Title: Heavenly Light

Rating: T-M

Pairings: Aizen/Ichigo, Urahara/Isshin and others that aren't so important.

Summary: Ichigo was a person who appreciated honesty more than anything. He despised secrets and lies, because all they did was harm innocent people. Suddenly, Ichigo finds himself trapped in a web of lies, and only one person can show him the truth: Aizen.

Warnings: Male/Male, Yaoi, Slight OOC, Severe Alternate Universe, Violence, Drama, Strong language, Sexual Situations, Angst, Anti-Soul Society, and other things I can't think of at the moment. Spoilers? Be up-to-date with Manga please for understanding purposes. The timeline may be a little altered

Note: This story ignores the fact that Yammy was a 0 Espada. That fact really pissed me off. To be more powerful than Stark?! I couldn't stand that fat ass when I first saw him. Sorry. SET before Ulquiorra and Yammy arrive in Karakura Town for the first time.

Chapter One



"Think about it, Isshin-san." Aizen Sousuke was a charming manipulative man.

Isshin was not stupid. He may have pulled that role out for his daughters and only son but anyone who knew the real Isshin, like Aizen and Urahara knew for a fact that dense did not run in his blood. There were things that neither Aizen or Urahara Kisuke were aware of.

Kurosaki Isshin folded his hands together and stared at them. He wasn't usually a silent and serious man; he was happy, obnoxious, and very boisterous however at the moment there was a great deal to think about.

While Aizen sat across from him looking for all the world a relaxed and carefree gorgeous man, Isshin knew enough about him to know that he was anything but truly carefree. He was always alert, he always knew, and he could see a lie no matter how well practiced it was.

The man on his right however was another manipulative one and Isshin found that he was caged in. That same man placed a hand on his knee. Always insatiable, Isshin thought rolling his eyes at the blond.

"Your son will understand, Isshin-san. If you tell him the truth. I've been preaching for you to do this for years. Ichigo is intelligent he will understand your reasons."

Urahara Kisuke, his fan was gone and so was his hat but his clogs remained considering he enjoyed the sound of clopping against the white flooring of Hueco Mundo.

Isshin rubbed the side of his lightly scratchy cheek. "Kisuke, I won't lose my son," he said sharply and nudged the hand off his knee. "You have to understand, my kids are-"

"Your life," Aizen finished for him.


"I can ensure their safety," he expressed sincerely. "Isshin-san you are one of my oldest friends. One of few that I can honestly refer to you as. But the fact is, Soul Society will be coming after your family. Your son holds too much power with no respect for authority. Yamamato will not allow him to go uncontrolled for too much longer."

"Of course not, I'd be ashamed if my son allowed a swallowed up old man to tell him what to do. I raised him to think for himself."

Kisuke grinned and placed his hand back on Isshin's knee getting a low growl from the dark headed man. "I never said that your children weren't the most important, Isshin-san. I adore Ichigo very much and he has more talent and power than all of the Vizard's combined. I believe it is a direct link to the affects of the Hougyoku."

Aizen inclined his head. "It was in Kuchiki Rukia the night your boy took her powers."

"He was strong way before that," Isshin insisted. "As far back as I could remember he was seeing ghosts, touching, and playing with them. For years he was laughed at for having imaginary friends because they were all ghosts. It was all I could do to keep it from Masaki!"

"Oh, I'm aware," Kisuke said cheerfully. "When I first saw your son, he had no idea what he was supposed to do initially but his instincts were like a fish having survived without water and was suddenly thrown in. He is a natural. But I think the power of the Hougyoku meshed with his own powers while they were still dormant because of Rukia-san's."

Isshin kept his silence on the power issues. There was more reason to hiding in plain sight than Isshin merely being exiled. Not even Aizen and Urahara knew the extent.

Aizen gave a nod for his support and merely watched his two friends converse. To have both Isshin and his son on his side would be a great asset. Not only was Isshin a level headed powerful man but his son's power was immense, with training to control his powers for both shinigami and Hollow there was no doubt that he could surpass his most powerful Espada. His mind was already formulating plans, thinking ahead of time was something that always came with results. Aizen was a patient man.

