"Zexion, Zexion, Zexion, Zeeeexxxxxiiiiiiiiioooooooooooooooonnnnn, Zexion, Zexion, Zex---" Demyx was bothering Zexion again---he had been bothering the poor Cloaked Schemer for nearly an hour and a half now, and he had finally had enough. Slamming his book down and glaring at the Melodious Nocturne with absolute venom in his eyes, Zexion finally graced Demyx with an answer.

"What, IX?" He hissed angrily. Demyx looked pleased with himself.

"Tell me where babies come from." Zexion paled. That was something he did not want to discuss, least of all with Demyx, who was probably the most innocent character in their entire Organization.

"No." He stated firmly, picking up his glasses and slipping them on so he can get back to his book. But Demyx would have none of that.

"Please, pretty please, please???" He begged. Zexion sighed.

"NO." Was his still firm reply. Demyx was quiet.

"Zexy...?" He mumbled quietly. Zexion turned to face him.

"What?" Demyx latched himself on Zexion's arm suddenly.

"Zexy, please? PRETTY PLEASE? Tell me where babies come from!" Zexion's eye twitched---was Number IX seriously touching him?---but he sighed and forced the Melodious Nocturne off of him, making him sit down.

"Fine! Fine." He muttered. Demyx grinned. "Sit. I guess it couldn't hurt..." He sighed. "Well, you see, Demyx..." Zexion started.

1/2 an hour later...

Demyx was leaning his head against the table, asleep. Zexion didn't seem to notice.

"And then, after nine excruciating months, from what I have observed, out of a woman's orifice comes a little bundle of..." He took a deep breath and sighed, happy to finally be over with the awkward conversation (or rather, his awkward ramblings) he finished. "Trouble and headaches." Demyx raised his hand sheepishly. Zexion took of his glasses and sighed again. Figures Demyx would have questions. "Yes, Demyx? Though you really don't have to raise your hand. You're not in school." He pointed out blankly. Demyx ignored him in favor of his question.

"Uhm...yea...what?" He asked, tilting his head. Zexion dropped his glasses in shock, his eyes widening slightly. All that explaining, his whole rambling, and Demyx hadn't even been listening?!?!?!?!?

"Exactly when did I lose you, IX?" He growled out, crossing his arms and glaring at Demyx through his hair. Demyx grinned, rubbing the back of his head.

"You lost me at 'Hey, DemDem, you're looking rather delicious today.'!" Demyx exclaimed happily. Zexion allowed his head to fall forward on the table, creating a loud THUMP! It made Demyx jump. That is, until Zexion kicked him out. Quite literally. "KWEE!?!?"

"GET OUT!" He yelled, shutting the door firmly. Zexion leaned against it, breathing hard, his head in his hands.

That was the last time he ever tried to explain something to Demyx.

This story is not mine. I got it from a picture I found on i think the website flickr. I don't own anything---the comic strip was not mine and i give credit to whomever made it.