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Chapter 17

Jess lay curled on her side under the blankets, clutching her stomach as pain ripped through her. Her waters had broken over an hour ago and contractions had begun but she fought to stay quiet. She was terrified, what would happen when they found out she was in labour? What would they do to her baby? She bit her lip as another contraction hit, unable to hold in a gasp of pain. She flinched as the door opened and a young blond woman walked in. Seeing her position the girl grinned. "Well, well looks like it's time."

"Stay away from us." Jess snapped and the girl laughed even as her eyes went black.

"That baby is ours." The demon stated as others flooded the room and Jessica screamed.


Sam jolted awake, sweat soaking the sheets as he sat up, gasping for air. He sat in the dark for only a few seconds before a lamp turned on and Dean sat up. "Sam? What is it?"

"I….I don't know. Something's wrong but…." Sam shook his head and Dean got up, moving to sit on Sam's bed and pull his little brother into his arms, rubbing his back gently.

"Shhh, just take a deep breath. It's okay, you're safe." Dean soothed and Sam sagged against him, fighting tears. "It was just a nightmare." Dean assured him but Sam wasn't so sure, even as sleep began to claim him again. Dean held him until he was asleep and then went back to his own bed.

Jo took a deep breath before entering her mother's Roadhouse, her home. She looked around and found the place pretty much empty other than Ash passed out on a pool table and her Mom cleaning the bar.

Ellen glanced up and smiled in relief at seeing her. Every time her daughter left on a hunt she spent the time praying she'd come home alive and in one piece. Anything else she could deal with. She'd already lost her husband to hunting, she couldn't lose Jo too.

"Hi Mom." Jo grinned and kissed her cheek and Ellen raised an eyebrow. Since when was her daughter so cheerful on getting home?

"What has you in such a good mood?" Ellen asked and Jo blushed slightly. "Jo? Do I need to threaten someone with a shotgun?"

"MOM!" She went bright red, how did her Mom know? Was it a mother thing?

"What? If you have a boyfriend young lady I expect to meet him soon, very soon. If it was….a one night thing then I don't want to know."

"I….I don't really know." Jo admitted and Ellen looked at her.

"Jo? What happened? Are you alright?"

"I'm fine Mom, the hunt went a little…wrong. I kind of ended up with a sprained ankle and concussion or I would have been back last week."

"So you met a guy while healing?"

"Yes….well we met before, on a previous hunt. He, uh….he's a hunter."

"Has he been through here?" Ellen asked suspiciously, Jo was being a little too careful with her words.

"No but…his Dad has."

That sent up alarm bells, very few hunters had children, especially ones old enough to hunt. "Jo…"

"Dean, it was Dean Winchester okay? I met him and Sam on that ghost hunt and they yanked me and the other girl out before dealing with the ghost." Jo rushed it out and then froze, waiting for her Mom's reaction.

Ellen froze in shock, John's boys? She'd heard the stories spread by John and his 'friends' about them but she had banned John years ago and wasn't sure what to believe about his sons. But Jo did say they had saved her and a civilian. "Are they…"

"Dean is…he's a werewolf but he's not like others. I was hunting a werewolf and it cornered me, Dean killed it to save me and then stayed with me till Sam caught up and could get me back into town." She tried to explain.

"And Sam?" She asked curiously since according to John he was a demon.

"Awkwardly cute and adorable, like a puppy. Did you know he was in college studying law until his Dad ran them off? Had a fiancé and everything but she's missing now. They just want to live their lives Mom but thanks to John Winchester they have to live on the run. Dean has never even dated or anything, he's scared he'll hurt his girlfriend."

"And the two of you…."

Jo shrugged, blushing slightly again. "Yeah, I could tell he liked me and he's…and like I told him I can defend myself. He made me put a silver knife beside the bed just in case but he was fine. I mean come on, he was like an oversized puppy during the full moon and he was worried he might hurt someone when human? He's so….gentle and protective, especially of Sam." She babbled and Ellen sighed.

"I want to meet them soon Jo. Doesn't have to be here if they're worried about other hunters seeing them."

"I'll tell them."

Jess slumped back on the bed, exhausted. After twelve hours her baby had finally been born. She reached out for her child but Meg just smirked at her, cradling the baby in her arms. "Give me my baby."

"You mean our baby. Such a beautiful little girl, yes you are." Meg cooed at the baby. "We were hoping for a boy but a girl will do."

"Please let me hold her." Jess begged tiredly. Meg juts stared at her before rolling her eyes and giving her the baby. Jess pulled the blankets back and smiled at the head of dark hair the baby already sported, just like her daddy. Blue eyes opened and Jess smiled, hoping they stayed that colour like her own. "So beautiful, just like your Daddy." She whispered.

"Better feed her." Meg pointed out, knowing the kid needed this to get the things she needed from her mother like her disease immunity and other things like that. Then it would be time to take the baby to her Father. Jess lowered her gown and smiled as her baby began to feed.

"Mary Alice Winchester." Jess whispered, Mary for Sam's Mom and Alice for her own Grandmother. It didn't matter if they changed her name, to her she would always be little Mary. She felt tears fall as her baby was taken away from her. "Sam will find us and then you'll pay for this." She promised and Meg laughed.

"He hasn't found us yet."

Ellen leant against the picnic table, Jo fidgeting beside her. She watched her daughter perk up as a car pulled into the park and then two tall young men got out. Time to meet John's sons and hope they were nothing like him.