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Chapter Two: The Betrayal of A Loved One

Temari and Kankuro looked at each other, then Akari, then Gaara. Kankuro sighed, feeling slightly depressed, knowing that this time Gaara would win the price that Kankuro had been after.

Temari gave a small smile, understanding why Kankuro sighed. 'Don't mess this up Gaara. And don't ignore it either. You need this. It's what you've needed all this time. It's just like your forehead says.'


(Third person, but Akari's POV)

Akari's mom and Baki were talking when she got close to them. The scary thing about it was that it looked like they were more than just talking.

First off, they were standing very close to each other, and when I say close, I mean as in maybe there was a centimeter's distance between them.

Secondly, her mom kept gently jumping into him, and staying in the position of the bump for much longer than a person usually would, as if she was flirting with him.

And lastly was how they looked at each other. Baki was nearly a foot taller than her mom (she needs a name….got any suggestions?), and would look down at her as if she was the sweetest thing in the world. His small smile, his happy eye(s…..can't really see one of them. Heh. ^_||), and the slight tilt of his head all showed this.

And when Akari saw her mom look up at him and give him the same smile that she only gave her husband, she stopped mid-stride, feeling totally betrayed. She gasped as soon as she saw her mom lean her head on Baki's shoulder.

'No…………………' She thought. She was trembling. 'No…..no, no, no, No, No, NO, NO, NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!' She felt so much rage at this point. And to make even worse, Baki put his arm around her shoulder.

She felt the tears rushing down her face, and she could hear her heavy gasps as she tried to gulp in some air. She felt as if a watermelon had been placed in her throat.

She couldn't believe what she had just seen; she refused to believe it. But she had to make sure. So, Akari closed her eyes, counting to three, and opened them slowly. They were still that same embrace. She put her arms around her stomach, feeling woozy all of a sudden.

She couldn't handle it. And she wouldn't allow it, not right after her father died. It wasn't fair to him. It wasn't fair to her.

She took a deep breath, trying to gather herself for what she was about to do. She closed her eyes for only a moment, and then opened them, determined and ready for whatever fate would bring her next.

The two adults had gotten a good distance away from her since she had needed a quick break to breathe. So, she had to hurry if she wanted to have the effect on them that she was planning.

She marched, literally marched, over to her mom and Baki, fury etched all over her face. Her teeth were bared, her hands in fists, and her body was still shaking, probably more now than before. You could see the many different veins protruding from her skin, much more than they naturally would. She very nearly growled what came out of her mouth next.

"What in the world do you think you are doing!?!?!?" She screamed at them as soon as she was in talking distance with them. For some reason they hadn't noticed her until she had said that, even though she hadn't even tried to be discrete about coming up behind them.

"What is your problem!? Dad died, like a week ago!! And already you're all over another man!! That's so typical of you!!" She was in front of them now, keeping them from moving any farther. Yet, she remained a good distance away from them, not wanting to be too close to the 'traitor'.

"How could you betray him like that?! It's just so wrong! All he ever did was love you, and take care of you. And here you are, being all lovey-dovey with my new sensei!!! Uuurrrrrrrgghh!!!" She turned away from them, grasping her head, walking in a circle.

"Wait," Baki stated slowly. "So you want me to be your sensei?" He smiled a little at this. Akari looked at spun around, looking at him with pure disbelief. Then her facial expression changes to a 'You're kidding, right?' look.

She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. She spoke slowly, to keep herself calm. "You aren't seriously telling me, that that is the only thing that you found important in this entire confrontation, are you?" She opened her eyes and glared at him. "Because if it is, then one way or another, I will kick your-" She was cut off by him raising his hands and speaking apologetically.

"Now, now. No need to be to rash. I was just looking at something positive in this time of sorrow for you. Please forgive me for upsetting you."He gave a small bow, before returning his arm to her mother's shoulder. Her mother simply smiled as if this were a normal thing.

If this were an anime or manga, you would now see Akari suddenly turn chibi and become completely red, with fire coming out of her mouth and nose, steam from her ears, and she would be ripping her hair out. There would be something similar to hells fire in the background.

But since this isn't an anime or a manga, all I can say to describe how she reacted then, is that she did turn slightly more red than usual, she had the same expression she would have had in her chibi form, and she was pulling her hair rather intensely, but not quite enough to pull any out. Sadly, the scenery did not change to the previous description. You could also hear a lot of strange throaty noises coming from her. The adults looked at each other, then back at Akari, worry on both of their faces.

She gained her composure almost instantly, taking in deep breathes about four times before she was ready to speak again. " If you want me to be on your friggin' squad, than you better not talk to me for a good while, old man." She said while pointing at him accusingly. He just smiled as a response.

Akari didn't understand it. Her mother had been devastated from the loss of her son and husband. How could just get over it within a matter of days? And how did she know this guy that she suddenly was very openly flirting with?!? It was all too much for her to handle.

