Blossom was On her way to the park with her date Dexter She heard a weak voice call her

"you over there wait please " said the voice

"ok ..whats wrong ?" asked blossom trying to see who called her

She looked at a girl with a broken arm actually it was medal kinda arm so she looked weird with wires coming out if her hand

"um…not to be rude or anything but who are you ?"asked blossom

"its not important now ,I need your help ! "said the girl

"ok what is it then " said blossom

"Me and My best friend were attacked by some kind of a monster or something I don't know what it was …but I need you to help me …I know that you don't know me or you probably don't trust me but please I know you're a powerpuff girl and you're the leader of that group you are the herons that saved Townsville million times ..So please just this once help me "said the girl with teary eyes which still looked weird because she's a robot

"Tell me everything "said blossom

While the robotic girl was telling blossom what happened buttercup had a party to go to

"Ok how do I look?" asked Buttercup

"you look fine BC I'm sure sensei is gonna love it " said Bubbles

"yeah but he's way older than me you know " said Buttercup

"then why do you want to impress him ?"asked bubbles while not taking her eyes off the computer

"Ugh you wont understand " buttercup turned to bubbles "bubbles take your eyes off the computer your going to ruin your eyes if you stay like that "

"this is so unbelievable BC check it out ,they said that me and you and blossom like those three boys that attacked us and that's why we kissed them ! I mean sure the blonde one was cute and all but for real we kissed them because that was the only was to defeat them " said bubbles

"ok where does it say that "Asked buttercup

"There " pointed bubbles in the screen

"WHAT THE FUCK ?! I never .." Buttercup got interrupted


"whatever " said Buttercup

Suddenly they heard foot steps in the roof they gave each other worried glances and then used their laser beams

"OUCH !GIRLS!" shouted blossom

"sorry " said bubbles and Buttercup

"its ok ,but listen we need to help this girl her name is jenny she got attacked some kind of monster and he left her and took her best friend " she turned to jenny " am I right " asked blossom

Jenny just nodded

"but I need to tell you guys something else really important but you guys have to promise that even if I told you ,you'll help me " said jenny

They nodded

"ok … my friend is …."

To be continued