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Chapter One: Realization

"Oh Joy, my love, let us run away together!" Brock exclaimed. He dropped to one knee and extended his arms towards the slightly nervous Pokemon Center nurse.

"Um…" Joy searched for the words to politely shoot down the now-singing Brock. Thankfully for her, Misty interjected before the situation grew any more awkward.

"NOW CUT THAT OUT!" She thundered as she grabbed Brock's ear and yanked him away. Ash, who had been merely a spectator until this point, took the chance to address the nurse himself.

"Well, thanks again for treating our Pokemon! I know they were tired after the long trip here. Weren't you?" Ash directed the last question at Pikachu, who had perched on his shoulder.

"Pika pika!" It nodded its approval.

Meanwhile, Misty was railing at Brock for the umpteenth time, "Don't you have any self-restraint!? There isn't a single woman you've ever met that you haven't tried to score with!"

"Well, what about you? I certainly don't want to go out with you," Brock replied slyly.


"Erm…" Brock tried to think of something to say that could calm down the simmering redhead. However, he was interrupted by a huge crash as the roof of the Pokemon center had a gargantuan hole torn into it. The section of roof seemed to disappear as it was sucked into what appeared to be some sort of enormous vacuum. Everyone in the building looked up to see that there was indeed a large tube ravaging the center. The tube was attached to a large mecha. Apparently dissatisfied with the roof snack, the tube turned on back room of the PC and began to inhale the Pokeballs that were stored there.

Inside the mecha, Team Rocket tittered over the brilliance of their new plan.

"Ooh, this is our best scheme yet! We'll have an entire Pokecenter of Pokeballs to give to the boss this time!" Jessie squealed with delight.

"Dis time we'll be rich for sure!" Meowth agreed.

"I don't know guys," James pondered, "what makes this plan different from the hundreds of others we've tried?" This outburst only earned him a bonk on the head from his teammates.

"Come on Jimmy-boy, dis one's foolproof!" Meowth declared proudly, "Dere's no way dose twerps can stop us now!"

"Well, if you say so," James sighed dejectedly.

"Aw, don't be so sad! Just tink what da boss will do when we give him all dese Pokemon!" Meowth began, "Why, he'll be so happy. Imagine the boss on his way to the bakery for a loaf of bread. It's a beautiful day, but da boss is in a sour mood. He can just call out some of da water Pokemon we captured and make it rain on his parade! Or, imagine dat he's at a big party where there's lots of dancing! And if he's not a good dancer, why he can just call out some electric Pokemon and short out da music system! Or perhaps he's in da mood for a nude unicycle ride –"

"MEOWTH!" Jessie and James screeched at him.

"Whats da matter?"

"You're not making any sense at all!" Jessie raged.

"Where the hell do you come up with these crazy circumstances anyway?" James agreed.

"Okay look, let's just go do da motto and scram!" He told them. Then he mumbled to himself, "Youse guys gots no respect for imagination..."

"Right!" The pair agreed, apparently only hearing the first part. Jessie pushed a button on the control panel of the mecha and a panel opened, revealing the Rocket trio.

Right on cue, Ash, Misty and Brock all cried, "TEAM ROCKET!"

Of course it's Team Rocket, Pikachu thought exasperatedly, It's always fucking Team Rocket you imbiciles!

"Prepare for trouble, while I eat an orange!"

"And make it double, when… um… er… you asshole…"

"To protect the world from devastation!"

"To unite all peoples within our nation!"

And so the motto went on. And as it came to a finish, and as Ash called forth his Pikachu, and as Team Rocket's expensive machine was ruined and they were sent flying through the air again, and as Ash and Misty rejoiced, Brock was not paying attention.

Brock was thinking about Misty's words from before the incident.

And he realized something.

He realized that there was in fact one girl he knew that he had never asked on a date.

He realized that if he were to prove Misty wrong, then he might just have to go on a date with Jessie.

And he was frightened.