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Previously on Supernatural- By the time Nurse Johnson returned with the gurney a scrub clad Sammy was fast asleep in Dean's arms.


"Calm down Johnny. Josh probably just went to the store to pick up something for the boys to eat. You know how fussy Sammy gets when he's sick." Bobby assured his friend even as his own worry for the boys grew.

"He better not have left Dean and Sammy alone!" John growled slamming on the brakes. Shoving the door open he leapt out of the car and stormed up the front porch steps. "I'll kick his ass if he did!"

"Yeah, like you've never left them by themselves." Bobby muttered as he followed his head strong friend up the stairs and into the dark house.

"Dean! Sammy!" John hollered as he burst into the house. Getting no reply he hurried to the staircase as he continued to yell for his boys. When Dean still didn't respond, the anxious father turned to his friend. "Something's wrong! They're not here, Bobby!"

Knowing something was amiss the second he took in the dark, quiet room Bobby had gone straight to the answering machine by the phone on the corner shelf. "Hang on Johnny. I'll check the answering machine, see if Josh left a message." Bobby said. Seeing Winchester's "wtf" look he explained. "Josh and I try to keep tabs on each other. We hunt alone a lot and we wanted to make sure someone knew where we were if a hunt ever went south. So we decided to let each other know about where we were going to hunt. And if plans change, we leave a message on the other guy's answering machine. That way someone's always watching our back so to speak. Just wish someone would invent a phone you could take with you. It'd sure make my life easier." Shrugging he pushed play on the machine frowning as Josh's worried voice came through the speaker: "Guys Sammy had a reaction to the medicine Dr. McCoy gave him. I couldn't reach him so I'm taking Little Bit to the ER at the county hospital. I'll call back and let you know more." Both men tensely stood beside the shelf as the machine beeped and the next message came on: "Guys, the doctor gave Sammy some medicine for the hives and the nausea and the little guys doing a lot better. But the doc wants to keep him overnight just to be sure the worst is over. We're on the third floor room 328. Get here."

"Let's go" John ordered as he turned and raced out the door.

At the hospital

Dean lay with his sleeping little brother snuggled into his side. Tugging the blankets tighter around a shivering Sammy he glanced up at Josh who was sitting in a chair beside the bed. "Uncle Josh, you think the nurses could warm another blanket for Sammy. I know he has two warm blankets already but he's still shaking." Dean softly whispered.

"I'll ask Dean" Josh replied as he stood and stretched. "Be right back."

Nodding his head Dean turned his gaze back on Sammy. He pulled the smaller boy closer to him being mindful of the IV. "It's okay Sammy. Big brother's here." He whispered running a soothing hand through his little brother's hair. Hearing the door open Dean glanced over to see Josh walk in with another blanket. "Thanks, Josh" he said as the hunter carefully spread the blanket over the two boys. "And thanks for making it so we could stay with Sammy."

"No problem Dean" Josh replied ruffling the older boy's hair and grinning at the indignant look he got in return. "It wasn't that hard. I just told her the truth."

"Uh huh, then your mind must be going old man" Dean teased. "Cause that kidnapping was almost a year ago, not a couple of months."

"Well I know that and you know that but they don't have to know that." Josh stated with a smirk. "Now why don't you try to get some sleep, champ. You look beat."

"I'm fine" Dean yawned. "Besides, Sammy might wake up and need me."

"Go ahead and rest. I'll wake you if he needs anything. Promise." Josh stated crossing his heart. "Besides, Sammy's gonna need you wide awake and well rested tomorrow when he gets to go home. Not to mention distracting him when they take out the IV."

"Yeah, okay" Dean agreed closing his eyes. "But you better wake me up if he so much as moves."

Nodding in agreement Joshua watched as Dean quickly fell asleep. Settling back in the horribly uncomfortable chair the young man quietly kept watch over his two precious charges.

Josh jumped at the quiet click of the door an hour and a half later. Wiping his eyes he glanced over to see a young blond nurse coming into the room. Putting a finger to his lips he gestured over at the two sleeping Winchesters.

Nodding her understanding Nurse Hamilton shuffled over to the bed and gently picked up Sammy's hand to check his pulse. After scribbling down the information on the chart at the end of the bed and checking the IV bag, she reached into her pocket for the thermometer. "You know they really shouldn't be in bed together." She whispered as she shook the instrument. "Dean's sure to get sick that way."

