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Fixing the Unfixable

Epilogue: Nightmares and Unwanted Tears

"I don't want t be here, mom. Look, I get that it's hard to be the same place that…dad lived when he ……….died, but coming back here? Why to this stinkin' pile of sand? I don't even remember it when we use to live here, and yet, I know that I hated it."

Akari and her mom had been traveling from the Village Hidden in the Rocks to the Village Hidden in the Sand. Their journey had taken about a week, and they were a days traveling distance still. " I mean, c'mon, the Hidden Sand Village? Why not somewhere less dry and hot?" She continued to complain. " You know, it's not too late to turn around and go to……uh…..the Hidden…Leaf Village! Yeah! I heard that is one nice place to live. And we could completely start over there. We wouldn't even have to deal with Granny that way!! What'd you say?"She put on the most convincing face she could think of at the moment, trying to get her mom to change her mind, for about the hundredth time during the trip.

Her mom looked at her as if she were crazy, which wasn't too far off of what she was, and just shook her head impatiently. "Hun, I'm sorry. But for the last time," she stopped then, and turned around to face her daughter. "We are not going to live anywhere else. This is our new home, and you are just gonna have to learn to like it. Kay? Plus, Granny needs our help. She's having trouble just being alone with all of these crazy people."

Akari huffed out of defiance. She fell down flat on her face, trying to slow her mom down, but her mom just kept walking. When she had been laying there for two minutes, and her mom hadn't come to pick her up yet, Akari growled a little, got back up, and yelled at her mom to wait for her.

She really didn't want to go back there, not because it was so sandy and hot, or because she would have to take care of her Grandma as soon as she got there, but because of the stories her brother had told her about it when she was younger.

Her brother and her father both died in battle on a mission, both as jounin ninjas. Akari loved her brother dearly and looked up to him as her role model. She would always try to do the things that he did, trying to learn his ninja techniques, but she never quite got it. Yet he always approved of her, helping her master the different things necessary to become a ninja. His confidence in her fed her own confidence, and soon she became quite a chuunin ninja. He told her lots of stories about his trips to the Village Hidden in the Sand, and all the amazing things he did there. She grew fond of the place and wanted and wanted to go there with him one day.

She wasn't quite as close to her dad. He was always away, or too busy doing something involving ninja stuff, and so she was left with more time with her brother and her mom. He was a good man, it's just that he was just a busy one too.

When both of them died, Akari's mother refused to stay where they were, and took her daughter, herself, and all their belongings, and left for the Hidden Sand Village, where she used to live when she was younger. Etsuko didn't even have a say in the matter. Her mother just gave her a two day notice before they would leave for the Sand Village. So, she said goodbye to all her friends and left for her new home.


That night, after they had made camp, Akari had a dream of her brother and herself.

"Akari, you don't have to do this for me. I can pick out my outfit just fine, ya know." He looked down at her, and gave her a small smile.

"That may be so, but today is your big day! There's no way I'm going to let you mess up your outfit for when you propose to that sweetheart of yours. You have to look perfect."She smiled a very big smile, to show that she was fully prepared and confident in the task that she had given herself, to try and repay her brother for all that he had done for her over the years.

She soon found a wonderful outfit for him that totally fit his personality and was perfect for the evening.( I don't know, make one up. I'm not so good with this stuff. ^^) Then she brushed his hair, trying to make a little neater than it usually was. Once she was done, she dragged him to a wall mirror, showing him the finished product. He was happy, happy that she had helped him out. He gave her a hug and a kiss on the top of her head as thanks.

"You are the best little sister a guy could ever ask for, Akari." He gave her another quick hug.

"Lies. Haru, If anybody gets the number one sibling of the year, it's gonna be you. Now go get that girl married to you. Well, at least make sure that that is what will happen, when the time comes for it. Heh." She pushed him out of his room, and chased him out the door.

As soon as she stepped outside, Haru (Incase you didn't figure it out, that's the brothers name. Don't know why, but it is. ) waved at her, and walked off.

All of a sudden, the scenery changed. Everything went from a peaceful sunset tone, to blood red sky and pitch-black everything else. Etsuko was crying all of a sudden as she saw her brother start fighting all of a sudden, and then, he was stabbed right in the chest. He fell to the ground, and she screamed his name. She fell to her knees and started crying ferociously into her hands.

Then it got even worse. The ground disappeared, and the sky, and the trees, and everything else, except herself. She stood up, and looked around. All of a sudden, her brother came falling slowly in front of her, and landed(in a way) in front of her feet. She screamed yet again, and another body, fell slowly down beside her brother….it was her brother, again! Then it pretty much started snowing her brother. She freaked out and fell over herself.

