." He said as he looked up at the monster, who was now missing his left arm. The Hollow screamed out once more before glaring at Ichigo. It suddenly gasped as it looked at the Soul Reaper.

"You! You're no normal Soul Reaper! What are you!?" Ichigo looked up and glared, his slit eyes giving a fierce look. "I'm Substitute Soul Reaper, Kurosaki Ichigo!" He said as he ran at the Hollow before swinging the blade vertically, cutting the creature in half. The Hollow fell to the ground before, like sand, it blew away in the wind. Ichigo sighed as he put the giant sword in it's sheath. He then turned towards Rukia to have his jaw drop to the ground. Sure, Rukia was sitting there with Yuzu next to her, but out of the two, Yuzu was the only one with clothes on. A small trickle of blood slid down from his right nostril. Rukia glared at him. "WHAT!?" She questioned. "Ummm...You....uh...well..." Ichigo stuttered. How could he tell her she was naked!? "Spit it out!" Ichigo blushed heavily before turning his head to the side. "GO LOOK IN A MIRROR!!" He yelled out. Rukia tilted her head to the side in confusion when a slight draft caught her attention. She looked down to see a sight she wasn't expecting to see. Her own body, more specifically her small chest. She suddenly turned a deep shade of red before looking at Ichigo, who was trying not to pass out from a nose bleed. So far he was doing well, but when he heard a shift of movement, he turned to see something that he couldn't stand to see. Rukia got up, revealing her gleaming privates. Ichigo, not able to take the sight of a girl's womanhood, passed out as a fountain of blood erupted from his nostrals. Rukia turned a shade of red that would astound most researchers as she realized what he saw. She screamed out, but was the only one conscious to hear it as Yuzu was still unconscious, and Ichigo had little swirls in his eyes as well as a path of blood underneath his nose.

~The next morning~

"I DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING!" Ichigo yelled out as he shot up out of bed. He quickly looked around as he realized he was in his room. He looked around to see it completely normal. Ichigo held his head as the memories of the previous night played through his head. 'Was it all a dream?' He wondered.

'DEFINITELY NOT A DREAM! Ichigo thought as his eye twitched once again as he looked at the giant hole at the side of the house. "It's a miracle no-one got hurt!" Isshin said as he danced around like an idiot. "More so that no-one woke up when it happened." Karin said, her eyes furrowed at the brow. "We don't have time to worry about that! Ichigo-nii, Karin-nee, we gotta hurry up and eat breakfast or we're gonna be late to school!" Yuzu practically cried. Ichigo sighed. They quickly ate before walking to school. (Like I said, AU. Karin and Yuzu are only a year younger than Ichigo, so they all go to High school) The whole walk Ichigo kept wondering how everyones wounds were healed, and the fact that they didn't remember what happened the night before, let alone where that Rukia girl disappeared to. He blushed as the image of her glistening body reappeared in his mind. He just couldn't erase the image from his mind! Not that he wanted to mind you. He continued to ponder the subject even when he sat down in his classroom.

It was fine and dandy before a face with a huge smile went in front of Ichigo's sight. "Hiya Berry-boy!" (Ichigo's name means strawberry. Berry-boy is just another nickname) Ichigo twitched as he was brought out of his thoughts and punched the face in front of him. "DAMMIT KENTA! I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF THINKING!!" He said as steam came out of his head while smoke was coming from the wound on Kenta's face. Kenta slowly came back up, much like a zombie would, before he grinned at Ichigo. "Really? Thinking? Don't try too hard, you might hurt yourself!" He joked. A kick to the face later made Kenta quiet.

Kenta Raikiri was the guy in Ichigo's class that said person wanted to tie to a pole and place dynamite around him, all of the wicks lit. Kenta stood 6'1 with dark brown hair and blue eyes. (although one eye was now black) He was wearing the school uniform, but with the blue/black tie wrapped around his forehead like a headband. "Kenta! Stop acting like a Narutard!" Another voice said. Kenta pouted before turning to Tatsuki. "Aww....but I wanna....BELIEVE IT!" *THWACK!* Kenta was now nursing the lump on his head that was given to him courtesy of Tatsuki. Tatsuki was a junior like Kenta, Ichigo and everyone else their age. She had black hair that spiked out in pretty much every direction and amber eyes. She was wearing the girl's school uniform, which consisted of the same white button-down shirt, but with a grey jacket with a red bowtie and a grey skirt that reached to just above her knees.