"He's not stupid," Isshin said factually. "He comes off as a rebellious brat who doesn't give a damn but that is a total façade."

Aizen leaned back in his chair, listening closely to every word Isshin had to say. He circled the dark mahogany wood where he rested his arms. Kurosaki Ichigo was a rather interesting creature, with each word Isshin spoke the man simply glowed. It was to be expected from a father to their child. Isshin was a very paternal man, two little girls could do that to the most brutal sort of men.

It was really rather sad that their only true meeting was when he had hurt Ichigo. That hadn't been his true intentions at all and made sure that he hit the places that weren't lethal. He would really like to get to know this human turned shinigami merged into a Vizard.

"He needs to learn control over his Hollow," Aizen reminded.

Kisuke nodded. "I've already been in contact with Shinji and the other Vizards."

Isshin sighed. "What do I do? I can't just pack up everything and leave the human world! Even if I decided to come here, Soul Society would get wind of it and they would blow up and Ichigo has never found a reason to agree with you, Aizen-san. Even if you had me as proof it still wouldn't be enough. Ichigo has a very strong will and determination, he has his own mind."

More and more interesting, Aizen thought feeling a surge of excitement. It was about time things get interesting, using the Hougyoku and creating his Arrancar had been a long and tiring job.

"How about I meet with him personally, Isshin-san?"

Isshin gulped. "My son?"

Aizen didn't answer to that and merely raised a crafted eyebrow.

Kisuke clucked his tongue. "Well, I don't see a problem in that."

The father of three made a noise in the back of his throat. "I see you aren't going to let me say no to this."

Aizen smiled slightly in response. "I won't hurt a single hair on his head, Isshin-san. You have my word."

Isshin wasn't worried about what Aizen would do, it was the other way around. The man stood and pushed the half drunken tea aside. The room was way too white and way too circular for his tastes. "I will take the girls out Friday night for pizza and leave Ichigo home alone. If my clinic is burnt to the ground by the time I get back, you're going to build me a mansion."

Aizen chuckled pleasantly while Kisuke gazed up. "Are we leaving Isshin-kun?"

Isshin grumbled. "Two manipulative men… how the fuck did I get into this?"

Kisuke grinned and brushed up beside Isshin while gliding the back of his fingers across the man's slightly unshaven cheek. "Why Isshin-kun, you sound an awful lot like your son."

"Then why are you perving on me for it?" Isshin asked snapping a glare onto the eccentric shop keeper.

"Oh, I'm not. I simply find it adorable is all."

The sound of a throat being cleared caused both men to look Aizen's way. The man was smirking. "Now, now you two. I'm not particularly interested in voyeurism."

Kisuke laughed and Isshin shook his head although the half grin didn't escape the blond's immediate attention.


It most certainly wasn't every weekend Ichigo had the place to all to himself. As soon as his father and sisters left he grabbed a few items from downstairs and headed for his room. He kicked on his stereo and played it full blast considering the old lady who lived next door to them had moved out two weeks ago. Not even Kon was here, apparently Urahara needed him for an experiment and Ichigo was only too happy to give him over for the night so long as whatever he wanted wasn't too painful.

He did have a heart after all.

Damn it sometimes! Ichigo was shirtless and wearing a pair of white sports pants with a black stripe. It was usually something he wore when he used to work out training to fight against those at the dojo but he'd quit that a long time ago.

He dropped onto his bed lying on his stomach. The music was so loud that not even the rumbling of thunder could cut through it. Ichigo had his small lamp on and was going through a magazine enjoying the fact that he had no old man to drop kick him at a moment's notice or Kon annoying the living shit out of him.

He decided not to reflect on the annoying white man deep inside his soul that reflected his darker side. The teen would deal with that another time, right now he just wanted to be lazy.

He reached for his bag of chips only to pause when a chilly gust of air blew through ruffling him and everything in sight.

Ichigo frowned when he raised his head. He had specifically kept the window closed and locked, he didn't wanted any Shinigami or hat-and-clog men appearing out of nowhere with some really important mission for him to do.

Getting up, Ichigo crossed the floor and peered out the window. He was no expert at reiatsu, in fact he sucked at it but he did feel a trace but whose was it? It could be Urahara and if it was the man could use the front door that was what they were for. He shut the window and placed the lock back in and when he turned around he nearly jumped through the closed window.