"Doesn't matter" a voice from the bed piped up. "I've already been exposed anyway. Besides, Sammy was cold. Can't you make a warm IV?"

"Sorry honey. I didn't mean to wake you." The nurse apologized smiling down at Dean.

"Don't worry about it." Dean assured her. "Just don't wake Sammy."

"I'll try not to but I'm not sure if that's possible. Most patients wake up when we're taking their temperature." Nurse Hamilton explained. "Kinda hard not to when someone's putting something in your mouth."

"Here, let me do it." Dean offered holding out his hand. Taking the thermometer from the curious nurse's hand he slowly sat up bringing Sammy with him. Shaking down the instrument Dean held it to his little brother's lips. "Sammy? Sammy, I need you to open your mouth for me kiddo" he whispered grinning as the sleeping boy obeyed. Dean carefully inserted the thermometer into Sammy's mouth before coaxing the little boy to close his mouth. Holding the tip of the instrument the older brother managed to keep it under his brother's tongue for the required time. Seeing the nurse motioning for it Dean pulled it out of Sam's mouth and handed it over. He then slowly lay back down with Sammy still safely wrapped in his arms.

"Great job, Dean" Nurse Hamilton praised writing the reading down on the chart.

"Piece of cake" Dean softly said before turning back to his brother.

After checking the hives on Sammy's arms and chest and scribbling a few more notes, Nurse Hamilton put the chart back into the holder at the end of the bed and headed out. "Sammy's doing just fine. The hives are looking much better and his fever's down." She told Josh as she walked toward the door. "I'll be back to check on him again in a little while."

Joshua waved the nurse out the door and settled back into the chair once more. He glanced at the sleeping boys before picking up some old children's magazine and thumbing through it. Raised voices in the hallway quickly caught his attention however. Standing he walked toward the door recognizing the gruff voice before he'd made it halfway. "Great" he sighed rolling his eyes. "Guess I better get out there before the fool gets himself thrown outta the hospital." Taking one last look at the boys Josh hurried out the door.

In the hall

"I don't care what time it is!" John ranted glaring at the matronly nurse behind the desk. "My son is here somewhere and I demand to see him!"

"For Pete's sake John, tone it down before you wake all the kids on the floor." Joshua quietly scolded as he walked up to the worried father. "Come on, I'll take you to Dean and Sammy."

"Bout time" John huffed following his friend down the hall. Stepping into the room he quickly strolled over to the bed and glanced down at his boys. Placing the back of his hand against Sammy's forehead he frowned at the heat he could still feel there. Seeing red peeking out from the top of Sammy's pajama top John pulled the blanket back and raised his baby's shirt. "Shit, what the hell happened, Josh!" he yelled not noticing the two sets of eyes that snapped open at his loud voice.

"Sorry John" Josh apologized. "That medicine Dr. McCoy gave Sammy made him sick. I got him here as fast as I could."

"Really?" John challenged. "Then why does he…"

"Daddy?" a tiny voice broke in.

Glancing down John found both boys wide awake and staring at him. Seeing Sammy reach out for him John leaned down and carefully picked his baby up. "Hey Sammy. How're you feeling?" John asked taking a seat on the bed.

Laying his head on his dad's shoulder Sammy threw his small arms around John's neck. "I feel good, daddy." He fibbed. "Can we go home now?"

"Not yet, buddy" John replied. Leaning against the headboard he pulled his legs onto the bed and stretched them out in front of him. Sitting Sammy on his lap the father pulled his baby back against him while wrapping his other arm around his older son. "Go back to sleep Sammy. When you wake up, it'll be time to go home." He whispered kissing both his boys on the forehead. Glancing over at Josh the oldest Winchester gave him an apologetic look before focusing back on his boys.

"Think I'm gonna head out." Josh whispered to Bobby. "I wanna check on Dr. McCoy. It's not like him to be away from a phone for this long."

"Go ahead. We'll see you in the morning." Bobby told his longtime friend. "And thanks Josh, for taking care of Sammy."

"Don't have to thank me for that. Those boys are like my own." Josh said as he opened the door. After taking one last glance at the family on the bed, the young hunter walked out of the room.

