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Chapter 37

The next day

"How's he holding up?" Kouichi asked.

Kouji sighed. "He hasn't left his room since we got back last night. Not even to eat."

"Do you want me to go talk to him?" J.P. asked.

"There's no point," Kouji replied. "He's really fucking depressed right now. He won't listen to any of us."

Tommy walked into the the kitchen a moment later, hand in hand with Nana.

"Hey," Kouichi said in a monotone voice. "How you feeling, Nana?"

"I'm alright I guess," she told him. "I'm still sad about not only Zoe, but my Papa as well...."

Tommy gave her a reassuring squeeze, a sad expression on his face. "It'll be okay. Do you wanna go for a walk?"

Nana nodded and they began to head out the door.

"We'll be back later. Wanta's sleeping, so I'm just gonna leave him here," Tommy said.

"Okay. Later." J.P. was staring at the table.

A moment later they were gone.

"I really hope Takuya snaps out of it soon," Kouichi said. "I hate seeing him like this."

Kouji shrugged. "What do you expect? She was pretty much his girlfriend......It sucked last night. After the gunshots ended he completely broke down."

J.P. stood up and walked to Takuya's closed door. "Takuya? Do you want anything to eat?"

"No." Takuya was sitting on the floor, his red eyes cast down. "I'm good."

"Okay. Let me know if you change your mind," J.P. said.

"Yup." He waited for his friend to be gone, then sighed.

He hadn't gotten any sleep last night. His thoughts kept coming back to Zoe.

"Why? Why did it have to end like this?" He asked himself, tears coursing down his face. "It seems like every person I've loved has died."

Takuya grabbed a small nearby box and opened it. He picked up the tiny seashell and spun it in his trembling fingers. The smoothness of it felt good against his skin. After a few more seconds he put it back into his box and stood up. He made his way over to the wall and stared at it.

"Fuck!" Takuya punched it as hard as he could, his fist going right through the cheap wood.

He collapsed to the floor and couldn't hold it in anymore. Tears ran down his face even faster as he broke out into a complete sob, a dribble of blood leaking from his knuckle. When would his heartache end? That is, if it ever would come to end....

"Are you okay?" He heard Kouichi ask from outside the door.

"I'm fine. Just leave me alone right now," he replied. Why didn't they understand that he wanted to be alone?

"Alright, sorry."

Takuya finally regained his composure and flopped down onto his bed. He could remember playing with the cute little blond girl when he was a child. It pained him to know what kind of life she had gone through. Although he had lost his family, she couldn't even remember hers. She had been abandoned, and shunned by the world, like some kind of unwanted piece of trash.

"It's not fucking fair," he muttered. "Why do bad things only happen to good people?"

Suddenly, he heard a loud barking outside.

The brunette sighed. "Wanta......"

He emerged from his room, without saying so much as a word to his friends.

"What is it, Wanta?" He asked, somewhat impatient as he stepped outside. "There's no one here."

The dog continued to bark, however.

"Quiet." He went back inside, closing the door behind him.

As he began making his way back to his bedroom, something caught his attention. Puzzled, he walked over to the old grandfather clock Zoe used to sit in front of. To his surprise, it was softly ticking, its pendulum swaying side to side.

"What the fuck? When did this thing start working again?" He asked himself.

Wanta's barks became even louder than before, and Takuya's friends emerged from the living room.

"Would someone shut Wanta up?" Kouji asked, annoyed.

"Why don't you do it?" Kouichi asked.

Kouji shrugged. "It's simple. I'm too lazy to walk my ass outside and do it myself."

"Damn, and I thought J.P. was the lazy one," Kouichi replied, rolling his eyes.

"Hey! Quit ragging on the fat guy already," J.P. shot back.

"I didn't call you fat, though. I called you lazy," Kouichi pointed out. "In all reality, everyone here is a lazy bastard."

Takuya glared at them. "Damn, shut up already. I'll go check it out again."

"I'll go with you," Kouichi said. "I mean, that dog doesn't usually bark unless something's up."

The two of them went outside, crouching down beside the puppy.

"What is it, Wanta?" Takuya asked, rubbing his eyes.

"Maybe he's hungry?" Kouichi offered.

