Pairing: Neo/Murrue

Stellar sees a lot of things that she doesn't understand, but when Neo is the one doing them, she accepts them as an item of faith.

So when she sees him accessing a computer console with her ID, despite the many additional privileges his own would provide, she does not question him.

But he is in one of his restless moods where he acts as if caged and confused, and so he speaks to her anyway, his hand on her head to comfort himself as much as her. "Look, this image," he says.

Stellar doesn't understand--it's just the bridgecrew of a spaceship like any other--but she listens.

"It's the crew of the Archangel, from the war two years ago," he says. "I never knew any of them. I didn't so much as run into them while training." There is that tremor of unsurety that his voice gets when he speaks of himself, in these moods. "But my own account is locked out of accessing any pictures of them."

He leans forward again, as Stellar gets a good look at the picture herself. There's something about one of the men--

--but Neo points instead at one of the women. She stands front and center. Even Stellar can tell that she's the captain. "But I know her."

Stellar looks at the man beside the strange captain in the picture, and she knows that the shape of his jaw is familiar, and so is his hair and some distant remnant of the way he stands.

But behind the mask, Neo's gaze passes blindly over the man in the picture and locks on Captain Murrue Ramius for one last time before he stands. "It can't be anything important."

Stellar doesn't know whether he sounds like he wants to be convinced, or like he wants to be convinced otherwise.