Title - Against the Clock

Author - sholot

Disclaimer - the boys aren't mine, I'm just playing in Kripke's sandbox

E/O Challenge word - ankle

AN - I've been beating Dean up too much lately, so here's to Sam torment. Though suffering!Dean is mentioned. Sigh, I can't give him up,


The full moon hung ripe in the sky,

Sam wasn't admiring it tonight.

Uneasy, his grip tightened on his gun.

Three bullets left.

He limped through the woods, ankle throbbing.

Dean wouldn't have tripped 'cause of a stupid rabbit hole.

But Dean wasn't here.

Dean was back in town, burning with fever.

He had to kill it tonight, or it would steal Dean away.

But where was it?!


Sam whirled.

"There you are, you sonuvabitch."

Teeth gleamed as it snarled.


The dark form vanished.



Where the fuck - ?


Gun went flying.

Evil grinned.


-= end =-