She lowered her trembling hand back down to her side. She stood there, showing as little emotion as she could for as long as she could, which wasn't very long. Eventually a tear slid down her cheek. Her mother took notice to this, and turned her head in a curious way.

"Akari, hun, why are you crying? I see no reason for such a thing at a time like this." There was no emotion in her voice, other than curiosity. No concern, no worry, just curiosity.

Akari continued to cry, letting her wall down just a little more. "What do you mean there's no reason to cry?! You just broke my already broken heart into millions of pieces, and you don't even care!!" She let her wall crumble before her feet. Her tears were rivers down her face now. "How could you say something so heartless? You know, I wonder if you're even my mother right now!!! Because my mother always put her feelings after her children's, never before! Never!!" She ran off then, leaving her mother and Baki confused.

She was crying furiously into her hands, still running away from the adults. She realized that it wasn't the smartest thing to do though, since her eyes were covered. That could lead to a lot of problems. So, she looked up, not caring if anyone saw the large amount of tears running down her face.

She ran right passed the two oldest siblings, who had past her and the adults some time ago. They watched her as just kept running, listening to her heavy sobs slowly get quieter. They looked at each other, than back at Akari as she slowly grew smaller in size, worry and concern written all over their faces.

She had to get away from everyone. She couldn't be near anyone, she just couldn't bear the pain of anything that reminded her of what she had just seen. And any of the people behind her brought that pain and suffering.

'How could she do that to me? How could she do that to dad? How could she do that Haru?' She repeated this to herself over and over as she was running. She just couldn't grasp it. It didn't make any sense to her.

She had been running for some time when she saw Gaara. Normally she would have gotten a bit nervous from seeing him there, but she just ended up crying harder from seeing another one of them. So, she pushed on, trying to get away from him, trying to leave the painful memory behind her.

But for some strange reason, she was still staring at him. With the others, she just ignored them, not caring what they were doing at that moment. But with him, she was just so curious, even at a time like this she couldn't help but notice him.

He appeared to still be irritated from the earlier confrontation, walking in a rather rushed way, but not going all that fast. His arms were folded, his shoulders closer to his ears than usual, and his walking was rather….bouncy. It was strange to see him like this because he usually was so detached from the rest of the group, always keeping to himself, so he never really showed any emotions, other than boredom.

But Akari didn't want to care about that. She just wanted to get away as soon as possible. She was still moving, so she had to keep moving. If she stopped moving, she was bound to be stuck that way for a long time. She just didn't have enough willpower to pick herself and keep going if she were to stop. So, she kept running, even though she was tired from it.

(Third person, but Gaara's POV)

Gaara had noticed her not too long ago, and that she was coming fast. But he was still really unhappy with her, so he didn't pay any attention to her. He wanted her to feel ignored. He wanted her to know what he felt like. He didn't know why he did, but he didn't care. He just wanted her to feel his pain. And that was that.

Soon enough, she was only a few feet away from him. He had no idea why she was here, but he didn't care. He just wanted her to go away. So, he did the typical thing that an angry guy would do ( I think??).

He turned around to yell at her.

"What do you wa-" He stopped mid-word when he saw that she was still running and not even looking at him. He could hear her making a weird noise, maybe it was wheezing? No, it was something. What was that noise?

Then, she was close enough for him to see her face clearly. She had a look of pure distress and pain. She was crying very hard, as well. Then she ran past him, and he figured out what that noise was. Sobs. She was sobbing, and he was about to yell at her. Guilt suddenly rushed over his face.

His eyes followed her body as she tried to run away from his gaze that she so obviously knew was following her. Sadly though, she didn't get very far before she ended up doing something very similar to what Kankuro did earlier. Except this was much worse. She didn't just trip over a rock and fall, she tripped over a really big rock, tried to regain her balance, but failed and ended up having her body thrown across the rough path for a long distance, getting scratches and bruises all over her body.

After about six seconds, she finally came to a stop. Gaara watched this whole ordeal in horror, frozen to his spot, not knowing what to do to help her. He cautiously moved forward, still a bit shocked from what just happened.

When she shifted slightly, he let out a breath he had been unconsciously holding. He slowly walked over to her now crippled body, a bit unsure of what he would do once he got there.

He heard her moan as she tried to move just a little bit. But she didn't seem to have the strength to do it. So, with a loud gasp, she ended up being in the same position as before, sprawled out with her limbs all over the place.

Gaara had stopped moving as soon as he heard the first little whimper. Then he heard it again, but it was a little bit louder this time. Her body started shaking a little bit, but not violently, just enough to motivate him to finish the distance between them.

Once he was by her side, he knelt down to look at her face. Her eyes were tightly shut, as if she didn't want to know what the circumstances were. Her face was red, and under her eyes, it was puffy. He also saw the same tears as before. Her whimpers were continuing, and he was getting really worried about her emotional state. The look on her face told him that her heart had just been broken, and she didn't know how she would fix it.

