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The events of the years before Jasper and I got together - although being good times - compared with the rest of my life with my love can safely me classed as the worst years of my life. The whole Brigitte incident - as terrifying as it was - brought Jasper and I together in ways I had never even dreamed of before.

The Volturi were now close personal friends of ours now that they were no longer trying to enlist us to work in their guard.

As for Alice and Coleā€¦ whatever! Who cares!

"Bells" I heard Jasper's rich voice call to me as he slowly ascended the stairs.

"Yes baby?" I called back and Jasper entered the room. His blond hair was askew and his clothes were deliciously disturbed, sporting rips and tears. He looked hot.

"What happened, Jazz?" I asked him, keeping my eyes on his chest as he slipped out of the torn shirt. A low chuckle gathered my attention.

"The bear had a little bit of fight in him" he explained and I nodded sympathetically. Emmet had been going out and scaring the poor things half to death. They were becoming more aggressive as time went on and so we were having to kill them quickly before they attacked any humans.

I rose to my feet and padded over to where Jasper stood, taking a place behind him. I slipped my arms around his waist and nibbled lightly on his earlobe.

"You too tired to play with me?" I whispered seductively into his ear and he shook his head frantically, spinning in my arms until we were face to face.

He slowly leaned down and captured my lips with his, gently massaging them and I sighed contentedly. He took the opportunity to thrust his tongue into my mouth, exploring and I moaned erotically, reaching my own out to join his. Our tongues danced together for a while before I pulled back and took Jasper's tongue between my lips. Sucking on it erotically, I occasionally flicked my tongue over it and he moaned.

We began to kiss again, but more urgently this time. My hands were on his zipper while he simply ripped my dress off my body. Before I could comprehend what was going on, I had been thrown none too gently onto the bed and Jasper had pulled my panties off.

His tongue curled around her clit as he began suck contentedly.

"Oh God, Jasper!" I moaned as he lapped at my pussy. I arched up, my hands grabbing onto his hair.

The slightest touch of Jasper's tongue against my clit made me squeal in surprise. Soon he was flicking my clit lightly and at vampire speed; I didn't stand a chance and I came hard and loudly. Before I had a chance to recover, his tongue was back, taking long languid licks between my folds and occasionally flicking my clit but soon he was French kissing my pussy like it was my mouth, his probing tongue made me moan in pleasure, my hips thrusting upwards, legs trying to trap him in place. He used one strong arm to keep my legs from clamping down on him, while the other hand went between my legs. Suddenly, he thrust two fingers into me and I whimpered and mewled.

"Oh God, Jasper! FUCK!"

He thrust faster and I came hard, gushing onto his face and he licked up what he could reach on his face before cleaning all my cum from my pussy using his tongue.

I was jelly by the time he joined me on the bed, hovering over me.

"I love you" we whispered to each other and I felt his tip push against me, before he suddenly thrust forwards, sheathing himself in me. We both let out moans at the sensation and he began to thrust forwards. He began a slow rhythm and when I started to buck and sob, he increased his pace and the force of his thrusts until my walls started to flutter around him.

"Oh! I'm so close!" I moaned and Jasper changed his angle hitting my spot firmly and I crumbled underneath him, babbling incoherently as my orgasm took over. Sometime during my climax, I felt Jasper release into me and collapse before rolling over with me in his arms to drape me on top of him.

Finally, when I was coherent again, I raised my head to gaze into Jasper's amber eyes.

"I love you" I whispered to him

"For Eternity" he whispered back before we fell into a comfortable silence, just basking in one another's glow.

We were made for each other.

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