Fun Days

A Private Practice fic by Gigi

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Chapter 1: Fun Day

A/N: So last night I was trying to sleep and trying to get Addie and Alex out of my mind, but I can't help it. I'm hooked. I'm in love with them. And I'm apparently also in love with Alex going to down to LA as opposed to Addison going back up to Seattle. I don't know, but I hope you like it!

Once a month, Addison had what she called a "Fun Day." She wouldn't go to work at Oceanside Wellness, opting instead for the OR at St. Ambrose. Charlotte King would give her the OB/GYN department for the day, and Addison would spend the entire day cutting.

Addison loved her Fun Days. They were what kept her sane, what kept her from running back to Seattle, where she would have surgery after surgery after surgery. It wasn't like she didn't enjoy her one patient a day at Oceanside. She liked the laid-back devotion to one patient all day, but she was a surgeon. A world-class neonatal surgeon with a specialty in genetics and fellowships across the country. She needed her Fun Days to remind her that she wasn't slipping into oblivion. Besides, nobody at the practice minded because it brought in a lot of billing and kept Oceanside fresh in people's minds.

It wasn't even eight in the morning, and Addison had already delivered two babies and performed one cerclage. She was feeling amazing. She always remembered that rush of surgery, but the memory always proved to be so much more dull than the real thing. The real thing was so much better.

Slipping her scrub cap off her head, Addison opened the door to the on-call room, hoping to shut her eyes for an hour or two before she had to go back into surgery. Whatever she thought she'd find in the on-call room—a year and a half in Seattle had provided some interesting scenarios—she did not expect to find him.

Standing in front of the bunk beds, shirtless and in the middle of tying his scrub pants, was none other than Alex Karev, Addison's intern at Seattle Grace.

"Karev?" she stammered out in surprise, noticing that in the nearly two years since she'd seen him without a shirt on, he'd certainly kept in shape.

"Addison," he exhaled, apparently caught as completely off guard as she was.

"Uh, what-what are you doing here?"

Alex finished tying his scrubs and quickly donned a black tank top, feeling very self-conscious all of a sudden. "I, uh, I transferred here a couple weeks ago," he confessed.

Addison leaned against the door frame, unable to support herself anymore. She'd been up and working since two in the morning, and this was not something she could handle on no sleep. "Why, why, why?" she stuttered. She couldn't wrap her mind around this new development. "Last I heard, you'd gotten married."

Pain shone in Alex's dark eyes. "Izzie's gone," he finally said, his shoulders slumping.

"Oh, no," Addison breathed out. "When did she...?"

"No, she's not dead gone," Alex clarified. "She's all better, survived the cancer and all. But she didn't want me anymore."

That confused the redhead. "What? Why?" She couldn't imagine Izzie would just pick up and leave the man who'd been carrying a torch for her for a year and a half before they finally got married.

"She couldn't shake the idea that I'd only married her because I thought she was dying, and she never fully believed I loved her," Alex confided morosely. "She divorced me a few months after she'd been cured. She's getting remarried in the fall to a derm."

Addison couldn't think of anything to say. She'd been there. She knew what it felt like to have your heart ripped out and stomped on by the person you loved and then having to watch that person love another. There was no way she could say that, because even though she knew that's what he felt, it would be making it about her, so she hugged him.

She didn't even know what possessed her to do it, but she wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him as tightly as she could, trying to convey the immense sadness she felt for him at that moment. Alex slowly folded his arms around her back, clutching her with everything he had so he wouldn't break down minutes after seeing Addison Forbes Montgomery for the first time in a year.

"I know you're hurting," she whispered in his ear. "It gets better after a while."

"I'm not even in love with her anymore," he murmured, "but the pain hasn't gone away, even though it's been almost six months."

"It's never going to be completely gone," Addison revealed. "There's always going to be something that reminds you of it all. For me, it's ferry boats."

Alex's fingers dug slightly into her back as he fought back his emotions even more, and he buried his face in her shoulder. "Muffins," he said sadly. "Muffins are ruined for me."