"How am I acting like a Naruto-fan when you have your hair the same way Naruto does, huh Tsuki-chan?" A fist came roaring down onto Kenta's head as electricity was crackling around Tatsuki's fist. "What did I tell you about calling me that!?" She roared out. Kenta got up and jumped away before saying, "Tsuuuuukiiiiiiii! Tsuki Tsuki Tsuki Tsuki TSUUUUUUUUKIII!!!" Kenta cackled out as he ran away from the teenager. "THAT DOES IT! TODAY YOU DIE!!" Tatsuki said as she started chasing him around the classroom. "AWW! You two look so cute together!" A red-headed (Even though it's orange) boxum teenage girl smiled at the two. Tatsuki and Kenta tripped during their chase and stared at the girl like she was insane. "THE HELL ORIHIME!?" Tatsuki yelled out, a small blush adorning her face. "YEAH! Why in the world would I wanna go out with that thing!? She's like Sakura!" Kenta yelled out. The temperature in the room suddenly dropped as a black shadow covered Tatuski's eyes. She turned towards Kenta when two yellow gems took the place of her eyes in the black shadow. "Did you just call me, an 'IT'!? The demonic girl questioned. Everyone shivered as they felt the wave of killing intent come over the room, Kenta sweating bullets as he had not meant to say what he was thinking. The only one who didn't seem to notice was Orihime, who was just smiling, completely clue-less as to what she had caused to happen.


Kenta was looking worse for wear by the time the teacher came into the class, Tatsuki cracking her knuckles as she took her seat. The teacher looked at Kenta before sweat-dropping and asking what happened. "The Usual." The entire class responded. The teacher sighed before introducing herself.

"My name Is Matsumoto Rangiku. I'll be your homeroom teacher for the year." She said introducing herself with a smile. Ichigo looked up to see who his homeroom teacher was, and the first thing he noticed was the woman's chest. THEY WERE HUGE! He looked to Orihime and wondered how the hell these people could run around without knocking themselves out with the things. The same thought went through the mind of Kenta as he started hitting his head on his desk. Rangiku looked confused at Kenta's actions and asked why he had done so. Kenta held up his finger for a moment before putting it down and shaking his head. "Forget it. It's nothing." He said as he hit his head on his desk again. Rangiku ignored him before she heard a knock on the door. "Oh, I forgot! We have a new student!" Rangiku said smiling. "Come in!" The door slid open to reveal a familiar black-haired girl wearing the school uniform. Ichigo turned to see who the new student was before he slipped out of his chair, hitting the floor with a THUD.

"Hello there, I'm Kuchiki Rukia!" Rukia said with a smile. "Y-Y-Y-YOU!!" Ichigo stuttered out as he pointed a finger at Rukia. Everyone looked at Ichigo before looking back and forth between the two. "You two know each other?" Kenta asked Ichigo, a small question mark floating above his head. "Oh yes! I remember now! You were the guy who helped me find my house!" Rukia lied smoothly. Ichigo was twitching as he realized she was lying. She walked over to him before holding her hand out, indicating he shake it. "We never did get properly introduced. My name is Kuchiki Rukia! Nice to meet you!" She said smiling innocently. Ichigo looked at the palm of her hand before paling. On her hand was a sentence. A small sentence, but one that promised pain. The same level of pain Tatsuki introduced Kenta to. On her palm were the words, 'Play along or die'