"Jesus Christ!" he yelped in horror at the

"No, but close enough," the intruder said quietly. "Good evening Kurosaki Ichigo, I believe I should properly introduce myself-"

"I know who the hell you are!" Ichigo spat, his heart was racing like crazy. He could not believe that the very devil himself was standing in his room back against the closet like he actually belonged. The music in the room thrummed harshly spitting out bitter and angry tones. He didn't so much as flinch from the sound waves.

Tall and imposing, Aizen Sousuke had paid him a visit.

"Do you?" Aizen said with a kind smile that was way too charming for the manipulative bastard. "Do you mind if I turn this down for the moment?" he asked not waiting for Ichigo to say something and instead turned the volume down with a brush of his finger.

Finding his voice, Ichigo glared. "I don't know what you're up to -"

"Me?" Aizen asked tilting his head. "I'm hurt Ichigo-kun."

"It's Kurosaki to you old man," Ichigo growled. There was no way he was allowing this man to pull him onto a first name basis. He may look young but so did Urahara and he was ages old.

Chuckling softly, "You act just like your father," he commented with amusement. "It's very endearing really."

Ichigo's eyes narrowed and then he snorted. "What the hell are you talking about? I think you have the wrong person's father. My dad knows nothing about shinigami."

"I'm never wrong, Ichigo-kun," Aizen said factually. "Your father, is he not Kurosaki Isshin?"

"…" Ichigo swallowed. "What have you done to him?" he demanded suddenly moving off the sill. "Where are my sisters?!"

Aizen should not have been surprised by the sudden conclusion Ichigo would come up with and a deadly fire in his eyes suddenly ignited. "Whoa, now," he said soothingly, "calm down, I have never once laid eyes on your sisters and I would never hurt a good man such as Kurosaki Isshin. He is one of the few men I hold dear to me as a friend."

All of the air felt as though it were knocked out of Ichigo; he staggered toward his bad and fell down on it. His eyes were wide in horror. He opened his mouth to protest this but then he closed it, the racing of his heart became painful sliding down into his ribs. It was like a punch from Tatsuki only worse. Perhaps a punch from Kenpachi?

Aizen Sousuke would have no reason to lie to him about this. If he wanted Ichigo dead, he would have done it already. If he wanted his power he'd have simply kidnapped him which would not be hard to do at this moment considering his badge was lying on the dresser closer to Aizen than it was him. Either way he was locked in.

"My father… my idiot father…"

"Is a shinigami," Aizen stated softly, "Central 46 were really an unpleasant bunch. They were old and set in their ways. What they said was law and you could not argue with them. They exiled your father like they did Urahara Kisuke for crimes neither of them committed."

Okay, Ichigo's entire world was flipping upside down. He gulped and stood up. "I need a drink…" he said rushing from the room. He flipped on the lights as he went and nearly fell downstairs into the kitchen.

No surprise, Aizen was standing right behind the kitchen counter looking as though he'd been there the entire time. Ichigo ignored him, turning his back on the man and gulped down the cold water. This sort of man wouldn't attack him from behind, not like he needed to in the first place so he wasn't worried at all. However he could hear his inner Hollow practically purring.

'King… who is that?'

Ichigo took another drink of water. "Aizen Sousuke," he answered out loud.

'Oh really?'

"Hm? You're a little shaky, Ichigo-kun."

"Just telling the evil part of myself who you are," Ichigo said blithely.

This got Aizen's attention. "Evil part of yourself? I don't really think such a thing exists."

Ichigo snorted. "You haven't met the asshole like I have."

"I know about it, Ichigo-kun," Aizen said softly, "the barrier broken down between Hollow and Shinigami. Hollowfication is what it is called and together Kisuke and I created a way to open a shinigami's powers and fix an ongoing problem."

Ichigo's eyes widened and he turned around. "You know?"

"It's called a Vizard, Ichigo-kun and it isn't an evil thing. At first it is harsh and uncontrollable but it is not impossible to gain control over that part of you and use it for the better."

Ichigo stared owlishly at him hand gripping so tight on the bottle of water that what was left of it rose to the top and began to leak out.

