Pairing: Mwu/Murrue
Prompt: Routine maintenance

Tonomura stared at the hallway's other occupant. "Commander," he said.

Fllaga shifted his load carefully on his shoulder. "Hey," he said. "I was starting to think I was the only one awake and off-duty here at this hour."

"But--what are you doing?"

"Routine maintenance," Fllaga said. He didn't exactly have a perfectly straight face, but he was grinning like always, like there was nothing out of the ordinary here. "I know how you can help, too."

"But--the captain--"

"That's right. Go check the rest of the reports she was running through," he said, "and then grab some rest."

Tonomura turned to go, then he stopped. "Commander, I think I should ask..."


"If she was that focused, how did you get her to fall--"

"I gave her a backrub," Fllaga said cheerfully.

"Oh." Tonomura blinked once, then turned away down the hall.

Mwu absently ran a hand through Murrue's hair and settled her sleeping form more comfortably on his shoulder. Then he set off once more.