Addison finally ended the hug, holding Alex in front of her by the shoulders. "They won't always be," she promised. "Sometimes it's nice to remember, and you'll want to eat a muffin or ride a ferry boat to think of the good times."

"When does that happen?" Alex pleaded. The broken look in his eyes broke Addison's heart just a little.

"When you're happy again," she answered. The pair stood in the middle of the on-call room for a few minutes, not really knowing what to say to fill the somber silence. "So why here?" she asked eventually.

"I asked you if you were happy last year," Alex began, "and even though you didn't give me a straight answer, it looked like you were. I didn't want to completely start over. I needed at least one familiar face, even if that face hated me."

Shifting her feet, Addison looked down at the floor. She couldn't help but think of how much he had hurt her when he so cavalierly rejected her on multiple occasions. "I don't hate you," she admitted quietly.

"You said you did, at the wedding," Alex pointed out.

"I did, then, just a little bit," Addison explained, raising her eyes to his once more. "You hurt me, a lot and more than once, but I'm over it, now."

Alex's eyebrows scrunched up in slightly hurt confusion, but Addison didn't pick up on it. "You're over it?"

"I left and we both moved on," she said, "but I am happy to see you."

Alex smiled at her words. "Hey, do you think I could shadow you today? For old time's sake?" he asked.

Addison returned his smile and nodded. "I'd like that."


Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.

That one word kept going around and around in Addison's head as she walked down the hall with her former intern trailing behind her. How could she have been such an idiot? How could she have been naïve enough to think that all the sexual tension between them would have dissipated in the two years since he'd dumped her? He would touch her arm, and it would tingle for the next half hour. He would murmur a comment in her ear , and she'd get a flashback of their time in the on-call room, with him moaning her name in pleasure into her ear.

Of course, it was no easy ride for Alex either. Addison would glance at him in passing, and all he would be able to focus on for the next hour would be the memory of her heavy-lidded eyes fluttering shut as he kissed her for all he was worth. She would walk, and he'd try to keep his salivary glands in check as his eyes fell lower and lower on her body.

It was even harder during surgery. Even after so long, they still made a good team. He still knew what she needed done, and she still taught him throughout the surgery. It was like she'd never left. In the OR, it was like they were back in Seattle; she was the confident, sexy and sometimes bitchy boss who loved to torture the cocky, arrogant intern who constantly caught her off guard when he suddenly became nice and caring. In the OR, all those memories came flooding back to both of them, and each time their fingers touched in the body cavity, it was like sparks ignited between them, only tenfold. Each time they touched, their eyes immediately sought the other's, and it was driving them both insane.

After their second surgery together—it was nearly lunchtime now—Addison finally got fed up with it all and hauled Alex into an on-call room.

She was freaking out on the inside with what she was about to say. She wasn't the type of person who proposed such a thing; this was completely out of character for her, but she couldn't stand it anymore.

"We need to fix this," she declared, gesturing between herself and Alex.

"Fix what?" Alex was only half listening, because Addison was standing in her "boss" pose, and all he could think about was how that's the pose she'd had before she jumped him two years ago.

"Us." Alex's eyes focused on Addison. She had his attention now, that was for sure. "It's making it very hard to concentrate on a surgery or a patient when all I can think about is your touch or your lips, and it's extremely difficult to stay professional when I can feel you staring at my ass every time I walk in front of you."

Alex blushed. Had he been that obvious? "So what are we going to do about it?"

"Get it out of our systems." Addison had no idea why her cheeks weren't fire red at that moment. She was mortified as soon as the words were out of her mouth.

To say Alex was shocked would be one of the biggest understatements of the year. Addison Montgomery, the Addison Montgomery had just propositioned him—not only that, but she pretty much just asked him to be her one-night stand. Again. "Seriously?" he asked, not uninterestedly.

She nodded firmly. "I can't stay professional and--"

Alex cut her off with his answer: a fiery, passionate, earth-shattering kiss. Pushing her up against the door, he clicked the lock in place and started guiding her to the bed as he tugged on her scrubs.

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