The next morning Josh walked into Sammy's hospital room to find Dean trying to calm a crying Sammy. "What's a matter Little Bit?" he asked as he got alongside the bed.

"They just took the IV out." Dean explained rubbing his little brother's back. "I swear these nurses are about as gentle as Godzilla."

"Oh, well I guess you don't feel like seeing what I brought ya right now." Josh said hiding a smile as Sammy's cries quickly tapered off. "Guess I'll just go put this in the tr…"

"What is it, Uncle Josh?" Sammy asked staring wide eyed at the green bag behind Josh's back.

"Not sure. Found it in my truck this morning with your name on it." Josh explained as he held the bag out to the little boy. "Here, take a look."

Sammy carefully took the bag from the hunter and peered inside. His dimpled grin nearly split his face as he reached into the bag and pulled out a stuffed Scooby Doo. Clutching the extremely soft animal to his chest the young boy threw himself into his uncle's arms. "Thank you Uncle Josh!" he cried hugging Joshua hard.

"Anytime sport" Josh replied returning the hug. Glancing over at the older boy on the bed he said, "Hey Dean! I think there's still something in the bag."

Curious Dean scooted over to the discarded bag and carefully reached inside. Feeling a plastic wrapped box he pulled it out eyes widening as he took in what it was. In his hand was a model kit for a black '67 impala. "Cool!" Dean excitedly said as he turned the box over in his hand. "Thanks Uncle Josh, this is awesome!"

"Figured you might like it." Josh stated. "And I thought you might need something to do while your little brother here recovers."

"Sammy, you ready to go home?" John called as he walked into the room.

"Daddy! Daddy! Look what Uncle Josh gave me!" Sammy shouted holding up his stuffed animal.

"Scooby Doo, huh?" John muttered as he looked at the toy. "Hmm, guess I'll be reading to you and your new friend when we get home."

"Really?" Sammy squealed. "Will you read me the book I got from the library?"

"Yeah, dad, you gonna read him that one?" Dean asked with a chuckle.

"Nope, I've got something even better." John told his boys as he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a paperback book. "How about this one?"

"A Scooby Doo book!" Sammy cheered. "Yea!"

Ruffling his son's hair John smiled down at his boys. "Dean, take your brother into the bathroom and help him get changed." He instructed handing a bag of clothes to his oldest. "And make sure he uses the bathroom. It's a good ways to Bobby's and with all that IV in him I don't want him having an accident."

"Okay dad" Dean replied taking Sammy's hand. "Come on Sammy. Let's go change."

John waited for the bathroom door to close before turning to Josh and asking, "Did you find Dr. McCoy?"

"Yeah, I did, unfortunately." Joshua sadly answered. "He was killed yesterday along with several nurses and patients and a guy named Leonard. Apparently some business man snapped. He just walked into the clinic right before it closed and opened fire. He killed all seven people that were there before turning the gun on himself."

"Shit!" John mumbled punching the bed.

"Dad, something wrong?" Dean asked as he walked out of the bathroom carrying his little brother.

"No, Dean, everything's fine." John reassured his son. Hurrying over to his sons he carefully took Sammy from his big brother and settled him on his hip. "You okay, Sammy?" he questioned.

"I think he's just wore out, dad. That pill they gave him this morning is starting to kick in." Dean stated as he went over to the bed and stuffed Sammy's pajamas and his model kit into the bag. Picking up the stuffed dog he handed it to his brother.

"Let's get you home then so you can sleep." John whispered to Sammy as they started for the door.

"What about the book?" Sammy asked with a yawn. Laying his head on his dad's shoulder he stuck his thumb in his mouth and closed his eyes. "You said we'd rea…"

"We will" John told his now sleeping little boy. Tugging Sam's thumb out of his mouth John motioned to the door. "Come on Dean. Bobby already went to get the impala. Let's go home."

"Way ahead of you dad" Dean quietly called from the doorway. He held the door open for his dad and Josh and then quickly shut it. Bag in hand he hurried after his family catching up as they reached the elevator. The small family rode the elevator down and swiftly walked across the lobby to the front doors. With Dean in the lead the Winchesters and Josh headed for the car. It was time to go home.

The End