Hey guys, it's been a while since I wrote any fanfics, but thought I'd give it a go cos I absolutely love Twilight :) But then who doesn't right? :D
I rated it a K+ because, frankly, I'm English, and have no idea what K+ means lol. Also I've tried to get the American terminology right, but I apologise in advance if I've gotten something wrong. Anways, hope you enjoy ^_^

I leaned forward slightly in my seat as the house came into view, excited to finally be home. The three floor house hadn't changed even slightly over the years; the walls were still the same soft, faded white colour, the entire structure still in perfect proportion all over. Even the weather was the same; the trademark purplish black clouds of Forks hovered over us, threatening to burst at any moment.

"Home sweet home," Renesmee smiled, pulling the car to a stop in the deep shade of the trees that protected the privacy of the house.

"Yeah, sweet until we have to start unpacking Ness. I feel like that's all we ever do ," Jacob complained from next to her.

"It was your choice to go on the move with a bunch of vampires," I grinned.

"Shut it Seth, or I'll be picking someone else to be my best man," Jake growled.

"Shutting up," I promised.

"Don't listen to him Seth, he's a grumpy old wolf," Nessie laughed, opening her car door and getting out. Jake muttered something under his breath that was too low even for my super sensitive wolf hearing to pick up on. I followed Nessie's lead and also pulled myself out, gulping down the fresh air. I saw everyone else was already beginning to unpack the huge truck Jasper had driven down here.

"You were just kidding about that best man thing weren't you?" I checked with Jake, as he followed me to the truck.

"Of course man, I wouldn't dream of using anyone else," Jake grinned. I responded with a goofy grin of my own and picked up a sofa from the back of the truck as easily as if it were made of foam. I then began making my way to the house.

"That one needs to go downstairs Seth," Alice mumbled, dancing past me. I watched her cross the familiar threshold of what had been our home nearly seven years ago, and a smile crept onto my face as forgotten memories came flooding back. I carried the sofa easily up the porch and through the huge double doors, setting it down inside.

"Where did it go again?" I asked, struggling to remember.

"Never mind, I'll handle it, you go outside and help them unload the rest of the stuff," Alice ordered. I backed out the door with my hands held up to her, palms forward, in an I-surrender type gesture. You didn't mess with Alice when it came to furniture or closet arrangements. In fact you didn't really mess with Alice full stop. She stuck her pointed tongue out at me and disappeared upstairs in a blur. I turned on my heel and nearly crashed right into Nessie, who was carrying a cardboard box marked "fragile."

"Woooah watch it," she laughed, her chocolate brown eyes widening in relief that she'd manage to dodge me at the last minute.

"Sorry," I grinned at my step-niece. "Why don't you let me take those?"
"I would... but Auntie Alice told me not to let you or Jacob near any of the boxes that say "fragile" on them."

"That's a smart idea," Emmett laughed in his booming voice, as he stalked past us with a dining chair held in each hand.

"I wish she'd told you not to let us near anything at all, moving is really boring," Jake grumbled from over by the truck. "How come Edward and Bella aren't helping?"

"They're moving things into the house out in the woods," Nessy replied.

"Oh... aren't they staying here with the rest of us?" Jake asked.

"Well no. We wouldn't all fit would we silly," she giggled, reaching up on tip toe to kiss him as he came over to us.

"So are you staying with them too?" He asked, disappointment incredibly evident in his tone.

Nessie laughed. "You'll have me all to yourself soon; let my parents have me for just these few weeks before the wedding!"

"Do I have to?" Jacob whined. "It's going to be horrible staying here without you!"

"You could always stay somewhere else dog, like Pluto," Rosalie suggested as she glided past from out of the house, flipping her blonde wavy hair over her shoulder. The years had done nothing to soften the relationship between Rose and Jake, and we'd all been dealing with their constant snipes at each other for what felt like an eternity. Admittedly it was amusing at first, but time takes its toll, as demonstrated by the universal eye roll part of the Cullen family and myself gave when Jacob retorted;

"Not even Pluto would be far enough from your stench blondie!" Rosalie gave a low hiss that ordinary human ears would never have picked up on, but was perfectly auditory to the impossibly keen hearing of a group of vampires and two werewolves. Jake grinned triumphantly and carried on into the house with the arm chair he was effortlessly carrying.

"Carlisle, why exactly are we going through all the effort of moving this furniture back here when we're only going to be moving again in a few weeks?" I asked curiously.

"Well, I suppose it's more for the comfort of Jake, Nessie and yourself than anything else," Carlisle explained in his low, calm voice as he passed me by with an enormous plant pot. "But it's also going to be easier to move the furniture from here to our next destination, rather than from England." It had been difficult settling down over the past few years, due to Nessie's incredibly rapid growth spurt, which would have been ridiculously impossible to explain to the humans around us. However, we'd finally chosen to settle down in Cumbria, one of the wettest places in the United Kingdom. It was perfect for a coven of vampires that couldn't go into the sun for fear of exposing their secret to regular people. Together the Cullens, (bar Carlisle and Esme of course) Jacob and I had attended Apple Grammar school, the first school Jacob, Nessie and I had ever fully completed. Though Bella hadn't been very pleased that Nessie was in the year above her, it couldn't be helped since Nessie was physically older than her. It had been on the day of our results that Jake had proposed to Nessie, and it had been their mutual decision that they'd like to hold their wedding here in Forks, with the rest of their families.

