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Chapter 16

Jo woke up, aching and feeling a little sick. She groaned and opened her eyes, looking up at a motel ceiling. "Jo?" A voice called and she turned her head to find green eyes watching her warily. She frowned in confusion and then her eyes widened as she remembered what had happened. Dean stayed utterly still on the chair by her bed, obviously waiting for her to do or say something.

"You…you saved my life." She whispered and he nodded. "Why?"

Dean stared at her. "How can you ask that? I'm a hunter! I protect people. I don't hurt people. How could you think that?"

"You're a werewolf." She answered and Dean snorted.

"So that automatically means I'm a monster huh?" He snapped and looked away.

Jo flinched and bit her lip. "I….."

"Here." Dean gave her a bag and then got up and left the room. Jo opened the bag to find food. She pulled it out and ate slowly.

"Did you have to make him miserable?" She looked over to see Sam leaning in the doorway, glaring at him.

"Everything I know about werewolves says they're killers but…"

"But Dean's different and that's confusing?" Sam offered and she nodded.

"I thought he was dead for years, John told me that the werewolf killed him. Then we're on a werewolf hunt and it had be down and cornered. Dean saved my life, killed the other wolf and got me to the hospital. Dean has total control as a wolf, to it I am pack." Sam explained and Jo looked down. "He cares about you." Sam whispered and she looked up at him in confusion. Sam just shrugged and left her alone to think and eat.

Dean was standing beside the impala, kicking at loose rocks, and Sam moved to stand beside him. "She thinks I'm a monster."

"She confused Dean, but she'll come round." Sam smiled at him and Dean shrugged. Sam bumped shoulders with him and Dean sighed, leaning his head against Sam's arm. Sam grinned and ruffled the short hair. "Come on, we better go back in." Dean hesitated but then nodded and they went back into the room to find Jo had finished eating. She glanced at them and then looked back down at the bed. "Wanna grab a shower?" Sam offered and she nodded. Sam went to start the water for her.

Dean hesitated and then walked over to the bed. "Need a hand?" He offered.

Jo looked up at him and hesitated but then nodded. "Okay." Dean smiled slightly and bent down to pick her up. Jo gasped and held on tightly.

"I won't drop you." He assured her, carrying her towards the bathroom to spare her ankle. He set her down on the closed toilet lid and nodded. Dean closed the door after he left, leaning against it.

"You okay?" Sam asked and Dean nodded, closing his eyes as he heard her move under the water.

"I uh…I need to go for a run." Dean muttered and took off. Sam blinked and then choked back a laugh as he realised Dean's problem.

"Oops." Sam went about cleaning up the motel room a bit.

A while later the bathroom door opened to reveal Jo clinging onto the door. "Where's Dean?"

"Went for a run. Helps before and after the full moon." He told her. "I found your car, your bag's on the bed if you want clean clothes."

"Please." Sam tossed it gently and she went back into the bathroom to change. Sam gave her a hand over to the bed and she let him re-bandage her ankle. "Why is your Dad after you?" She asked and Sam frowned. "He was at the Roadhouse a while back, Mom kicked him out."

"He thinks we're something we're not." Sam admitted and she frowned.

"Okay so he thinks Dean's a normal werewolf but you…..does he think Dean infected you?"


"Then what?" She pushed and Sam sighed. He looked over at the tv remote and it flew to them across the room. Jo stared in shock but then frowned. "So you're psychic why….." She trailed off as she saw Sam's eyes and the hint of yellow in them.

"He called me a demon." Sam whispered. "That's why he wants to kill me. He's decided that Dean and I aren't human anymore, that his sons are dead."

Jo stared at Sam in horror. "He's your father! How could he….oh Sam."

"We managed to live away from hunting for a while, but he tracked us down. Nearly killed my girlfriend and now…I don't know where she is."

"You got separated?"

"No. I told her the truth and she ran." Sam admitted and Jo winced.

"Maybe she just needs some time." She tried and Sam snorted.

"Nearly nine months."


Dean looked at Jo who glanced at him and then away. "I'm sorry." She said and he blinked.

"For what?"

"For reacting badly."

Dean shrugged. "Not your fault. You're a hunter, it's expected."

"You saved my life at least twice; I shouldn't have reacted so badly."

"Jo it's not…" Dean's eyes widened in shock as her lips pressed against his. "Jo?"

She smiled shyly at him. "You're a good person Dean Winchester. Don't let anyone say otherwise." Jo told him and Dean stared at her in surprise. "What? Never kissed a girl before?"

"Um…well no." He admitted and Jo stared at him in surprise.

"How? I mean…look at you."

Dean shrugged. "I've never wanted to risk it, the smallest slip, a second out of control and….."

"Oh, good point." She admitted. "But that sucks for you."

"Can't miss what you've never had." Dean shrugged and Jo shook her head.

"Liar." She leant in again and Dean pulled back.


"Dean…." She mimicked and he gave her a shaky smile. "I like you and according to Sam you like me. And I'm a hunter Dean; I can handle it if you do slip up. Let me give you this." She whispered, watching as green bled to gold and found that it didn't scare her.

"Jo…I, this is crazy."

"I'm not scared of you Dean, not anymore." She murmured and it was true, after nearly a week with them she knew they weren't dangerous.

"Maybe you should be." He choked and she grinned, leaning against him more.

"No I shouldn't." She moved a little closer and Dean yelped, falling back onto the mattress. Jo straddled him but didn't rest her weight on him. She stroked his cheek. "Let me do this for you Dean." Dean swallowed, he liked Jo and he was attracted to her and so was the wolf. He lifted a hand to brush her hair back from her face. Jo smiled and settled her weight down on him. She ran her hands over his body and Dean growled softly in pleasure.

Sam hesitated outside the room and then blinked before smiling and turning around, heading to the mall to window shop for a while. It was about time Dean finally got to be with a girl, though he doubted it'd be a permanent thing between them. Jo had her family to go back to after all.