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Chapter 1

A severed arm lay twitching on the cold floor. It was covered in a layer of blood, veins spilling out of it.

The owner of it was panting, holding onto the stump below his elbow. He stared the figure confined against a metal structure, almost like a coffin, only without a lid. Steel bars criss-crossed in front of the figure, restraining it. It appeared to be wearing a full-body strait jacket, and a metal helmet encased its head. Just as the wounded man was about to scream, his head blew off his neck in a bloody geiser.

A key was floating in front of the figure, glistening as it slowly spun. A second security guard screamed and began to shoot desperately at the restrained being. Gunshots rang throughout the room, as well as the sounds of metal twisting and breaking. Moments later the steel door hummed as it opened, sending light into the room.

The figure had been freed. She stood there, naked, the helmet still covering her head. She lifted her arm, and discovered that she was holding the security guard's severed head by his hair. She released it, letting it bounce slightly and roll away. After a brief second, the girl slowly began to make her way down the long corrider, her soft steps echoing.

From within the control room of the building, a tall man with dark hair and glasses spoke into the intercom. He was the head scientist of the facility.

"The subject has escaped. Arm yourselves and do whatever it takes to stop her."

"Right away, Chief Kurama," his second in command replied through the speaker.

Kurama watched the video cameras for another few seconds, then quickly left the room.

Elsewhere in the building, a group of four security guards began to fire at the slowly approaching girl. One of the guard's heads exploded, his body slamming to the ground.

"Stay back," the leader of that particular group said. "I think she only has a range of two meters."

"Yeah, but didn't they say to keep objects away from her?" A dark-haired officer asked.

A pen floated up next to the girl, then fired at one fo the guards, piercing him in the eye. It was wedged into his brain, killing him immediately.

Suddenly, the dark-haired officer's arm was sliced off. Before he could scream, he was cut in half, dead only a second later.

The remaining guard was decapitated as well, his blood painting the wall behind him.

As she made her way down the corrider, more security guards attacked her. A blond-haired guard's sliced torso was slammed into a wall, his legs close behind in a bloody mess. As another officer tried to run away, he too, was sliced horizontally in half.

The girl came up to a third officer, who was trying to crawl away. A moment later, however, there was a squirt of blood propelling in front of her, as he too was killed.

Four more officers showed up, firing their guns at her. The girl didn't falter as she continued her slow pace towards them, the bullets not affecting her. Two of their heads exploded, while another one was sliced in half vertically. The remaining one had fallen, and before he could get up, his head slid off his neck, landing in his lap. His body crumpled to the side.

With the hall clear, the girl entered the elevator, decending to the ground floor. Three guards were waiting for her at the bottom. As soon as the elevator doors began to open, they fired their machine guns, emptying them. After their bullets had run out, they waited for the smoke to clear. The girl was sitting on the elevator floor, her knees drawn up with her arms wrapped around them. Bullet holes surrounded her and, to their horror, several bullets were floating in mid-air in front of her. They clinked to the floor a moment later.

The girl slowly rose, then began to stalk towards them silently. Two of the guards were viciously ripped in half, while the third tried to run away, frightened. To his dismay, he came up to a dead end. He sank down and backed away from her as far as he could. When she finally came up to him, she crouched down in front of him. The man began to shudder as pain seared through his body like fire. There was a crimson spurt, and moments later his blood pooled around him, spreading down the corrider.

The girl came up to a lever and a closed metal door. A bloody handprint appeared on the wall, then slid its way down to the lever. The lever was pulled down and the heavy door slowly ascended upward, opening up to the next room. Waiting for her was Chief Kurama, and about a dozen security guards. Kurama waited for her to make a move.

Just then, his secretary came out of nowhere, tripping and falling right in front of the girl. The mug of coffee she was holding had shattered on the floor.


"I'm so sorry, Chief Kurama. I'm such a klutz," Kasumi said sadly.

"Run! Get out of here!" He commanded.

Kasumi blinked, unaware of the naked girl behind her. "What are you talking about.......?"

A bloody handprint appeared on her shoulder, causing her to turn her head.

"No, Zoe! Don't do it!" Kurama shouted desperately. One of the guards had to restrain him from running over to her.

Kasumi's head was twisted, ripping away from her body. Her dead eyes were wide and surprised.

"Open fire!" Kurama yelled.

They began to shoot at her, the bullets not affecting her. Kasumi's body was floating in front of the girl, Zoe. The dead body was quickly filled with holes in a matter of seconds. Zoe stood safely behind it.

A pen shot out, killing one of the officers. It had stabbed his eye and Kurama felt a squirt of blood on his cheek.

"I'll take this bitch!" Another of the guards exclaimed, lunging at Zoe.

"Look out!" Kurama called out.

It was too late, however, as the man's heart bursted out of his chest, landing on the ground in a soggy heap.

As Zoe walked towards them, three more men were decapitated and sliced in half. The others ran away, except for Kurama. He glared at Zoe as she slowly stalked past him, leaving him unharmed.

"She's headed towards the cliff," he said into his walkie-talkie as he ran to top floor of the facility.

A minute later, Zoe was outside, making her way towards the cliff, the soft breeze blowing around her.

Kurama had made it to the top floor, where a man with a sniper rifle stood, waiting.

"Get a clean shot," Kurama ordered. "We can't let her escape."

"Don't worry," the man replied. "This is a .50 BMG round. Nothing can survive a hit from one of these." He carefully took aim.

Zoe stood at the very edge, turning her head slightly. The sniper pulled the trigger and fired. The metal helmet covering her head exploded open, her long blond hair freely whipping around her face. The impact had knocked her off the edge of the cliff, and a trail of blood ran down the left side of her face.

"Dammit! She's still alive." Kurama watched as she fell towards the sea below.

There was a splash, and the girl was gone.

"Send out a special assault team," he commanded. "We need to find her immediately."

The man nodded, hurrying off. Kurama looked outside one last time, frowning. A moment later, he too rushed out of the room.

We need to find her if it's the last thing we do, he thought to himself.

i know, i know. you might be a little confused. everything will be explained as the story goes on. hope you like the first chapter. laterz