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Mikaela didn't know what to think. Sam, her Sam, had died and it took the effort of all of the medical team to bring him back. The moment he had started breathing again, Mikaela felt happiness swell up inside her, and for a brief moment she couldn't think of a time when she had been happier. She had hugged Sam, as tightly as she could, it was foolish she admitted to herself, but at the moment she felt that if she let him go he would disappear again.

Then Sam had stood up, sure he was leaning heavily on her, but still he was standing. Mikaela had noticed then, the look of hopelessness in Sam eyes, and when she saw the battlefield she understood why. They were fighting a losing battle and Sam knew it. When she turned to look at Sam she found him staring up at the sky, with an oddly detached look on his face.

Worried that something may be wrong with Sam, Mikaela had called for help and a young Egyptian man came running up to her. The young man was a local who had helped the medical team with reviving Sam. After a few minutes of confusion, where Mikaela was explaining her worries to the young man, Sam had started stumbling his way towards Optimus. Alarmed, and worried, by Sam sudden movement they both reached out to grab him only to freeze in shock as two large wings tore out of Sam back, and Sam launched himself into the air.

Mikaela stared in shock as Sam landed clumsily on the ground before laughing out loud. Oddly enough, Sam laughter rang out through the battle field and for some reason it even sounded different. Deeper and more powerful, before Mikaela could even think about going after him, Sam launched himself into the air again and with a few flaps of his wings shot straight towards Optimus. Mikaela hardly even realized that Sam had brought Optimus back; most of her attention was drawn to Sam and his wings. She did notice though, when the man besides her dropped to his knees with an awed expression on his face. Worried that he might have gotten hurt somehow, Mikaela dropped down in the sand and turned her attention towards the young man, who was still staring at Sam with awe.

"Are you alright?" Mikaela asked but the man seemed not to hear her.

"Ra…" The man gasped out and Mikaela looked at him confused.

Mikaela didn't get to wonder about his words for long for right at that moment Sam screamed and Mikaela found herself turning to see what had happened. Sam had been swept aside by the Fallen and was now rolling along the desert ground. Mikaela cried out in worry, Sam had gotten the burn on his hand because he had been rolling across the ground to fast, at the speed he was going Sam was going to get hurt again. Unfortunately for Mikaela she was pulled to safety by one of the soldiers who were fighting around her. She had struggled against them, yelling at them that Sam was still out there; they had ignored her and didn't let her go until the battle was over.

As soon as they had let her go she had ran, running as far out into the battle field as she dared, eyes scanning the ground frantically until they fell on Bumblebee, who was making his way towards her. Cradle in his hands were Sam, burned and broken, and Mikaela had to put her hands up to muffle her surprised gasp. Major Lennox walked up behind her and frowned worriedly when he saw Sam.

"Hey! Does anyone have a place where we can rest the wounded? Preferably someplace away from the other buildings and with a phone line." Lennox yelled and the young man who had been kneeling in the sand suddenly stood up.

"I do sir. My house is on the outer side of the town… but I don't have a phone." The young man said with a heavy accent.

"It'll do for now, what's your name?" Lennox asked and the young man smiled.

"It's Khnurn sir." Khnurn replied and Lennox nodded.

"Alright lead the way, Men gather up the wounded and follow this man!" Lennox yelled and everybody moved to follow his orders. Mikaela found herself standing next to Bumblebee and carefully following him, her eyes glued to the unconscious form of her boyfriend.

Sam groaned as he woke up. His entire body hurt! Cracking his eyes open, he found himself in a small brown room in stifling heat. He sat up and flinched as his back throbbed in pain, turning to look her was surprised to see that he was shirtless and there were these weird markings on his shoulders. Turning to look at them he realized that it looked like a black spiral with five long ovals that spiraled out of the spiral. As he looked at it, for some reason it reminded him of feathers and in a rush he remembered everything. Gasping he grabbed his shoulders and flinched when he heard a low moan and turned his head to look.

Sam smiled as he realized that the moan had come from Mikaela who had fallen asleep next to him. Frowning Sam turned to look at his surroundings again, where were they? After a few minutes of pointless staring Sam decided it was time to leave the room and hopefully find some answers. Sam tried to stand up, but when he did a sharp pain flooded his back and he found himself crumpling back onto the bed.

Just then the door creaked open and a man Sam had never seen before slipped into the room, Sam glanced up and met his eyes. Then the man averted his eyes while bowing his head at the same time. A tense silence filled the room and Sam waited for the man to say something, anything. When it became clear that he wasn't Sam cleared his throat and jumped slightly when the man whipped hi head up to stare at him (not in the eyes oddly enough).

"Who are you? And where am I?" Sam asked and the man blushed.

"I am Khnurn sir, and you are in my home." Khnurn answered and Sam nodded in understanding.

"What happened during the battle? Where is Optimus and Bumblebee? What about Major Lennox and his crew? Are they ok?" Sam asked and Khnurn looked at Sam worriedly.