Then the one that fell in front of her first said her name. She looked up. He was smiling. "Tell mom I love her. Akari."

"Akari …"

Her brother(s) started disappearing.


Everything was gone.


She bolted up, sitting on her traveling pad. "Haru!!!!!!" She yelled out. She started panting as she calmed down a little. She looked around, trying and remember where she was. Then she saw her mom sitting beside her.

"Hey hun. Sorry I woke you, but it's time to get up, and frankly, you looked like you were going to die any minute from your own fantasy. You okay?" Her mom looked at her with concern in her eyes.

Akari remembered the last thing her brother told her in her nightmare-ish dream. "Hey mom, um, well, Haru…he wants you to know that he loves you………" She looked at the ground after saying this, then looked back up at her mom, making sure she understood what she just said. Her mom was completely still. Her eyes started to slowly get watery. Suddenly she hugged Akari.

"Thanks, hun. I needed to hear that." She pulled away from her daughter, looking at her face. "You know, you are the spitting image of your brother. You have the same big, beautiful blue-green eyes that you got from your father, the same beautiful thick, black hair that you got from me, and that amazingly pale skin of yours, just a hint lighter than his. Who knows where you two got that from." She sighed a sigh of content. "As long as you're here, than I have my whole family near me."

"Thanks mom, but you know, he was much easier on the eyes than I am. I'm so…..different. One look at me, and most people I meet think I'm gonna be really awkward around. And what you were describing as my hair a second ago, that was his hair. Mine just hangs here like some kind of curtain that's suppose to be in a haunted house of something." She grabbed a few locks of hair and held them out to the side of her head, then let go, showing how they limply fell back into place right beside her head. She gave her mom a look of disapproval towards her hair, but just rolled her eyes since her mom didn't know what she was talking about. "Oh, whatever. Let's just pack up and get moving again."

"Oh! About that. You actually don't need to worry about that. See, a group of people from the village actually came out to meet us. Just our luck, right?" Her mom smiled brightly, feeling very fortunate to have some help with getting their things to the village.

"Uh, yeah. I guess so." Akari was still a bit tired, so she wasn't really that responsive. She looked around to see where the men who were helping them were at.

She finally saw them over by a tree just talking. There was a man, and three teenagers. Akari could have cared less about the adults, but found the teens quite interesting. There was a girl with blonde hair that was in four pigtails and she had a really big fan sitting on her back, a boy who had his face painted with purple stripes, so to speak, and he had a thing that was wrapped up sitting on his back, and then there was a boy who had red hair and had a gourd on his back. She couldn't see his face because his back was turned to her. She found this group of teens a bit intimidating to say the least. So, she decided to stay with her mom for the time being.

Not too long after that, the people came over to help them carry their things. She was picking up her bag pack when all of a sudden she heard a voice from behind her.

"Hi." Akari jumped a little when she heard the greeting, and ended up dropping the bag. "Oh, oops. Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." Akari turned around to face the person who was speaking.

It was the blonde girl she had seen over by the tree."Oh, It's quite alright. I'm still a bit tired, so I'm not quite as sharp as usual." She gave the girl a weak smile.

"My names Temari, and these are my brothers Kankuro and Gaara." She looked at each person carefully as Temari pointed to herself, then Kankuro, then Gaara. They all had handsome faces, but she lingered just a little bit longer on Gaara's face than she did with the other two. His eyes were so hypnotic, she could have just stared into them all day and she wouldn't mind. He didn't seem to mind himself, because he was staring jus as intensely, if not more, back into hers. When she realized this, she looked away, her cheeks getting a little rosy. "Is there anything that we could help you carry? I really hope there is because otherwise we won't have anything to do on the trip back to Suna." She gave a bright smile.

'So that's the actual name of the village. It's not just the Hidden Village in the Sand, but it's the village called Suna. Good to know' she thought to herself.

She looked around on the ground to see if there was anything that they could carry that belonged to her, but she couldn't find anything. "Umm…well, I don't really have anything other than my bag pack and my traveling pad, and I can carry that just fine, but my mom brought a thousand things. So, you could ask her if she needs help with anything."

"Alrighty then. Works for me. C'mon guys. Let's go help her mom. Oh! Wait," Temari turned towards Akari again, as if she had forgotten something. "I never caught your name. You wouldn't mind would you?" Akari mentally slapped herself in the face for being so rude.