~Later that day~

Ichigo was sitting outside of the school, eating his lunch with a puzzled expression on his face. How the hell did that girl get into his school!? More importantly, why didn't she go back to where she came from? He pondered these things before he was hit on the head with a juicebox. He looked up to see a fuming Rukia. "What?" Ichigo said, clearly irritated at her having disturbed his thoughts. Rukia twitched before pointing at the juicebox. "HOW DO YOU FUCKING DRINK OUT OF THAT...THAT CREATURE!!" Ichigo blinked as he heard what she said before he fell on his back laughing. "Y-Y-YOU'RE LOSING TO A JUICEBOX!!?? HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!" He said as tears started falling from his eyes at how hard he was laughing. Rukia started fuming before kicking him. "OW! What the hell!?" Ichigo said as he sat up and glared at her. "Stop your laughing! I'd like you to try and beat it!" She said smugly. Ichigo grinned. "Fine!" He then picked up the box, unsealed the straw and poked it through the hole before showing it to Rukia. "What now?" He said grinning triumphantly. Rukia swiped it before replying, "Now I know how to open this stupid thing." She said as she sat down next to him. Ichigo fumed as he realized he had just been used to open a juicebox before he remembered his earlier question. "Why the hell are you here?" He said turning to Rukia. The girl continued to sip out of her juicebox, completely ignoring the orange for a moment. Ichigo twitched before grinning. "And what was up with you streaking last night?" He grinned at her reaction. Rukia spat out her juice and started coughing before she turned to him with a red face that said, 'YOU DIE!!' but eyes that said, 'Why did you have to remind me!? I had just gotten that memory out of my head!!'. "Well?" Ichigo said smiling smugly. Rukia sighed before saying. "Letting you borrow my powers was a forbidden technique. It's only used as a last resort. When I was thrown backwards, my back hit into a metal pole, going straight into my back, so I didn't have a choice. When I let you borrow my powers, a Soul Reaper has to wear a Shihakushou, but the only one around was mine...." She said as she blushed. Ichigo blushed as well before a thought occured to him. "Why the hell don't you wear underwear!?" He yelled out, his left eye twitching. Rukia turned beet red as she fumbled with her fingers. "They're uncomfortable..." She mumbled. "Yet they could have saved you from parading around in your birthday suit..." Ichigo mumbled as he slapped a hand to his forehead.

The two sat there with an awkward silence in the air before Ichigo asked his other question. "Why are you still here?" Rukia sighed. "After a human borrows a Soul Reapers powers, they return to the original Soul Reaper when the human passes out..." She started. "So? Don't you have your powers?" Rukia shook her head before she continued. "I have only a few of my powers, and I had to report what happened with you to my commander..." "What'd you do? Call the cops or something?" Ichigo said, a little afraid at the thought of going to jail. "NO! I contacted my Captain! Ukitake Joshiro. He said that you were a rare Soul Reaper." "How so?" Ichigo said trying to follow along. Rukia stared off into the distance, a small blush on her face. "When you transormed, something didn't just turn into a substitute Soul Reaper..." Ichigo looked at her confused. He thought he was fine, seeing as the only difference the two had was their swords. "What was the difference? The only thing I noticed that was different was that my sword was bigger than yours..." Ichigo said confused. Rukia looked at him in awe. "Y-....You mean you don't notice it!?" She said in shock. "Notice what?" Rukia was about to explain before her phone rang off. She looked at it and smiled. "Excellent! There's a Hollow nearby!" Ichigo looked confused. That last time a 'Hollow' was nearby, she was why was she so happy one was near now? Rukia jumped up before grabbing Ichigo and dragging him with her. "What!? Where are we going!?" Ichigo asked confused. "You're gonna find out what you didn't see!" Rukia said, a big smile adorning her face. Ichigo gulped as he got a bad feeling about this. While he was shaking, he didn't notice the blush on Rukia's face.

~Small Park~

Ichigo was dragged to a small park before Rukia flipped open her phone again. She smiled as she realized she was in the right spot. She then pulled out a red glove with a blue and black flame with a skull in the middle of it. Ichigo watched as she slipped on the glove, wondering what she was going to do with it, when suddenly she shoved her hand at his forehead and pushed him back. Ichigo jumped up, pissed off at her for just shoving him, when he noticed himself on the ground. More specifically, his body. "WH-WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO ME!?" Ichigo yelled at Rukia. Said girl just grinned before saying, "You are now Ichigo Kurosaki, Shinigami-in-training." She said, the whole while not opening her eyes. Ichigo got a little ticked off at the fact she still had her eyes closed. "If you're gonna talk to someone, at least talk to them while looking at 'em!" He yelled. "Trust me, you don't want me to open my eyes, just go and cut that Hollow's mask in half." She said pointing to another creature. Ichigo looked a little reluctant and almost said, "No way in hell am I fighting another one of those things!" but he saw a little boy running away from it in fear. Ichigo jumped over to it and brought his sword down for it to be blocked by the spider-like Hollow's legs. Ichigo gasped, but spun around, releasing his blade from the spider and swung, taking off two legs. As the creature screamed in pain, Ichigo swung vertically once more and cut the Hollow's mask in half. After it dissapeared, Rukia told him to stamp the hilt of his blade on the boy's head.