"Um, I believe that we had won the battle. Optimus and Bumblebee would be those robots yes? They're fine, right outside in fact. Major Lennox and his crew are here treating the wounded. Lennox himself is fine; he only has a few minor burns and scratches." Khnurn told Sam who sagged in relief, as he did so; Sam winced again as pain flared throughout his back.

"Sir… are you ok?" Khnurn asked and Sam gave him a shaky smile.

"Yup never better. Feeling a sharp pain in my back despite no obvious wounds is perfectly normal for me." Sam couldn't help but quip but Khnurn just looked confused and Sam sighed.

"Actually, do you think you can take me to Ratchet? He'll figure out what's wrong with me." Sam asked and Khnurn nodded. As Sam moved to get up Mikaela woke up and looked groggily at Sam.

"Sam?" Mikaela asked and Sam gave her a large smile.

"Morning Mikaela." He whispered softly and was unprepared for when Mikaela suddenly hugged him and cried out in pain as they crashed back into the makeshift bed.

"Oh god, Sam are you ok? Where are you hurt?" Mikaela asked while grabbing Sam arms and checking for any injuries and Sam gave a dry chuckle.

"I don't know Kayla, that's why I was going to go see Ratchet to see if he knew anything." Sam explained and Mikaela nodded in understanding.

With help from both Khnurn and Mikaela, Sam got to his feet and headed out the door. After walking through a narrow hallway, Sam found himself facing a chaotic scene of people rushing in and out of the building while many others lay on the ground covered by makeshifts bandages. Surprised by the scene, Sam didn't get to stare long, since both Khnurn and Mikaela ushered him outside.

Outside Sam was met with a worried Bumblebee, who instantly picked him up (despite the protest of both Mikaela and Khnurn) and placed him in front of Ratchet. Sam stumbled a little bit when he was put down and flinched as pain flared across his back. Ratchet, who was doing the last repairs to Ironhide, glanced first and Sam and then at Bumblebee. A wordless exchanged followed before Ratchet returned his attention to Ironhide and finished his repairs. Turning to look at Sam, Sam almost flinched when a blue ray shot out of Ratchet eyes and scanned his body up and down. After a few moment Ratchet looked like he was frowning and Sam felt his worry increase.

"Sam why are you here?" Ratchet asked and Sam blinked in confusion.

"My back hurt and I don't know why." Sam answered and Ratchet frowned.

"Sam, my scans say there's nothing wrong with you at all. Are you sure you didn't just imagine the pain?" Ratchet asked and Sam shook his head. Ratchet leaned back and his optics dimmed a little bit before suddenly brightened.

"I didn't see it for myself, but I heard from Bumblebee that you grew wings during the battle. Maybe your wings are the cause of the problem?" Ratchet asked and Sam blinked in confusion.

"I kind of thought that it was all a dream. Even if my wings are real, they're not here now and I don't know how to bring them back." Sam answered and Ratchet made a soft humming noise.

"What were you feeling when you first got them?" Asked Ratchet and Sam paused to think about it.

"Well I was feeling a little desperate, since I knew that I wasn't going to make it to Optimus in time, then when I felt like everything was lost, I suddenly heard this noise and when I looked up I saw this bird just flying above me. Before I knew it I was flying through the air." Sam answered and Ratchet made another humming noise.

"Why don't you try to bring you wings out right now?" Ratchet asked and Sam blinked in surprise before nodding his head in agreement.

Sam closed his eyes and feeling a little stupid mentally called out to his wings. To his surprise a tingling feeling spread cross his back and up his neck and scalp. Suddenly it was like someone whipped a blanket off of him and all of his senses suddenly got better. He heard Mikaela gasp behind him and Khnurn start whispering in Egyptian. He heard Ratchets optic shuttered in surprised and herd the soft clunks as Bumblebee took a step back in surprise. Opening his eyes, Sam blinked in surprise as he realized that everything was clearer, He could see so much farther than he had before and everything was in so much detail. Disorientated, Sam lost his balance and started to fall, by pure instinct alone he tried to snap out his wings only to cry out in pain as his left wing flared up in agony.

Bumblebee caught him before he hit the floor and Sam turned thankful eyes to Bumblebee and froze. With his new eyes sight Sam could see his own reflection on Bumblebee face and he was shocked at what he saw. Two large wings were coming out of his back, one of them twisted in an odd angle. The tops of the wings were a dark brown color while the larger bottom feathers were black edged in white creating a white ring in the middle of his wings. The feathers traveled up from his back and onto his shoulders and neck, his hair was gone and replaced with slick brown feathers that were ruffled up in agitation. His eyes had changed as well, the whites of his eyes replaced by the warm brown of his eyes and his pupils enlarged to become two large black discs. He blinked in surprised and stared at everybody in shook and fear.

"What the hell is going on with me?!" He yelled and for once didn't get an answer.

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Some background notes:

Ra is the Egyptian god of the sun and consider the most important God in their religion. He is represented by eagles. (his name is up to debate since it was heard in a variety of different ways)

Khnurn name means Mythical Reborn Sun, not sure what that means but people with this name are said to be excitable to change and very outgoing.

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