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It was a snowy evening. Hatori Sohma was walking through the park. The snow always made him feel gloomy and at loss. He wished, slightly, that he had someone to keep him company instead of being alone on cold, snowy days like those. Suddenly, Hatori heard a small sound like a whimper. He followed it, trudging through the snow until he came upon a girl. A little girl curled up in the snow. She shivered and whimpered again. Her auburn pigtails and the red ribbons that held them in place were covered in snow.

Hatori touched her, cold, tear-stained cheek.

She moved slightly. Her brown eyes fluttered open and stared at the stranger, fear shining in them.

Hatori picked up the shivering girl.

She tensed.

"It's okay," he told her. "Don't be afraid."

He felt her relax in his arms.

He brushed the snow off her pigtails and carried her to his home.

At his house, Hatori wrapped her in blankets and put her on his bed. He pondered what to do with the girl.

He decided what was best at the moment was to get her some food.

He made a little ramen and bought it to her.

The girl stared between him and the food, seemingly not knowing what to do.

"It's okay," Hatori coaxed. "Go ahead and eat."

The girl hesitated but then ate.

Once she was done she stared curiously at the man who had helped her.

Hatori smiled at her.

"My name is Hatori Sohma," he said.

The girl stared again.

"I'm Ichigo Momomiya, nya," the girl said.

Hatori chuckled at the way she said "nya."

"Where do you live, Ichigo-san?" he asked.

Ichigo shook her head, resistibly.

"You don't want to go home?" Hatori asked.

She shook her head again.

Hatori knew he couldn't just throw her out on the streets.

"Alright," he said. "You can stay tonight, then."

Hatori ruffled her hair.

Ichigo smiled.

After she fell asleep that night, Hatori pondered where she had come from. He wanted to know why she didn't want to return. But he would soon find out it wasn't the most pleasant of stories.

A/N: Thanks for reading ch. 1. "Nya" means 'meow' or 'mew.'

~Katsuki Shizenno