"And where's our next destination?" I asked curiously.

"We thought we could go down to Denali to stay with Kate's family, whilst Jacob and Nessie are on their honeymoon in South Africa." I could still hear him crystal clear, despite the fact that he'd carried on into the house and right up to the third floor whilst in the middle of the conversation. Nessie had decided to pick South Africa as the spot for her and Jacob's honeymoon, given the fact that her close friend, Nahuel, also a vampire-human hybrid, lived there. This had been bitterly debated by Jacob, who did not like Nahuel, since he thought Nahuel was constanly attempting to compete with him for Nessie's affections. However, the compulsive need of his imprinting that forced him to give Nessie whatever she wanted diluted his ill feelings towards a honey moon in South Africa, and that was now where they would be headed shortly after the wedding.

"Cool," I nodded, returning to the truck.

"Head's up!" Emmett yelled from within the truck as he launched another sofa at me. I caught it easily and made my way back towards the house. Jacob passed me in the doorway. "This is so boring!" He complained. "How much left?"

"Quite a bit," I admitted, feeling glad that we were unloading at the amazing speed of vampires and not regular people. "But just think, the faster we move, the faster Esme can cook us something to eat! I'm starving!"

"Why do you always have to look on the bright side?" Jake scowled, but my comment did seem to remarkably quicken his pace.

We'd unpacked the truck and gotten everything in place within forty five minutes. The house looked exactly the same as the last time we'd been here, and excluding Nessie we were all exactly the same too. It was weird to think that in seven years we hadn't changed even in the slightest. The whole family sat spread out around the room, Jacob and I with huge plates of lasagne balanced on our knees. I tuned in and out as everybody, mainly Alice, discussed the upcoming wedding plans. It seemed to me Alice was taking full advantage of the fact that unlike her mother, Renesmee did not mind big parties where she was the centre of attention, and Alice was chattering away quickly in a fervered state of enthusiasm about the idea of hundreds of butterflies being released at the "I do's" and the thousands of dollars that would be spent on Nessie's dress.

"Well if you're taking Nessie for a dress fitting tomorrow, me and Seth can go down to La Push and let everyone know we're here," Jake mumbled through a mouthful of food.

"No fair! I want to be there to tell Grandpa!" Nessie argued.

"We won't tell them why we're here then, just let them know. We haven't seen any of them since Sue and Charlie's wedding."

"Alright then... but swear you won't tell!" Nessie demanded.
"Cross my heart and hope to diet," Jake grinned.

"I still can't believe I'm the mother of the bride at eighteen," Bella groaned. "It only seems like yesterday you said your first word."

"And then your first sentence straight after," Edward smiled proudly, his arm around Bella's waist. A silence fell over us as we remembered that slightly fearful period when we'd had no idea Renesmee would stop aging at a certain point. When her growth had been so rapid it had been possible she'd accelerate right to an old lady in just fifteen years. The Volturi, practically royalty of the vampire world, very nearly destroyed the Cullens over the issue. In fact, if it hadn't been for Alice finding Nahuel, who was 150 years older than Nessie, we could all be dead right now. Luckily after our escape from the "almost war" our family had had smooth sailing... touch wood.

"What was that?" Edward asked suddenly, breaking the silence.

"Nothing," Alice shrugged. "Just random events. Some animals escaping from San Diego zoo. A couple of days of sun soon. Lucianne coming for a visit." Due to Alice not being able to see the future of werewolves, it had become incredibly hard for her to see the family's future. So most of the things Alice now saw did not revolve around us.

"Who's Lucianne?" Jake, Nessie and I asked together.

"Just a nomad we're quite friendly with." Alice explained.

"Why is she coming here?" Jake asked coolly. Jake and I had a mutual distaste of any vampire that had not joined the Cullens in their attempt to have the Volturi listen to their explanation of the fact that Nessie was not an immortal child, but a human-vampire hybrid. We thought them to be unmoral cowards.

"It's not like that with Lucianne," Jasper explained, knowing the explanation behind Jacob's tone. "We were never able to find her whilst gathering our friends. She moves around quite a bit."

"Well why has it taken her so long to visit?" Jake pressed.

"You know time isn't the same to vampires as it is to you Jake," Bella explained. "Years are like months when you can live for eternity." Jacob looked no more convinced than I but we continued to eat our food in silence.

"Where have you booked the wedding Auntie Alice?" Nessie piped up at random.

"I thought we could do it in the house again, like with your mom and dad," Alice replied.

"Cool," Nessie nodded thoughtfully. "When are you sending out invitations?"

"As soon you've told whoever else you need to tell."

"I only have Grandpa left to tell, I'll meet Jake and Seth down in La Push after the dress fitting I guess. Are you coming too mom?"

"Of course she is," Alice jumped in. "She's getting one fitted too." Bella groaned and we all laughed. Edward kissed the top of her head.

"At least you won't be the main victim of her dress fitting tyranny like our wedding."

"That's true," Bella agreed.

"Is she really that bad?" Nessie asked nervously.

"Worse," Bella smiled wrly at her daughter. Nessie gulped and Alice gave a smile that , despite intended to depict innocence, looked incredibly menacing.

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