Aizen seeing Ichigo wasn't going to respond decided to add more to the subject. "What if you could take the monster out of a Hollow?"

As soon as Aizen said this the image of Inoue's brother popped into his head.

"But why kill so many people?" Ichigo demanded refusing to lose his cool anymore. He had a billion questions to ask but they could wait for the moment. He'd pounce his dad later, if he got the chance.

"Who have I killed?" Aizen asked him.

Ichigo gritted his teeth. "You tried to kill Rukia and Byakuya and some other girl I don't know who but that little white haired brat was talking about her!"

Aizen chuckled softly. "Toushiro-kun," he answered, "you'd be talking about Hinamori Momo. I honestly believed I was doing her a favor. She inadvertently helped me reach my goals and if Yamamato got wind of it, do you have any idea what her fate would be?" he asked. "Just like your Kuchiki-dono, her fate would have been death and it wouldn't have been painless. She wouldn't have understood so taking her with me would not have worked. Death in itself is not painful, it is what it is."

Confusion and he felt way too hot for comfort, the water did nothing but make his heat worse.

"My father…"

"He is for my cause. He has always been a good friend of mine, he was never happy with the way Seireitei was being ran. He wanted more out of life and I don't mean power, Ichigo-kun. Your father is not a power seeker. I admit, power is my desire but I have other desires as well. My ultimate goal is a rebuild, less violent in the long run. I am aware that a world without war is impossible," he said factually, "but there could be a world with less of it, even if it was by one percent. Do you know how much that is when you pit it against all three worlds?"

"Three?" Ichigo murmured. "You mean… the Hollow world?"

"Exactly, why does the Hollow world have to remain a world filled with monsters? What if you could take those Souls and return them to their former selves?"

"You have," Ichigo said shortly.

"Plenty, I am aware I cannot change everyone of them. But over the next few decades I should be able to create a society that is not filled with blood thirsty monsters."

He had a headache, so much for a lazy night.

"Why have you come?" Ichigo then asked moving toward the kitchen table and sagging down into Yuzu's usual place.

"Your father was worried," Aizen said moving to seat across from him.

It was at that moment that Ichigo got his first really good look at the mysteriously powerful man before him.

Obviously, he had hidden almost all his reiatsu to the point where you would think he was an ordinary human. But he had an otherworldly glow about him. Perhaps it was his skin? Ichigo wasn't sure but his eyes, deep almond shape and light brown they shined with intent. His face curved and his hair was wavy and brushed back with a casual piece falling over into his eyes which caused that look of mystery to begin with.

He was tall, by at least a good four inches higher Ichigo and he wore a white hakama with a matching Haori that was blank on the back.

Ichigo didn't like this. He didn't particularly trust it. "Uh," he began and pressed a hand to his forehead. "Want some tea or something?" he asked remembering some of his hidden manners.

Aizen smirked. "That would be nice, Ichigo-kun."

"I don't trust you!" Ichigo said standing abruptly. "But I'll - listen."

"That is all I ask," Aizen said appreciatively. "To make a long story short, you and your family will soon be a target and not from Hollows, Ichigo-kun," he said seeing Ichigo's hand slip on the tea kettle only to catch himself before it could clatter to the floor.

"What are you talking about?" he asked swiftly.

"You are a very powerful even in the infancy of your power," Aizen said rising from his seat and once again leaned his side against the counter in a carefree fashion. "However you are not above mocking Soul Society's authority."

"No shit, it nearly killed my friend," Ichigo snapped narrowing his eyes on Aizen. "You were going to kill her."

"Only to spare her from a harsher end."

"You're a liar, you just didn't need her anymore. Admit it," Ichigo demanded hotly.

"Oh, I would have killed her," said Aizen without hesitation. "She was a means to an end and I still will if she goes up against me or any of my people."

"You almost killed me…"

"No," Aizen rebuked.

"Yes, you idiot I think I remember feeling your sword," Ichigo sneered before touching his forehead once again in aggravation. This wasn't his night.

Aizen arched an eyebrow. "It wouldn't have killed you. I had no killing intent when I attacked you. I merely wanted you to stay down. You are Isshin-san's son, he'd never forgive me had I killed you."

