"But…" Why would they want me with them if they knew everything I have done?

Edward took my face gently in my hands and kissed my lips softly "Bella I will love you forever and nothing you can say or do will change that." He leaned his forehead on mine and spoke so softly I had to strain to hear it "Bella I love you, you are mine and no one is going to take you away from me not even you."

I couldn't help to involuntary smile that spread across my face at his words. I pulled back so I could look into his love and pain filled eyes "Okay Edward we will do this together, you and our family." A gorgeous breathtaking crooked smile spread across his face and the next thing I know he was kissing me passionately.

"Alright can we go kill some people now." Emmett whined like the two year he is from the car.

"Son that will be the last resort." Carlisle said sternly and my smile fell instantly. How could I let someone like Carlisle fight and kill someone because of what I did and Esme…oh god they could die. Edward could die. They all could. Fuck Bella this is exactly why you don't fraternize with people.

"Bella." Jasper said obviously feeling my anxiety.

"Oh god." I said starting to pace around in circles. "You can't kill anyone and Esme Edward what about Esme and Carlisle." I dropped my head into my hands. I was such a horrible creature, if it wasn't clear before than now I am defiantly going to hell.

"Bella we will fight if necessary to protect our family." Carlisle said reassuring.

"No you will have to fight Carlisle." I shook my head hating that I got them into this.

"Bella love everything will be alright okay." Edward said while wrapping his arms around my waist.

"No it wont." I said and broke out of his grasp. They didn't know what they were getting into coming with me. They would have to fight and not just one or two vampires, the whole Volturi army. I shook my head again "You're not grasping this Edward."

"Bella just calm down alright we will get th-

"Edward stop you don't understand your not just fighting a couple vampires." I cut him off looking at him seriously. "You have heard my stories?" I asked him.

"Yes." He said staring at me concerned.

"They are all true, everyone of them but to hear them and live them is another thing Edward." I stepped closer to him "Can you kill someone can you hear the screams of other vampires, this is nothing compared to the vampire wars this is different, more deadly can you handle that." I realize I was being maybe a tad harsh but honestly if it got him to stay home I was all for it.

"Bella I will do whatever it takes to keep you and our family safe." He said surely caressing my face with his soft silky hands that made me momentarily forget the fact that my whole perfectly balanced life was falling apart. Okay well my life has always been balanced on the tip of the knife but it was different before, I didn't have Edward, I am practically indestructible, Edward and the Cullen's on the other hand are very distructable and I didn't like that one bit.

"Would you kill Aro?" I asked and his hand froze. "We aren't just going up against normal vampires this is the Volturi when this is over the Volturi will be dead and a new leadership will have to take they're place who do you think that will be."

"What are you saying?" He asked his worry slipping into his tone a little more. Good he was finally getting it. One side of my brain thought, this was the logical side, however the mushy, lovey dovey side Edward has newly created was shouting No! No! Don't fuck this up he's so cute.

"I am saying that is battle will change everything and Stephen and I will be forced to become the rulers of the vampire race Edward and god I don't want that." I started pacing again "Crap I didn't even think about that, it will be decades till we can build another empire and then more years to find someone powerful enough to actually control the vampires. Fuck I really hate my race, cant they just grow up already and kill animals. It would be so much simpler."

'Bella.' I froze "Get out of my head Stephen." I snapped knowing full well he could hear me. His laugh just proved it 'Humans are a lot better than rabbits my dear sister you should try one.'

I put up my blocks not wanting to hear to gruesome details of his meal. "Bella are you okay?" Edward asked sounding like he was about to have a panic attack.

"We have to go." I said and walked to the car. "Stephen has feed which means he is on his way to Volterra which will take about two seconds…so we can't really fly." I creased my forehead in concentration. "Okay I will teleport two at a time, now when you get there stay where you are Emmett." I looked at him and he frowned but reluctantly nodded.

"Alright but I want to go first, me and Rosie." I sighed and looked at Rose who nodded. I closed my eyes and pictured mine and Stephen's house then blinked Rose and Emmett there.

"Hopefully they are there and not Russia this time." I said a little nervous.

"Russia!" Esme exclaimed horrifed.

"Well lets just say I have never done this before so let me check and see if they are really there." I smiled shyly and blinked into my old house before she could comment further. It was old and Victorian, built in the 1800s when Stephen was in the phase of traveling and women. Not one of my favorite times the 90s were worse and there music ugh.

Focus Bella find Emmett and Rose, make sure Emmett didn't break something, scrath that make sure Emmett hasn't found the weapons closet, double stretch that make sure Emmet hasn't…oh focus Bella we don't have time for this! "Em…" I trailed off hoping that I did it right and they didn't end up in the middle of the ocean somewhere. Or somewhere…it would take a while to find them, god knows Stephen did.

"Dude this is a kick ass house Bells." I breathed a sigh of relief and laughed at Emmett antics.

"Alright enjoy yourself Alice and Jasper will be here next." I smiled at Rose's awe struck home and blinked back to see Edward pacing in the front yard. "Something wrong Edward?" I cocked an eyebrow at him and his head snapped up towards mine.

"God Bella don't do that again." He said hugging me fiercely. I laughed and closed my eyes blinking Alice and Jasper to Emmett and Rose.

I pulled back from Edwards vice grip and said "You are sure about this Carlisle I mean I can send you to our Caribbean house instead it is very peace-

"We are sure Bella." He smiled and I sighed heavily then closed my eyes and blinked them to my house.

"Bella I love you, you know that." Edward said looking me in the eye.

"Yes I know Edward as I love you." I caressed his face and closed my eyes blinking us into the living room with a sigh. I really didn't like this, I mean my soul mate. He is my soul mate, not just some summer fling of Stephens but my soul mate and I was practically feeding him to the Lions or in our case werewolves. You are such an idiot Bella.