By: Emo Fox

Naruto and Hinata have been going out for two months.

You wouldn't know that though, not by looking at them.

Hinata followed Naruto like a brainless puppy and every now and again he'd flash her a smile or plant a kiss on her cheek before he ran off with his friends. She would light up then, when he would show her some attention, but then just as quickly as that glow came it would burn out again.

She was falling, even if she didn't even know it yet.

I wanted to say something, I always wanted to rush in and steal her away but there wasn't much point. She loved Naruto, that was just how it was, ever since grade school. Her pretty pale eyes never looked in my direction, not long enough for anyone but me to notice anyway.

But, I noticed her.

Shino, Hinata and I have been friends since first grade.

She let Shino get closer to her than me, though I think it's just because I say all the wrong things.

I wish I could come up with the right words.

I always fumble, I get nervous, and I say something rude as I normally do and it pushes her further away from me.

I just wish Hinata would notice me.

That's the only reason I act so crude, the only reason why I constantly put Naruto down, the only reason why I saw stupid things so she'll look at me if only for a moment longer than usual.

It doesn't matter though.

She'll never look at me.


Hinata and Naruto have been going out for two years, three weeks, and four days now.

Hinata doesn't smile anymore.

Naruto doesn't notice her at school anymore.

It was almost like she was a ghost, a ghost everyone could see yet no one decided to notice.

My jokes didn't make her laugh anymore; Shino's kind advice didn't get that tiny little smile of understanding anymore.

It was over.

Hinata had fallen off the ledge and we couldn't catch her.

Only Naruto could bring her back now.

But, I don't think he cares; I don't think he'll listen.


It's been three years since Naruto and Hinata started dating.

It's our last year of high school.

I finally decided to confront Naruto about their horrible relationship, yell at him for destroying the girl I've been in love with every since I've known her.

I beat Naruto up today.

His blood in on my hands and I don't give a shit.

Later that night I'd get the call from Shino that Naruto broke up with Hinata.

Hinata was hysterical he said, crying and crying and my heart hurt.

Then he said the tears stopped, her voice dried up, and she just didn't even seem to be there anymore.


The next day Hinata didn't show up for school.

We'd find out later that she killed herself.

I couldn't help but thinking it was all my fault.




Yes, I know it probably sounds off for Kiba's point of view but it's how I'm feeling right now and I decided to put it to words.

I feel like Hinata.


I really hate getting in these moods but writing helps it sort of even out, go away almost, but I still can't shake the feeling of being a ghost lonely and unloved even if people are saying they love me.

Sorry if no one liked it or whatever.

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