Ichigo growled but said nothing to that and finished with the tea. He couldn't believe his idiot acting father was a shinigami and a friend of Aizen's at that. Impossible!

"Was he- apart of the Gotei 13?"

"Yes," Aizen said, "he was a Captain about twenty years before Kisuke became Captain. It is why I had hoped my black coffin would have finished off Komamura-san."

Ichigo blinked. "That…" he trailed off not knowing what to call him.


"That's your little friend," Ichigo muttered getting another smirk in return. "But, what does he have to do with it?"

"Your father had nothing to do with Kisuke and I's Hollowfication process. We went to the academy together actually and became good friends. He was the only one who understood my theories. You see, he was the seventh squad captain for twelve years. Before Komamura there was another man that was a captain, he wound up in the midst of my Hollowfication research, I admit I did do it to free the opening and your father was soon nominated."

"What was he exiled for?" Ichigo asked.

"Like Kuchiki Rukia, Isshin found his interest in a normal human girl that he saved one night. Yamamato was furious and wanted him sent to confinement. He didn't want Isshin-san out of his authority but once a shinigami renounces his power, position, and legally binds himself to the human world they are almost untouchable by Soul Society."


"It doesn't stop assassination attempts," Aizen answered. "Like the one that will be brought upon your family in the near future. I am certain of it, I'm simply waiting for a message from those within Seireitei. You see, Ichigo-kun, you have quite the backing without even knowing it. You made friends in Soul Society who respect your power and that heart you have even if you don't want it.'

'Also they know Isshin-san and they know about me. There are others who are silent and while loyal to Yamamato until that man's death they agree with me."

Ichigo for the first time wanted to whimper in frustration. He pushed a cup toward Aizen along with the sugar and other things. "Help yourself," he murmured turning to get another water.

Aizen gave him a kind smile while using sugar and lemon. "I'm aware this is a lot to take in-"

"No kiddin'?" Ichigo interrupted wide eyed. "I can't believe I'm thinking of believing you."

"Is it because I told you the truth?"

"So, what are you actually here for? I know it wasn't to tell me all this information out of the goodness of your - heart," he said dryly.

Aizen silently laughed. "You wound me, Ichigo-kun," he said with amusement lacing his words. "Despite misgivings I do have a heart."

"Oh yah?" Ichigo challenged. "I'd like to know where."

"Where you have yours, I am simply more careful about using it."

Ichigo snorted but didn't deny that maybe he did use his own heart a little too much. "Answer my question… please," he added the last bit a little hastily.

"I want you to join me."

"Eh!?" Ichigo's eyes went wide. "What the hell are you talking about? I am nobody's minion!" he scowled. "I refuse to bow to anyone. Not even if my dad stood there and said he'd disown me would I ever bow to a single human, shinigami, or whatever God play you have in mind!"

"I never said you had too," Aizen said and for the first time he sounded a little sharp. "Please, Ichigo-kun, do not put words in my mouth."

Ichigo felt a little ashamed just then, he too didn't like it when people tried to put words in his mouth and he sighed. "Yah, yah but what am I suppose to think?"

"I just said that your father was a good friend of mine. I didn't say he was my - what do you call it? Minion?"

"Uh huh."

"I can see you are still in shock."

"No shit."

'King! Please for once listen to me…' Ichigo's eyes went wide at his Hollow's plea. 'You must give this a chance for the both of us. Our lives depend on this.'

'My life or your life?' Ichigo wondered dryly.


"Do I get time to think about this stuff?"

"Of course," Aizen said finishing his tea. "However, when the time comes that Soul Society is going to strike whether you like it or not you will come with us. I will not have Isshin-san a crying mess because you thought you could take them on your own. We shall discuss your loyalties and friend's lives at a much later date if that is what weighs so heavily on your mind."

"Alright," Ichigo said. It wasn't like he had much choice in the matter was it? Apart of him wanted to fight this because he knew it was wrong but then he thought about his family. Would Soul Society really betray them? So much confusion and so little time to take it all in.

