Hello everybody. Yes, I know I have a story with only four chapters but I had this idea and just wanted to write about it. I had always liked these kind of stories, wondering what would happen should they be given a second chance. So here we go. I have the first few chapters done so I will update quickly for the first couple chapters hopefully.


Rick Greens and his young partner Kyle Drake were studying Stonehenge, one of the most magical places in all of Britain. Of course, not everyone knew that it was literally a magical place. The world of wizards and witches has been hiding from the non-magical world for centuries, and it was supposed to stay that way. The two researchers were dressed in muggle, or non-magical, clothing, discreetly using their wands and other devices to take readings of certain magical energies.

"Hey Rick, over here!" Kyle called out, crouched in front of the altar stone. Rick stood up from his spot and walked the twenty yards to his partner. Rick Greens was widely known for his research in magical sights around the world. He had cracked many cases, and had studied Stonehenge once before, but it had baffled him then.

"What is it?" he asked. Kyle merely pointed at an extremely small symbol at the very base of the stone that he knew wasn't there last time he was here. Rick got on his knees and looked closely at the symbol. It was a triangle with a circle inside it, a vertical line crossing them both through the middle. His eyes widened. He of course knew that symbol, but those artifacts were supposed to be a myth. "The Deathly Hallows," he whispered to himself. He didn't know if it was possible, but decided to call in people who would know if it was. He had a friend in the Department of Mysteries, and if this information was given, he was sure to have an Unspeakable here very quickly. He whistled, and a hawk landed on his shoulder. He conjured some parchment and pulled a muggle pen from his pocket. He scribbled a quick note and sent his hawk off.

"Who was that for?" Kyle asked. Rick merely shook his head.

"If that symbol means what I think it does, we are going to need some help," he said, before walking toward where they set up a small camp. Two hours later, they heard several cracks. Rick spun with his wand ready. Six imposing figures stood there, all wearing jet black cloaks trimmed with silver, except for the leader's, which was trimmed in gold. They wore their hoods up, giving them an air of mystery. He could feel their power, and knew they weren't people to trifle with. They quickly walked up to him.

"Rick Greens?" the apparent leader asked. Rick noticed his voice was changed by a Concealment Charm. Rick nodded. "I am Master Unspeakable Raven." Rick's eyes widened. A Master Unspeakable? He had not been expecting that. With what little was known of them, they were only seen for extremely dangerous missions or mind boggling discoveries. They were supposedly some of the most powerful men and women in the world. "This is Hound, Blade, Hawk, Firefly, and Moonlight. We will relieve you of your research." It was said in a no nonsense way. Rick was angered, but knew he had little choice. As much as he wanted to continue, he knew he would be forced out if he resisted. And no one resisted a Master Unspeakable.

"Yes sir, right away." Rick waved toward Kyle and they quickly packed up and left. When they did, Hawk walked around and erected spells that would keep muggles away and allow them to see Stonehenge, but not what they were doing. When that was finished, they lowered their hoods. Raven turned his sparkling emerald green eyes on Firefly, who was the only one not to lower her hood.

"Well Gin, what do you think?" Harry Potter asked. He was a solid six feet tall, well toned, and radiated confidence and power. It had been five years since he defeated Voldemort, a year after his seventh year in Hogwarts. He was now twenty three years old. Ginny Potter turned to him.

"I'm not sure. There was never any reference to Stonehenge in the legends of the Deathly Hallows," his wife said. He had married her right out of Hogwarts. She had been turned by a Vampire during the war, not that this mattered to Harry. She was quite pale, with longer fangs and a cold touch. It was because of the sun that she didn't lower her hood.

"I don't remember reading anything about them either," Hawk said, pushing her bushy brown hair out of her face. Hound looked to her and smiled.

"Well Hermione, if you can't remember, none of us will," Ron said with a laugh to his wife of nearly a year. Hermione merely turned a little pink.

"Come on you two, we are here for work, not flirting," Blade said with a smirk from his spot next to Moonlight. Moonlight merely had a dreamy look on her face.

