Title - Lost and Found

Author - sholot

Disclaimer - they're not mine

E/O Challenge word - spent

AN - oh how I love to torment the boys, let me count the ways…


Weary feet carried his aching body down the road.

One arm encircled throbbing ribs.

Vision blurred with exhaustion.

He stumbled but gamely regained his unsteady footing.

Had to keep going.

Had to reach him.

A hand wiped blood and sweat off his face.

Just had to keep walking.

He would find him.

Then he'd be safe.

Then he could rest.

But not until he found him.

A voice called out, words lost but sound familiar.

Hazel eyes struggled to focus.

A figure ran forward.

Legs gave way, energy spent.

Strong arms caught him.



"I got you, little bro."

-= end =-