"Oh, sorry. My name's Akari. It's nice to meet all of you." She gave the trio her best smile she could muster out at the moment. Kankuro seemed to have a mood change when she said that, going from bored-out-of-his-mind, to wannabe-ladies-man, because suddenly he walked up to her, grabbed her hand kissed it, and said, "The pleasure is mine, Akari."

He gave a really weird smile then, probably trying to be charming or something. It ended up looking like he was holding back a burp. Akari tried to hold back a laugh for as long as she could, but it was really, really hard to. She ended up letting a little snort out, but tried covering it up with a cough. Kankuro didn't seem to notice it, but Temari saw right through it, as did Gaara, who was just standing off to the side, rolling his eyes. Temari spoke up then. "Akari, just a little tip for future reference. Don't be afraid to smack Kankuro if he does something stupid, kinda like right now." She walked over to him and hit him on the head. "You loaf. Get a life, and take a lesson on how to get a girl, cuz frankly, you suck. Oi, how is it that I ended up being stuck with such an idiot for a brother." She started walking towards Akari's mom to go help.

Kankuro get go of Akari's hand and gripped his head, turning towards Temari and yelling, "Um, ow! Sheesh, you are moody today." He turned back to Akari, who had an amused look on her face, but tried to hide it as soon as Kankuro was facing her again. " We'll pick this up later." Then winked at her, and ran off after Temari.

Akari just watched him, and chuckled to herself. "Is there anything else that can be done here?" She gasped when she heard the voice. Not from the surprise of it happening all of a sudden, but from the familiarity of it. She whipped around as fast as she could, thinking he was back for her, and that she would see him one more time. She had such hope on her face, that you could have thought she had just been promised to get a million dollars.

When she had turned around all the way, she gasped again, but not because it was what she was happy, or surprised, but because she was horrified, and shocked. (AN/ She was horrified, not as in 'AHH! That's so gross, but as in, no!!!!!! Why? Why me? Does that make sense? Sorry if it doesn't. Just ignore this if all I did was confuse you. O_O) The person in front of her was Gaara, not her brother like she had hoped it was, like she was almost positive it was. Gaara's voice was identical to her brothers, and Akari didn't know if she could live with that kind of reminder in her life right now.

She put her hand up to her mouth to stop herself from screaming. You could see her composure slowly falling away as she tried to find a way to answer his question before he got suspicious. A few seconds later, she mustered out, "Um…..I don't know. Sorry."She closed her eyes so Gaara wouldn't see her eyes, which were filled with sadness.

"Um, okay. I'll be over with my siblings if you need anything." He started walking off to where they were. But when he walked past her, he could feel her chakra being very unsettling. He had a feeling that he had triggered an unhappy emotion in her. He was about to try and comfort her, even though she was still just standing there without doing anything, but he didn't know what to do. He didn't comfort people that often.

He ended up putting his hand on her shoulder and said, "I'm sorry." As soon he said that, Akari gasped, and looked at him disbelievingly. She was trembling when his hand left her shoulder and he walked off. Her composure crumbled completely then, and she fell to her knees and started crying into her hands uncontrollably. Gaara just kept walking with his head hanging, and a frown on his face.

Akari couldn't understand why he reminded her of her brother so much. Yes his voice sounded just like her brothers, but he was completely different. There weren't anything alike. Her brother did look a lot like herself, just a lot better, but Gaara was practically the opposite. His hair was a dark red to start off with, and his eyes were so, well, they were much more amazing than any in her families. But he had these black rings around them. They kinda threw her off guard a little bit. And, he didn't have any eyebrows. She thought this was kinda weird, but it drew more attention to his eyes, so it wasn't that bad. And then there was that kanji on his forehead that said love. It was strange that he would have such a thing there, but it looked nice on him. She couldn't really imagine him without it.

So, why was it that he reminded her so much of her brother? She wanted to scream from frustration and irritation, but that would just cause problems. She fell over onto her side, crying for her brother, wanting him there with her.

No one noticed her, except for Gaara. But he knew that it was best to let her be alone, and if she wanted to be with someone, then she would just come get them herself. He still didn't know what he did to set her off like that. He was a bit worried about it.

Ten minutes later, Akari thought that maybe she should get up since it was probably time to go. She sat up and wiped away her tears. 'Oh no! Everybody is going to see the tears stains on my face! Ooohhhh, this is bad. Ugh, why do I have to be such a softy!?!? Grr.' She gently smacked her face to try and bring some of its normal color back, hoping it would hide the tears stains down her cheeks.

