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Chapter 6: Fantasy Number Three

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Addison closed the curtain in her kitchen window that looked straight into Sam's house. She didn't want him seeing anything should her coat slip. He definitely got enough of an eyeful when I moved in, she thought. I don't need a repeat experience of that, especially if Alex is around to get wind of it.

Standing in front of a mirror in her hallway, Addison started applying her makeup, humming softly to herself. With a final swoop of mascara, she stepped back and examined herself in the mirror.

Pin straight red hair framed her face in its modern bob, surrounding smoky eyes and rosy lips. Traveling downward, a white Burberry trench coat with a double line of black buttons and a matching white belt hid everything from the neck to her knees but hinted at all her curves underneath. Her slim calves looked as toned as ever as they led down to perfectly pedicured feet nestled in black Mary Jane stilettos.

Addison tried not to be vain about 95% of the time, but today, she couldn't help but applaud herself. She looked hot.

Now she just had to make sure her trench coat didn't fly open and let the world see what wasn't underneath it.

After a rather heated whispered debate on the phone while Richard was in the shower, Addison was forced to realize that, when Alex had said the trench coat was all she would wear that night, he meant literally the only thing she would wear. That said, even in the comfort of her own house, Addison felt slightly dirty for not wearing anything underneath her coat.

The sound of the doorbell ringing snapped Addison out of her reverie as she checked the time on her BlackBerry. Five minutes after seven. Well, someone was excited to get the evening going. Chuckling to herself, Addison grabbed her black clutch and answered the door.

"Well, hello, there," she greeted smugly upon seeing Alex's jaw literally drop at seeing her. His eyes seemed to be having trouble fitting into their sockets. Deciding to play with him just a little bit more, she leaned on the door and let her leg bend just enough to create a small gap in her trench coat. At that, Addison wasn't sure if his eyes were ever going to go back to their normal size. "Are you going to tell me what we're doing tonight or not?"

Her question seemed to remind Alex of why he was drooling in the first place. Snapping his eyes back to meet hers, a small smirk of his own formed on his face as he shook his head. He almost laughed when he saw a pout form from those perfectly delectable-looking lips. "You owe me, remember?"

"You keep saying that, and I'll reenact one of my less than pleasant fantasies on you," Addison shot back wryly. "It involves being tied up in the dark for 24 hours."

"That doesn't sound bad at all," Alex insisted, conjuring up sinful images of what could happen in 24 hours in the dark.


Images: Wiped.

"Why on earth would that be a fantasy of yours?" Alex asked, disconcerted. Was she really into S&M?

"I never said it was a sexual fantasy," Addison pointed out with an evil glint in her eye as she closed her door behind her. "Now where are we going?"

Regaining his wits about him, Alex took her hand and led her down the path to his car. "You're just going to have to see."


Three Cities was a new nightclub that had just opened in Santa Monica. Stepping inside, carefully holding down her coat against the initial blast of air conditioning, Addison took in the décor of the very dimly lit club. It was a triangular space, with each of the three corners representing a different European city, Paris, Rome and London. Alex took her straight to the London corner, where an interesting booth—just big enough to seat two next to each other, but no table—laid waiting for them.

"Alex, what is this?" Addison asked once they reached the booth. Alex didn't say a word. He just sat down in the semi-circular padded seat and tugged her down beside him. Once she was situated, Alex leaned to the side of the booth and clicked a button. Before Addison could even figure out what was going on, the club rotated—no, they were rotating!

When they finally stopped moving, the rest of the club had disappeared. Addison and Alex found themselves literally in a plush crimson bubble of solitude. From what looked to be a large circle of a lighter shade of the red carpeting, a table used to stand in the middle of the bubble. "Alex," Addison breathed. "What, exactly, is your fantasy?"

Just hearing her breathe it out like that made Alex's irises darken. "Well most of it was just knowing that you were walking beside me in just a trench coat," he confessed huskily, causing Addison to turn her head and look at him. "But I'm glad I decided to plan farther than that, because I definitely underestimated how much of a turn on seeing you in nothing but a coat and heels was for me."

"Ah," Addison said quietly. Her smoky, pale blue eyes delved lazily into his dark brown ones in recognition. "So do you need me to relieve you of some of your…tension?"

Alex let out a guttural growl before closing the two inches of space between them and crashing his lips onto hers, one hand slipping around her waist to pull her onto his lap and the other fumbling for the tie to her belt.


Addison slowly did up the buttons to her coat, unable to wipe the satisfied smile from her face. "I think I like this club," she declared softly into their bubble.

Alex, who was in the process of pulling up his pants, shot her a smirk, "I'll bet you do."

"Oh, like you didn't enjoy it as much as I did."

"Who can tell? You experienced one, two," Alex teased, pretending to count in his head, "three very enjoyable times." Biting her lip, Addison failed to suppress a blush, which made Alex pause just before buttoning up his shirt.

"What?" she prompted, tying her belt securely around her waist.

"I don't think I've ever seen you blush before," he admitted wonderingly. More pink tinged the woman's cheeks. "That's cute."

"Really?" Addison asked sardonically, quirking an eyebrow. "We just had amazing sex in a very public place, and you're commenting on the fact that I'm blushing?" As if she just realized what she said, her eyes widened and still more blood rushed to her cheeks. "I can't believe I just had sex in a booth in a nightclub."

"Yeah, and I doubt it's soundproof," Alex mused, just now thinking about their obvious lack of silence. He felt a little heat rush to his own cheeks at the thought.

"Did I fail to mention that, the time Derek and I did it in the coat closet at the rare manuscripts benefit, my brother and one of his sisters walked in on us?" Addison's eyes were still wide with horror, as if she was just remembering that part of the evening.

"Well, with luck, neither your brother nor my sister is in the club tonight," Alex muttered. Leaning over, he pulled Addison to him to ravage her lips with a steamy, intense kiss. When he pulled away, it took a few seconds for her eyes to flutter open, and through the dazed glaze, he saw the question swimming in them. "Just checking. It was definitely worth the possibility of being overheard."

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