Takuya shook his head. "No, his food bowl is full. So is his water."

"Then what is it?" Kouichi inquired.

"How the fuck should I know? It's probably nothing." Takuya began to walk back inside, when something stopped him.


The brunette whipped his head around, recognizing the soft voice immediately.

Slowly, a blond figure approached them. Her long hair fell over her shoulders, a red streak going down each side of her head. Instead of horns were two jagged stubs and her clothes were bloody and tattered with holes. Her arms and legs were covered in cuts and were oozing blood.

"Zoe!" Takuya ran up to her, not believing what he was seeing.

The girl fell to her knees, holding onto her throbbing head.

"Holy shit, I thought you were dead." Takuya gathered her in his arms and cradled her in his lap. "I can't believe it."

Zoe coughed. "Trust me, I don't either."

"How the fuck did you manage to get away in one piece?" Kouichi asked as he ran up to them, followed by the other two.

"I'm going to assume that you didn't watch the news," Zoe said, laying her head against Takuya's shoulder.

Takuya raised an eyebrow. "Why, what happened?"

"Bridge collapsed. Some kind of freak accident," she replied. "The entire army was killed, and I was caught underneath the rubble and debris. I managed to drag myself from the wreckage, and here I am."

J.P. glanced at Takuya. "Umm....are you okay with her being here? I know.....with everything that happened...."

Takuya sighed. "As much as it pains me, I can't turn my back on her. I love her too much."

Kouji shrugged. "Works for me."

As Takuya carried her inside, he noticed her head. "How did you survive without your horns?"

"I don't know," Zoe said, not looking at him. "I thought losing them would kill me. I guess all it did was permanantly disable my vectors."

"Will they grow back?" He asked.

"They might, but they might not. As I said, I don't know."

Takuya set her down in front of the bathroom. "I'm gonna run you a shower. Stay here."

Zoe huddled against the wall, holding her knees to her chest. She refused to look up. The brunette emerged a minute later.

"Okay, it's ready. I'll get you some clean clothes while you're in it, " he said, helping her up.

"I shouldn't be here," Zoe said in a quiet voice. "I put you in danger because of it."

He stared at her. "I don't care. Besides, everyone probably thinks you died in the collapse. I doubt anyone will be looking for you."

"I don't know if I want to take that risk. I should go before I cause you any more trouble." She tried to walk away, but her knees buckled.

Takuya caught her in his arms and looked down into her emerald eyes. "No. You're staying here and that's final."

Zoe sighed. "But-"

"But nothing," he interrupted. "Now get in the shower."

Zoe thought for a moment, then relented. "Fine. But think about what I said."

She limped into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Takuya grabbed some extra clothes from her room and entered the bathroom.

"I've got your clothes, so they're ready whenever you get out. I left you a towel, too."

Just as he was about to leave, Zoe spoke up.

"W-will you come in with me?" She nervously asked. "I really need you right now."

Takuya didn't have to be asked twice. Within seconds his own clothes had been discarded onto the floor and he joined Zoe in the shower. They embraced each other under the spraying hot water, their faces only inches apart.

"Thank you," Zoe said softly. "I just really-"

Takuya silenced her with a kiss. "You don't need to explain."

The blond smiled and buried her face into his shoulder. "I love you."

Takuya kissed her forehead. "I love you, too. Welcome home."

yay it's finally done! its not the same ending as the elfen lied series but 1) i wasn't completely satisfied with that ending, 2) i wanted to make my own ending and 3) i wanted a happier ending (yeah i know, me being highly depressed and wanting a happy ending -_-;) and also the bridge part worked out cuz technically takuya and kouji were too far away to see what was happening and only heard the gunshots so that can't be used against me! well, i hope you guys liked it. now i can continue with Worlds Collide and start with Falling from Grace ^_^ hope the ending wasn't too corny, but if it was then TOO BAD!!!!! *regains composure and coughs* sorry about that, im working on my anger issues.....i think its going pretty well to be honest with you. well, see ya laterz. and who knows....there may be a sequel eventually if i find the motivation and enough people want it (i mean, director kakuzawa is still alive, he has a new assistant, tommy's stepfather is still out there somewhere....) we'll see what happens.