"Neville, come here," Harry said to Blade. Neville moved over to him, pulling his wand out with practiced ease. "Set up a barrier around me and the altar stone." A shimmering dome appeared around Harry and the stone. "Good, now Luna," he said to Moonlight, "reinforce that." Her own magic jumped from her wand, adding to Neville's. "Good. Now let's see." Harry bent down to see the markings. There it was, the very small Deathly Hallows symbol. Only deep and tedious observation would have ever seen it. Even then, the person would have had to know what it meant, as well as be assured it wasn't just a crack in the rock.

"Reveal your secrets," he murmured, waving his hand in front of it. It glowed purple for an instant, before small writing spiraled out from it.

"What does it say Harry?" Neville asked, noticing the writing with his enhanced eyesight. Being a werewolf had its advantages. Harry quickly read the Latin.

"It says, 'Only with the conquer of Death, can Death be cheated again.' I'm not sure what it means," he said, a look of thought coming over his face. He brushed his fingers over the marking again, seeing it start to glow. He looked at his hand, noticing the ring he was wearing. The Resurrection Stone. He pulled his hand back, and the glow stopped. He made a fist, and pushed the stone against the symbol. The rock flared in a wave of light, before disappearing, leaving a small staircase.

"So it reacts to the Deathly Hallows," he muttered. He wore the ring for sentimental value more than anything. He had the other two as well, however preferred to use his holly wand over the elder wand. The cloak was used almost daily. He turned back to the other five. The dome was lowered, and they got ready to follow him.

"Be on alert, stun first, kill if necessary," he said, before standing and entering the stairs. He had his holly wand out, and lit it with a quick charm. The others did as well. This was quite routine, as they had been a team for three years now, and of those that knew them, they were the best. He led them down dark stairs, dust and cobwebs everywhere due to lack of use. They had all walked in when the stone reappeared over them, blocking all natural light. Harry merely shrugged before continuing. After a few minutes, the stairs ended, opening up into a large room. As he took his first step, torches flared to life around the room, bathing them in orange light.

The room was a large oval, the Deathly Hallows symbol engraved in the stone floor. Ancient hieroglyphics coated the walls, and there was a small earth table at the end of the room, a small object on it. Harry waved his wand a few times, determining no traps. He hesitantly walked forward, his wand at the ready. The others branched out, scanning the room for any threats. He came up to the table, noticing the object on it. It was an hourglass, expertly created. It was small, the glass holding finely grained white sand. The glass was held in an intricately carved gold and silver piece, which circled around it.

"All of these symbols involve time, rebirth, or chance," Hermione said, looking at all the markings around them. Harry picked up the hourglass, being careful not to touch the silver portion. Neville wasn't the only werewolf in their group. He remembered bitterly how Voldemort had managed to arrange for Remus to bite him on a full moon. The grief and guilt nearly consumed his honorary uncle, and Harry had barely been able to stop Remus from killing himself. He had long accepted his condition, and the enhanced speed, strength, and stamina had been a help. Before Snape was discovered and killed, he had improved the Wolfsbane Potion, which eliminated most of the pain and strain of the transformation.

"What is that Harry?" Ron asked, coming over to him. Harry just shook his head.

"I don't know," he said.

"Looks like an advanced Time-Turner," Luna said, her big blue eyes focusing on the object.

Harry looked over at her, and without realizing what he did, turned it over in his hand. There was a flash of light in the room, and the large Deathly Hallows symbol started to glow a deep purple. "What's happening?" Neville asked, several spells on the tip of his tongue.

"Chosen ones, gatherers of the Deathly Hallows," said a deep and powerful voice, which seemed to come from everywhere. "Fate has been cruel, and a second chance you shall receive. Use it wisely." They looked at each other as the purple glow turned golden. It increased in intensity, almost blinding. Suddenly, everything went dark.

He was floating. He couldn't see anything, and suddenly he felt something. It hurt. His head felt like a bludger was just let loose inside of it. His body was aching. Harry struggled to strengthen his Occlumency, noticing that his barriers were nearly nonexistent. That worried him, and he threw up some simple barriers, allowing him to block out some pain. He slowly opened his eyes, realizing he wasn't under Stonehenge anymore. He sat up, and realized he was in a familiar place. He was on the Hogwarts' Express. He glanced around the compartment, noticing a small, red-haired and freckled eleven year old boy looking back at him.

"Harry?" Ron asked, looking as shocked as Harry felt.

"Oh shit," was all Harry could say.


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