He cautiously reached out for her. But before he could gather enough courage to actually touch her, he pulled back, not sure of how he would do this.

Suddenly, he clenched his fists, softly hissing, and mimicked what Akari was doing with her eyes, shutting them tightly. 'What's wrong with me? I'm trying to help her, but I can't even find the courage to comfort her!!! I have issues….Okay Gaara. You've always been known as the monster, the freak, the one with all the issues. And for good reason too. But that was a long time ago. I'm not like that anymore. I've changed. I've learned how to control Shukaku. I'm the master, not him. It's time that I proved to the world that I have a heart. That I'm more than just someone's weapon. I care about people. I care about them enough that I will put my life on the line. And……I think I should start to care for someone new.'

He opened his eyes, looked at Akari straight on. He slowly reached for her………………

(Third Person, but Akari's POV)

Akari was so close to passing Gaara, just eight more strides and she wouldn't have to think about him as another obstacle any more. Just eight little strides. Seven. Six……Fi-

"What do you wa-" she heard him yell. 'Dang it! Why Gaara, why? I was so close!!' She didn't want him to see her like this. So, she ran even faster.

Eventually, she finished her last five strides in order to pass him, but they didn't matter now. His eyes were following her. And they had seen her face, which meant that his eyes were full of worry.

So, as soon as her face was out of his view, she closed her eyes for a second, wishing she could just fast forward time to when she would be hiding in a bush later on when she would be away from everyone.

But, as fate may be, that wasn't the smartest thing for her to do at that exact moment. Because she closed her eyes right then, she missed seeing the big rock/stone/thing that was in front of her foot. So, she tripped. As soon as she realized what happened, her eyes opened in a panicked way, hoping to see where she was stepping so she could regain her balance.

But what she didn't know was that her senses had been dulled from her current depression. So, she didn't open her eyes until her face was merely inches away from the ground. Being the chuunin that she was, she was able to save her face from getting a rather good beating by turning her body so her back was facing the ground.

Sadly, that wasn't quite enough to stop her momentum. She did a good bit of tumbling before she finally stopped. Her body would have looked totally broken from a distance by the way she was laying. Thankfully, that wasn't the case.

She tried to move, but she just didn't have the strength to get herself in a better position, a more comfortable one at least. So, she just gave up with a loud grunt, and all her muscles completely relaxed.

She faintly heard footsteps in the background, but couldn't remember whose they would be. She let out a whimper, feeling more tears stream down her face as he felt her body and mind give up. She let out another one, a little louder this time as she slowly got used to this intense stage of pain.

She lay there for perhaps a minute, just feeling like a hopeless wreck that wasn't worth caring for. Yet, strangely, she had a feeling that all wasn't lost.

And what do you know, a pair of arms suddenly wrapped around her in a very caring way. They lifted her body off the ground, but not into the air. It felt more like a lap, perhaps? Once she was settled in the mystery lap, she thought it would be smart to see who the owner of the arms and lap was.

She had trouble turning her head, but managed anyways. She slowly opened her eyes, feeling very anxious of who it would be. When she saw his face, her eyes grew slightly wider, and she gasped lightly.

She was being held by Gaara. And she was sitting in Gaara's lap. And Gaara was looking at her with anguish and pain written all over his face, and something else too. Was it….could it be…..love? (no, not the, ' I'm in love!!!!' type of love, the ' I care for you and your safety.' kind of love. Don't get ahead of yourself. ^^)

But wasn't Gaara the one who had told her not so long ago that he was doing just fine by himself? That he didn't need anybody else? That that's why he was always ignoring people and the things they did? It didn't make sense to her. He was such a mysterious person.

Suddenly, he pulled her closer to him, embracing her with as much comfort as he could muster into the hug. The fact being that he didn't give hugs away that often, it was very strange one. He put more pressure on one side of her body then on the other, and her arms were also sitting rather awkwardly up against his chest.

She was just sitting there on his lap, not knowing what to do with herself at this moment. Then she realized that he had just given her permission to use him as her crying shoulder (I know, it's cheesy. It's late. And I'm tired and I can't think of anything else. So, you know what? I recommend you get over it. XP). So, she snatched up the opportunity before he realized what he was doing, and how of his nature it seemed.

She moved her arms away from his chest, and wrapped them around his neck. She shoved her face into the crook of his neck, and started gently crying, finally taking in the situation. Excepting the hard truth that she would have to face for what she thought would be the rest of her life.

When she did this, Gaara tensed. Akari noticed this, but didn't want to let go, now that she had grabbed on. Slowly, he loosened up, and returned the embrace more than before.

The two of them stayed like this for about ten minutes, just wondering how the other one could have changed so much, in so little time.


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