Alright i wrote this as a one-shot but thinking of making it into a story this is HanaNaru but i don;t really know if it is good enough to be a story... hope you enjoy



Hanabi is 15 Naruto is 18 this is about a 2.5 year skio from the current manga

A warm August day currently encircles the village of Konoha. Konoha known for its great walls, many skilled shinobi, and what some would consider the greatest clan of ninja's the Hyuga's. Throughout the village the Hyuga's are thought of as noble, strong, and emotionally cold. On training ground three a lone Hyuga trains only surrounded by the training logs and herself, she attacks. Gracefully she speeds forward landing a fast four hits, then eight, sixteen, thirty-two, sixty four. The log is obliterated. She regains her composure and then faster than the eye can see she attacks another log with the same intensity as the first. She keeps up these attacks up for an hour until finally she has exhausted her chakra reserves.

She walks over to a tall standing tree and lightly sits her body against it. She looks up at the sky watching as the clouds drift by. She takes a couple deep breaths just glad she was given permission to train outside of her compound. Her mind drifts to her father. Her father the head of the clan Hyuga Hiashi, some considered him a cold man with no feeling. How wrong they were she had seen her father express many emotions. Anger, Sorrow, and on one occasion joy lately he had been lenient on her training and gave her permission to train on training ground three like all other ninja. Hanabi loved the feeling of being away from the compound free to push herself to the limits not having to worry about studying eyes of her cousin or her father. When she trained infront of them they always critiqued her on her style if it wasn't her punch being a centimeter off it was her foot being a little too far to the left in her stance or some small trivial thing that in the end didn't matter. She knew that she was one of the greatest fighters in her clan. She had already defeated her father in a fight and almost bested Neji a few times.

She was brought out of thought when she noticed a chakra signature had just appeared on the grounds, a powerful one at that. Instantly her hands were brought to a hand sign and she spoke in a hushed tone.

"Byakugan" On each side of her eyes veins appeared and she was clearly able to see who the ninja was.

Uzumaki Naruto, The one and only Orange Flash. He was known far and wide as one of the ninja who helped defeat the Akatsuki. He returned the villages last Uchiha without killing him. He was next in line for becoming Hokage. Naruto was beloved in the village now even though he still held the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

Naruto was still standing where he appeared his eyes closed. He brought an arm across his chest and stretched a little. Naruto was currently 18 about 5'10 a little short compared to some of the other male ninja's. Yet his broad shoulders defined legs and arms made up for it. His hair has never been cut since he was 13 it was a little long but was still as spiky as ever. His face had grown along with his body there was no ounce of baby fat, his six whisker marks were still apparent yet seemed a little smaller than when he was younger. His skin lightly tanned giving him a healthy glow in the sun. Naruto's clothes were similar to his previous jumpsuit. His jacket was black with two orange lines running down the back his spiral symbol on his right arm. His pants also black with an orange stripe running down the right side of each. He still wore black sandals; his headband was still black tied across his forehead. Naruto had grown into a good looking man even though she would never admit it to anyone.

Naruto finished stretching and was about to start his daily training but he noticed someone was staring at him. Not just anyone though it was…

Hanabi Hyuga, Naruto recognized it was Hanabi by her silky black looking hair. Hanabi rose from the tree she was sitting infront of and was walking towards him. A small smile slid onto Naruto's lips he was always in aw, Hanabi always seemed to walk with a light yet powerful grace. She was 15 if he remembered correctly. She stood at 5'5 short compared to him yet he knew she was still a powerful shinobi. Hanabi was slim yet the curves she had still gave her a very feminine charm. Her skin was very light yet it looked smooth with no imperfections. Hanabi stopped a few feet away from him and looked at him.

Naruto spoke up first "Hey Hanabi-chan how's it going?"

"I am fine Uzumaki-san and you?" Hanabi used a cold tone that he should have expected she was the Hyuuga Heiress.

"Ha I am actually great baa-chan said in 4 months I'll be taking over as the Hokage." Naruto put both his arms behind his head and put on his signature foxy grin.

"Well that is good Uzumaki-san if there is nothing else I must be getting back to my home."

Hanabi bowed her head in respect and walk by him. Naruto always hated the way that most Hyuga's carried themselves always trying to be cold. He only knew of Hinata and Neji who didn't act that way. Hinata was always kind and caring while Neji still had his moments of no emotion yet still gave a smile every once and a while. In his life Naruto had never seen Hanabi smile and then a spark went off in his mind. Naruto turned to see Hanabi was almost 20 feet away from him he sniggered a little and then he was gone in an orange flash. He appeared in front of her within a second. Hanabi jumped back a foot not expecting him to be there. She tried going around him again and he blocked her she tried the other way he blocked her. Hanabi did this a few more times until finally she gave up.

Her tone was more icy this time "Uzumaki-san will be please move out of my way…"

Naruto just snickered "Not until you smile Hanabi-chan."

Hanabi grew a little more frustrated "Also will you refrain from calling me Hanabi-chan we barely know each other I would prefer if you called me Hyuga-san."

Naruto snickered a little more "Come on Hanabi-chan one small smile… Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?" Naruto dropped to his knees fake begging. Hanabi couldn't help but giggle he was acting up surd. Naruto looked up to see small smile and the sound of her giggling lightly. He stood and broke into laughter.

"Ha see isn't that better than always being serious." Hanabi looked at him he was still laughing. Hanabi knew she still had to go home but being here listening to his laughter was oddly comforting something she didn't feel a lot. Sadly the Hyuga in her won.

"I really have to go." Naruto looked into her eyes with defeat but he still smiled.

"Alright I won't stop you anymore Hanabi-chan but if you ever need a person to make you laugh you know how to find me." Hanabi nodded and walked past him Naruto turned around and she stopped and turned her head back a little with a very faint but very real smile on her lips.

"Thank you… Naruto." With that she kept walking and Naruto was routed to the spot… Hanabi was interesting.


Hanabi quickly made her way back to the Hyuga compound. When she finally got home she walked through the main entrance and was greeted by a guard.

"Hello Hanabi-san how was your training session?"

"It was fine." Hanabi walked passed him and inwardly sighed she hated speaking so coldly yet she knew she had too.

Hanabi was on her way to her father's study when she reached the door she stopped and took a deep breath. She knocked and heard her father's voice.

"Enter." She slid the door open and entered she stopped when reaching her father's desk. He was looking over what looked like important documents. He stopped reading and looked at his daughter.

"Hanabi, how was your training." She flinched a little at his powerful voice.

"It was fine father."

He looked back down at the documents.

"Alright you may leave."

"Hai father." Hanabi bowed and left for her room as she walked the halls of the compound her encounter with Naruto kept playing over and over in his head.

'How did he get me to giggle my sister can hardly get me to smile let alone laugh.' When she reached her room she opened the door and stepped in before closing the door and turning around. Even for being a wealthy clan her room seemed bare. She had a dresser, a mirror, a rather large closet and a queen sized bed. Her walls her plain white and a window was on the opposite wall of her door. She didn't find the point in buying posters or normal things like that.

'Then again I wasn't raised like everyone else.' Hanabi laid down on her bed face down taking in the scent of it. She slowly drifted off to sleep the last image on her mind was the smiling face of Naruto and with that sleep claimed her.