When Ichigo did so, the boy turned into a black swallow-tail butterfly before floating up into the sky and disappearing. "What....what happened?" Ichigo asked as he still stared up into the sky. "You performed Konso, soul burial. That boy was sent to the Soul Society, the equivalant to what you Human's call, 'Heaven'." Rukia explained, her eyes still closed. Ichigo was getting pissed off. "Would you at least open your eyes when talking to me!?" He yelled as he grabbed her shoulders, forcing her to look at him. The moment her eyes opened, they went straight to his eyes, before they went up to look at the top of his head, the whole while a blush was on Rukia's face. Ichigo was confused as to why she was looking at him like that when she suddenly tackled him screaming, "KAWAIII!!!"

Needless to say, Ichigo was flustered at the fact that the girl he saw streaking the night before was now hugging him. His mind stopped working as she started rubbing something on the top of his head. He felt as if it was his ear that she was rubbing, but that couldn't be right....they were on the sides of his head....right? After awhile, Rukia finally stopped doing whatever she was doing and backed away, the whole time her eyes never moving from their location, on the top of his head. Ichigo sat up, a slight blush on his face when Rukia smiled a genuine smile. "Mission accomplished!" She said. Ichigo blinked a few times. He wondered what the hell she meant by that, but ignored it. She looked cute when she smiled like that. He started smiling and felt something moving behind him. He turned to find out what was moving behind him to see something he was NOT expecting to see.

A Tail.

Sticking out of Ichigo's ass was a fluffy, orange, black-tipped tail that was currently waving back and forth. Ichigo blinked a few times before he poked it. He felt the poke. He pulled a hair from it and winced as he felt the hair get pulled out. He blinked a few more times before he ran around screaming. "OH MY GOD!! WHAT THE FUCKING HELL!? I'VE GOT A FUCKING TAIL!! WHAT THE HELL!!??" He yelled out in terror as he ran around. Rukia was just sitting there, a happy little look on her face. Ichigo stopped his running around and looked at Rukia. She looked like Orihime when she caused trouble, but didn't realize it. The stupid smile that Orihime usually had was now on Rukia, and it scared him. Mostly because he couldn't tell what she was thinking. Rukia just smiled before saying in a light, happy voice, "You look so cute with your little tail and your ears..." She said with no restraint whatsoever. She blushed as she realized what she said, while Ichigo shot over to a small lake. He looked into the reflection and shot his eyes to the top of his head to see he had two orange, black-tipped dog ears. His left eye twitched as he lifted up a hand and felt his ears. He then noticed his slit orange eyes. 'WHAT THE FUCK DID I GET MYSELF INTO!?' Ichigo thought in horror.

Kenta: Now some of you are probably wondering why Ichigo's tail couldn't be seen by anyone other than Rukia and the Hollow. Well, that will be explained in the next chapter. HAHAA!!

What do you think of Berry-boy's newest problem? I personally like it! I don't remember anyone EVER doing a fanfic where Ichigo is half-demonic. And just so you guys don't get too confused about it, Ichigo is half dog. Now why, some of you are wondering, did I give Ichigo slit eyes if he's a dog? Answer is simple. It would just look WAAY cooler if he did have them slit. I mean come on, just normal eyes? Besides, he's half DEMON, he's gotta have slit eyes. Most demons have slit eyes, so he's got 'em too.

I was originally going to make this a T-rated fic, but I couldn't pass up the question of, 'Where does the Shinigami's outfit go when they let someone borrow their powers?' go off un-answered. I couldn't help it, my perverted side was screaming at me to do it. Hope you guys enjoyed the little Tatsuki vs. Kenta war, because there will be many more where that came from!

I'm not really sure...but Half of me wants to try doing a Harem.....should I? It's up to you guys....But the main pairing WILL be IchiXRuki.


One thing that you will notice about Kenta is that he is the only one of the juniors who actually adds -Chan, -San, -Kun, or any of the other Japanese suffixes to people's names. A common thing I tend to do with my friends.

Hope you guy's enjoy it!

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