Title - One Little Change, One Big Mess

Author - sholot

Disclaimer - anyone you recognize isn't mine.

E/O Challenge word - alarm

AN - Here's another one. Sam torment of a different kind.


Dean locked the Impala.

Turned to the motel.

The alarm clock came flying out the window.

He blinked a moment at the plastic remains.

Looked at the room.

"The fuck…?"

Wary, he slunk closer.

Tried the door.



Beds overturned, papers everywhere, table flipped.


The hair dryer arced out of the bathroom.

Dean dodged, stalked forward.

"If this about the - "

"Go away!"

Dean blinked.

"No way…"

Stepped into the doorway.

Long hair, curves, and blazing hazel met him.

"Hey, princess."

"Shuddap." Samantha snapped.

Dean smirked at his new sister.

"Damn witch." She pouted.

Dean just laughed.

-= end =-