"God would you come on Bells we are going to be even later to school!" Stephen yelled at me from downstairs.

"You go I have to still feed." I said and then added, "Why are you yelling at me I am a vampire for crying out loud I have better hearing than Demetri himself." God sometimes I wish I never changed that man.

"I heard that and quite frankly it was not nice." He yelled again, just to piss me off, I already had a headache and he was just making it worse with his unnecessary yelling at me, I can hear better than any vampire all he had to do was yell.

"You know your not helping my headache." I snapped at him, lately I have been getting these blurry blobs ever time I try to look into the future and focus on me or Stephen and I hated going anywhere with out my visions it was like I was blind with a huge headache.

"Fine but if you're not at school by the end of second period I will make you come." He snapped and then walked to the door and slammed in.

I flinched and thought to him "That was uncalled for." Then I threw up my walls, usually I never bothered because it was just Stephen and I trusted him with my life. Umm…maybe I should explain.

Ok well first off my name is Isabella Marie Swan and I am Aro's biological sister, yes the Aro, as in the leader of the Volturi, But I was not changed by Aro he wouldn't change me he said he would never take away my soul even if I wanted to give it, but anyway I don't know who I was changed by, I do know that I was changed when I was 17 years old and I am not like other vampires I am stronger in everything strength, speed, hearing, etc. and also I have multiple gifts, Aro and I think it is because of who changed me, you see I have control over the elements all of them, I can read minds and change there memories to my liking, I am an empathy and can change there feelings, I can see everybody's past when I first look in there eyes, I can sense other vampires powers or humans for that matter, I can control people and make them do what I want, I can see the future but not like the other vampires who can see the future I see every outcome, normally people who can see the future only see it when the persons mind is made up, not me I see every outcome but lately they haven't been working right, well they have I mean I can see anyone else's future clearly except mine and Stephen's and that makes me very nervous, anyway back to my powers well I can also move things with my mind and basically do anything with my mind.

I only told one human what I was and she was killed by my own brother, one of the many reasons why I hate him, anyway Stephen has all my powers except for the elements, because he was changed on the same night I was changed and by the same person I was. Stephen and Kristine were my only best friends I have ever had and Kristine's dead thanks to my lovely brother and Stephen well he and I have been living with each other since we were changed, no he is not my MATE everybody just assumes that well they assumed wrong, he is my best friend and I love him like a brother way more than I love my brother hell I don't even like my brother in fact I hate him.

I sighed and got dressed my bedroom was a dark burgundy because that is my favorite color I have a big soft queen bed though I don't need it but I still like to lye on it. I have a door that leads to my favorite place in this whole house my study. The door opens up what looks like just a nothing an empty closet well that's only because I have covered the stairs with invisibility one of the many things I can do with my mind, anyway once you get past the invisible wall you will see bronze twisted stairway that leads to a door which leads to my study in it is an old desk and lots of paintings of the Volturi and Stephen and I when we were apart of them and paintings of just beautiful things that I liked so I drew them, the walls are a beautiful golden bronze color I really don't know why I picked the color I just had to have it, anyway on one side of the wall is full of books history books, medicine, first edition books from Edgar Allen Poe and Jane Austen, etc. just another perk of living such a long life, on the other wall is a long couch that I again don't need but use anyway.

In my room I have a big CD collection of everything actually and a stereo which is currently playing Debussy. I sighed again I hate first days of schools everybody stares at you and mind reading doesn't help either. I pulled on my favorite old faded flare blue jeans that I wear all the time so now have holes in them, but obviously that's the fashion today though, why people would buy jeans with holes in them I don't know but they do, then I pulled on my favorite burgundy V-neck sweater and my old black and white converse. I grabbed my I-pod and Romeo and Juliet off of my night stand and shoved them in my bag, I would need them to get through the day. I swung my bag over my shoulder and walked down stairs when I hit the last step I froze.

Great another vampire has come to try and kill me I wonder who sent you this time. I sighed and looked at the clock Stephen was so going to kill me for being even more late. I closed my eyes and found that he was a tracker nothing special like Demetri but still I hate trackers. He was leaning against a tree right in front of the house waiting for me to come out. I sighed again great why couldn't he have come later like after school.

