The Cool Breeze

Author's Note: I'm not so good at writing fanfics and I haven't been practicing for a while and now, here I am... writing a new fanfic. So please, no FLAMES! Please! Please try to enjoy it!

Chapter 1

Today was the day. Rein was going to confess her feelings to Bright and was willing to accept any answer that he's going to return. Rein was very nervous at first until she met Shade. Somehow, Shade can just blow her scared feelings away for her like a breeze.

"Hi, Shade... How are you?" Rein asked politely.

Shade just stared at her coldly but replied, "I'm fine..." Rein just smiled at him while Shade stared back at her, until her smile just melted his frozen lips. His cold look changed into a soft smile which made Rein blush a bit. Their awkward looks to each other broke into a comfortable conversation. Until...

"REIN! WHERE ARE YOU?" a voice shouted from nearly nowhere. It was a familiar voice, it was Fine's.

"Uh... sorry, gotta go!" Rein hurried and left. Meanwhile, Fine hasn't found Rein yet and is still shouting everywhere. She couldn't care less about all the people staring at her and Camelot trying to stop her from shouting, she just needed to meet Rein. She didn't know what to do with her problem that time, anyway.

"Fine! I'm here!" Rein replied.

"Oh, FINALLY! Can we just go somewhere more private for now? I want to discuss my problem..."


When they walked down the corridor to their bedroom, Fine explained what had just happened.

"You see, Bright... confessed his love to me..." just the start of Fine's sentence made Rein shocked.

What? Bright confessed his love to Fine? I know that I said I would accept any answer of his but... Oh, what are you thinking, Rein? You already agreed on this!

"...don't know... Rein?" Fine was asking.

"Oh, sorry! What?"

"So, I'm asking for your opinion. You didn't hear me?! You're so hopeless!"

"Sorry about that, I was just thinking... Oh, and about my opinion, I'm only saying, you should be the one answering, think hard about it, if you accept, you have to know your feelings for sure, same if you are not accepting," Rein recommended, and said, "Oh, Fine, I think you should return to the ball. I'll catch up with you... later!"

"Oh, sure... See ya!"

"*Sigh* I'm so confused. Maybe I shouldn't confess these feelings to Bright-sama? But, but, but... Ah! Can't believe this! Urgh!" Rein was all by herself on her sky blue bed.

Hmph! I just can't stop thinking about it... No, I have to enjoy the ball! Come on Rein! You can't just ditch the ball just because of a simple problem of yours! Have to... go.

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