Aizen surveyed Ichigo closely, his emotions breaking out all over from his face to his body language. It was apparent that he was fighting an inner battle and Aizen would help things along. If he could pull some of that Hollow inside of Ichigo out while keeping the teen in control he knew he would gain his trust but he would have to wait on that offer. Ichigo was already close to a breaking point there was no need to push him anymore.

To be honest, Aizen found the boy more and more fascinating. Isshin certainly raised a rather beautiful son and it was obvious that beauty was on the inside as well as out. Things would get interesting if Ichigo actually agreed and then there was a chance that Ichigo's friends who also had strange and arcane power would join. If they did that… Aizen's desires would be sealed.

It was a win-win combination. Ichigo could not refuse and he wouldn't.

"I shall take my leave, Ichigo-kun, Arigato for hearing me out."

Ichigo snorted as he stood. "Like I had a choice!" he scowled and crossed his arms over his bare chest.

Aizen smiled fondly. "You are an interesting boy."

Ichigo rolled his eyes and turned is head. "And you're an asshole, what of it?"

"Is that what you think?" Aizen asked curiously.

"What else do you want me to think?" he retorted.

"I don't know, your thoughts are all up to you," Aizen said still grinning.

"With a little nudging and pushing from you somewhere on the outside, eh?"

Aizen's laughter picked up and he pulled a book from within his white Haori, he walked around the table and stood directly in front of Ichigo who started up at him wearily. "I want you to have this," he said deftly uncurling the boy's crossed arms and taking his wrist.

Ichigo silently gulped and the beat of his heart picked up at the physical touch. He wanted to jerk it away but instead he left it there still as he felt his Hollow practically crooning. What the hell?

Aizen's strong but soft hand slid down and gently turned Ichigo's hand over and placed the small pocket book in it directly. "It is nice to officially meet you, without bloodshed involved."

"Eh," Ichigo said in return. He had nothing intelligent to respond with.

"Good evening."

And just like that, Aizen Sousuke was gone.


It was definitely an irrevocable procedure; one that was dirty and altogether damaging. It was a decision that would make or break them depending on how the deed was carried out. But the choice seemed to be next to nill.

To allow a human to walk around possessing power that great. It could not be allowed and he would not allow it. All of his sweat and blood had dripped into Soul Society over the centuries, creating it for what it was by his own hands. He refused to allow such power to leave his authority.

He truly believed that it was for the best and that was why standing in front of him were two very well known for their stealth and efficiency in assassinations.

One sported a grim look while the other stood straight and rigid ready to carry out any order at a moment's notice.

As soon as he gave out the order, he'd expected the older and more talented one to protest. He had been a student of hers that she seemed overly fond of.

Shihoin Yoruichi sighed heavily and bowed her head, long purple hair whipped over her shoulders. "I guess there is no other way around it, I am aware that his power is a threat. But I know Kisuke will not agree to this."

"Leave him out of it then," Yamamato grunted as he opened his eyes wide. "I need you two to carry out this mission. The entire family, make it look like a human murder of some kind."

Yoruichi looked pained at what she was being asked to do. For years she had defied Soul Society, saving Kisuke and learning of what he knew about Aizen Sousuke and she knew that the man would have it out for Ichigo's power before long. They couldn't let him get a hold of it, no matter the cost.

"We must not only protect Soul Society but the human world as well. You know Aizen's desire for power and our representative will be way too much temptation."

"It is of no consequence to me, I'll handle it on my own," Soi Fon suggested. "That way you don't receive any backlash Yoruichi-sama!" she said fondly gazing up at her superior.

Before Yoruichi could respond, Yamamato snapped his cane to the hardwood floor getting their attention. "As much as I believe in your great skills of assassination, Kurosaki Ichigo may be young and may be new to his power but you must remember why I am having this done youngin'," he said causing Soi Fon's right eye to twitch. "If this was a one man job, I wouldn't be going this far in the first place."

"Of course Captain Commander," Soi Fon said instantly.

Yoruichi sighed and crossed her arms. "When do you want this done?"

"Within the month, it is your job to decide on when, where and exactly how an entire family was slaughtered. This will not go down on any records. No one knows of these actions but us three. Is that clear?"

The two bowed their heads. "Yes," they answered obediently.

No one noticed a little pink haired girl slipping away through a hidden passage. If they had their plans may have been full-proof.