I walked to the front door and stepped outside he was still leaning against the tree then he looked up and smiled. He had brown hair cut short and was muscular, he was tall and he dark red eyes.

"Well I have been waiting for you for quite some time now." He said still leaning against the tree.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, first days of school not so great." I said simply and walked to the edge of the porch, stopped then added with a fake smile "So what do I owe this pleaser Anthony Sampson."

He looked up shocked and confused and then just smiled "They said you were talented and stronger than any other vampire, but sadly I didn't believe them." He said and then got out off the wall and walked over to me.

"Are you ready to die Anthony." I asked I said this in a cold hard voice and he flinched, I sighed frustrated and said "Why does everybody flinch when I say that it's just a question, god aren't vampires suppose to be fearless."

"I am, but nobody is ever that blunt and coming from a girl, I like it." He said and smiled at me then added, "Too bad I have to kill you." He shrugged then leaped at me.

I side swiped him with a front flip when he was just about to tackle me he hit the dirt and got up I had my bag still on one shoulder and looked him in the eye and said "Nope that was wrong, try again I don't really want to go to school and you just gave me an excuse."

His eyes blazed just as I suspected vampires hate when there reputation is challenged they remind me of teenagers. He leaped again and I hopped up on a tree.

"This is getting boring." I said and then I turned him to ash. Oh I forgot to tell you that I got a new power just recently like ten years ago I have to power to kill, basically what it does is burn the person or vampire or thing from the inside out until there is nothing but dust. Yes I personally don't like it I hate killing though I have to do it frequently I have made a lot of enemies in my life.

I stepped down from the tree and landed gracefully on my feet and then walked to my all time favorite car you can get it anywhere in Washington which is where Stephen and I are currently residing a small town of Forks which is very nice except for the dog problem they have here, werewolf's reside here too and the smell is disgusting and overbearing. I stepped into my 1968 Chevy Camaro SS Convertible turned it on and drove to Forks High School.

I was half way there when I smelt another vampire I sensed and it was a girl, but when I tried to sense her power it came up blank she had nothing why would anybody send her maybe she is just passing through. She wasn't strong at all from what I sensed so I blew it off. Big mistake.

All of a sudden before I had enough time to react she slammed into my car completely totaling it she and I went rolling along with my favorite one of a kind car, oh she is so going to pay for that.

When we stopped rolling I pushed the now crumpled roof up so I could get out the I leaped out and stood in the middle of a clearing hissing and growling at Veronica Hanson that was the girls name.

"What the hell was that for Veronica!" I hissed at her. She leaped up onto feet and smiled.

"Because I don't like you." She said simply and then she did something I didn't expect so it took me by surprise when I suddenly was on fire. My clothes burnt to ash and then fell off of me that just pissed my off more I loved those clothes it was my favorite outfit. I growled and the sky went black and then lighting and thunder light up the sky. I was livid first my car and then my outfit.

I stepped toward her and the flames vanished she looked shocked she hadn't excepted me to still be standing I looked at her and said in a hard cold voice that I only used when I was really pissed this voice is the voice I used when I found out Aro had killed Kristine and it made the whole Volturi army flinch even Jane "You are so going to pay for that." I said and then lighting stuck Veronica right in her cold heart and she cried out I had only had that done she me once and even I screamed it hurts more than what you go through when you change.

Veronica dropped to her knees and then I ran to her and ripped off her head, I knew it wouldn't kill her but it was payback then I turned her head and body to ash and to make it final and I rarely ever did this because it isn't necessary and I only do it when I am really pissed which I was now, but still I only ever did it once and it is why the Volturi hates me I lifted her ashes with my mind so that they were floating in the air and opened the earth I could see the melted lava beneath the earths crust and then I dumped Veronica's ashes in. I closed the earth again and said "Bitch." Then turned on my heel and ran back to my cottage of coarse now I was going to make it to school in time for third period and Stephen would be pissed, but I couldn't really go to school with no clothes on now could I. God this day is going to be the worst day ever. The sky was terrifying to look at if you were a human, but to me it was whatever and I was still too pissed to change it now I would be lucky if I could get to school and not lose my temper there. There better not be another attack today because if there is the person is going to be very unlucky.