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The war was going to be really hard. Everyone could feel that simple fact deep in their bones. The winter had charged in before the soldiers and made sure that the ground was frozen solid and the animals nowhere to be seen.

This really annoyed Keladry of Mindelan. While riding on patrol the silence was enough to drown a soul. The noise was enough to drive her mad. Within the silence only filled with the sounds her and Hoshi made were loud snaps from branches giving way under the weight of the snow. Each time it happened, woman and horse would jump. Enemies could be anywhere. They both knew this fact very well. Scanra, finally over the last war and picking the next one, had gotten better since they had last met the Tortallians. Their warfare had turned into a major annoyance for the brave subjects of King Jonathan.

Frozen to the core, Kel returned to point to give up her duty to the waiting soldier. He looked horribly disheartened by the prospect of riding in the snow with the wind beating his face and hands until they froze. Kel didn't think about the poor lad too much. She was too focused on getting to the warm fire she could she on the other side of the camp. First she stopped at her tent to take of the snow covered outer clothes to replace them with fresh clothing. It would due for her to sit in front of the fire only to have the snow melt and make her cold all over again.

When she finally made it to the wonderful fire she was greeted by many smiling faces.

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