She heard footsteps coming toward her, so she pulled herself together, so whoever it was wouldn't notice that she was crying. The footsteps stopped before they got to her. She turned around wondering who it was. Who else other than the one who caused the tears: Gaara. (Of course. Rolls eyes at myself.) She almost broke down yet again, just from looking at him, but she wouldn't let him have such an advantage over her, even if he didn't know about it. She took a deep breath, and stood up.

"Hey." Gaara said, feeling a bit cautious, trying not to set her off.

"Hey…" Akari responded, trying to relax so she didn't look like a total idiot.

"Um, well, we're about to leave, so I thought I should come get you."

""Oh, uh…thanks." She didn't really know what else to say, so they just walked over to the others in silence. Once they got over there, Temari and Kankuro met up with them.

"Hey Gaara. That was awfully nice of you." Temari said to Gaara. Apparently, that type of thing didn't happen all that often.

"Sure, I guess so." Was Gaara's response. Then Akari heard Kankuro whisper under his breath, "Dang it. I should have thought of that. Stupid…stupid!" She had to smile to that. Kankuro was quite the character. She thought that the two of them might et along really well, same with Temari. She was just a little bit nervous of how she was going to get along with Gaara. It would probably be really hard for her.

Her mom called her over suddenly. "Akari! Come here! I want you to meet someone!" Akari looked over at her mom, who was ushering her over to where she was with her hand.

"I'll be right there mom!" She looked at the siblings, trying to figure out what to say to them. "Um, I guess I'll talk to you guys later then." She gave a small wave, as did Temari and Kankuro. Gaara just watched her as she ran off towards her mom.

Once she got over where her mom was, she noticed there was a man in front of her. 'This must be who she was talking about.' She thought.

"Hey honey! This is Baki. He's a jounin ninja! Isn't that great?!Well, anyways, he has some information for you." Akari's mom gave a giant grin as she faced Baki once again so she could listen to him.

"Well," he began. "Akari, right?" She nodded. "I heard that you are already a chuunin. This brings great joy to me, seeing that the three over there are the only chuunin in the village currently. It would be nice to have someone else who is their age and same ranking as them. They kind of, um, seclude themselves from others. So, you will be a nice addition to the team….if you'd like to be part of it, that is……."

Akari only heard the first part of it, because she was so focused on his face. It was rather intimidating to look at. 'I wonder why he covers one side of his face…..' She had spaced out then, thinking of different battle scars that could possibly be semi hidden under the cover.

Her mom got impatient, expecting an answer from her daughter about going their team. "So? What do you say? You gonna join or what?" She was looking at Akari very sternly, trying to scare her into an answer, possibly. Akari finally noticed her moms glare.

"What'd I do? You're looking at me as if I just took the last cookie or something." (Heh. Had to throw that in there. XD) She raised her eyebrow at her mom.

"What did you do?!? Oi!" Her mother threw her hands in the air. Baki was rather amused by her reaction to Akari. "Apparently not listening, as usual." She sighed deeply. "Baki here as offered to let you join his squad." She said this while pointing at the three teenagers that were standing over by the rest of the stuff. (AN: I wonder how they got all this different stuff with them so far…..O_O) They were just standing there, looking bored. Then Kankuro said or did something that ticked off Temari, who then proceeded to hit him on the head. You could hear her call him, "Baka!!!" Gaara slumped his shoulders, as if his brother had gone completely clueless.

Akari turned her attention back to Baki and her mother. " Y-you want me…..to join y-your squad!?" She asked Baki. He simply nodded. She made a strange noise that was a cross between a sigh and a squeak. ( Kinda like an "eep!" noise, but a little different. ) She didn't know what to do. Back home she was the only chuunin in her whole age level/ graduating class. So, this could definitely benefit her training and skills. But…..she didn't know if she could handle being around Gaara in the same group, let alone the possibility of bumping into him somewhere in the village.

She furrowed her brows, deep in thought, for about a minute. She finally spoke. "Could I have some time to decide? I'm sort of having a mental battle with myself at the moment, so I can't really give you an answer at the moment." She gave a weak smile, hoping she would get more time to think her options through properly.

"Of course. I want you to be certain of your decision. This is no light task. Please feel free to take as much time as you need. I would recommend getting to know the three of them better, to find out if you might work well with them." He smiled brightly at her. It was an odd thing to see, since you couldn't see half of it. Her thoughts once again traveled to what was under that mask…………

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