With the death of Venom, the students and teachers in the Great Hall came to their senses, the potion having no more effects. Hogwarts allowed the doors to open and the professors rushed out to find Harry standing there, his robes smoking slightly, looking completely exhaustion. There were many within the Ministry that felt the way Harry and his friends handled the attack was wrong, but Harry brushed it off, later giving good reasons why he didn't involve them. The surviving Cobras were taken to Azkaban and the cleanup of Hogwarts began, starting with the Entrance Hall. It was a mess, but the house elves were up for the challenge.

It came to a surprise by many when Albus announced he was no longer the Headmaster. Harry calmly took over the position after sitting his NEWTs just weeks later. While still an Unspeakable, he would put the school first, taking a mission or two from the Department of Mysteries when he had time. Professor Flitwick had been killed during the fight, much to the dismay of all the students at Hogwarts. The small, eccentric, and happy man would be missed. Albus decided to take over the position until the next year, where he could retire and find a suitable person to take over. Luna had taken several weeks to fully get over her injuries during the battle, but was soon back baffling students with her odd logic and knowledge of weird creatures.

The six time-travelers graduated with flying colors and Ginny was asked to take over the Charms position, which she graciously accepted. The other four, besides being part time Unspeakables, found jobs in other places. Neville took over for Perenelle at Defense Against the Dark Arts while Ron went to the Aurors. Hermione became a spell researcher and Luna took control of the Quibbler. They all took control of the Wizengamot, making swift changes to many outdated and barbaric laws. Albus had retired, acting as an advisor to the Minister and Harry until he quietly began the next great adventure.

Harry and Ginny finally got one of their fondest wishes just years after they graduated. They began a family. They had several children, their names James, Lily, and Andrew. Ron and Hermione and Neville and Luna went on to have families of their own as well. They had many quiet years to raise them and soon Hogwarts was hosting several of them for school.

It had been sixteen years since the fateful battle with Venom. Harry was sitting at the kitchen table in Potter Manor, sipping some tea while reading the Daily Prophet. Ginny was making breakfast for the kids. It was September first, and they would be taking all three of their kids to the platform in a couple hours. James and Lily were fourth and third years respectively and Andrew was going to be a first year. They suddenly heard a scream from upstairs. Harry and Ginny locked eyes for a second before they disappeared. Harry appeared in Lily's room, his wand out and a curse on his lips. Seeing no threats, he turned to the redhead sitting in the bed.

"Lily, what's wrong?" he asked softly, putting his wand away. She looked at him, her emerald eyes filled with awe.

"D-dad?" she stuttered. It was then two black blurs flew into the room, solidifying into two boys. The taller one had messy black hair and dark brown eyes, the tip of his wand glowing dark blue as he looked for a threat. The other had a ball of red light resting in his open hand, his bright green eyes scanning for someone under his messy red hair.

"Dad?" the taller one asked, his wand pointed at Harry. "Dad, is it really you?" he whispered. By then, Ginny was in the room as well, looking at her children in confusion.

"Yes James, Lily, it's me. What's going on here?" Harry asked. James lowered his wand, the ball of light in Andrew's hand disappearing.

"We are younger, you're alive, Potter Manor is still standing," James murmured, his face taking on a look of concentration. "I just don't get it," he said, turning to his father. "The last thing I remember, we were in a room underneath Stonehenge…"

It is finally over. That was a long one. It was a lot of fun to write and I hope everyone who read it to the end enjoyed it. Thank you for all the reviews and help. I have other stories planned, whether or not they make it onto the site is a whole other story. I want to take a break from writing but I do want to continue. I'm not sure what kind of story I will write next.

You may have noticed the large opening I left if I wanted to write a sequel. The thing is, I don't know what I could do to continue it. If I think of something, rest assured I will probably do it. But anyway, thank you again and look for my next story.