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Chapter One: The Founders of the Marauders

The scarlet engine was one of the best things Sirius Black had ever seen. He practically flew to the platform, laughing insanely.

"Goodbye, dear Mother!" he screamed, climbing onto the train. Ignoring the stares and envious looks, he raced to the end of the train and entered the compartment. A raven-haired boy with hazel eyes looked up and grinned.

"Hi, I'm James Potter," he said, and held out his hand.

Sirius stared at it apprehensively. "Are you a pureblood?" he asked. James' expression went from friendly to disgusted.

"You're one of them, aren't you? The people who think that purebloods are royalty? Yes, I am a pureblood, but different from you. Now go away." Dejected, Sirius left the compartment, rather shocked and definitely angry.

Finally, he found a compartment with a couple of giggling, eyelash-batting girls. He tried to pay attention to their shallow, pointless conversations, but his mind kept flashing back to James Potter. What did he mean by saying, "I'm different"? Purebloods were royalty. His parents had told him that.

They couldn't have lied, could they?


Remus Lupin approached the last compartment cautiously. A dark-haired boy sat in there, alone. He was staring out of the window.

Quietly, he entered the boy's 'territory'. The boy turned around and smiled at him.

"Hi. I'm James Potter." Oh, the Potters. Kelly Lupin, his mother, had told him about the Potters. They were a family of well-respected, kindhearted and wealthy purebloods who were related To Godric Gryffindor. "Remus Lupin." He replied, relaxing a little.

"So, Remus, which house are you hoping to get into?" The conversation gradually became relaxed and casual. A delighted Remus thought, I have a real friend! Maybe he'll even talk to me when he knows of my condition!


"Black, Sirius!" Professor McGonagall called. The dark-haired boy stood up confidently, but secretly he was dead nervous. He felt James Potter's eyes boring into his back.

"Hmm...I understand you have a very complicated family? I suppose you want tot go to Slytherin, like your family?" "No," Sirius though. "They suck." The Sorting Hat paused. "Well, it's definitely not Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, so it will have to be...GRYFFINDOR!!" He raced towards the table, laughing. James looked surprised, and sent him a curious look, which Sirius returned with a huge grin.

He was in Gryffindor!


"Ah, a werewolf. Well, Ravenclaw would certainly be ideal for you. Intelligent, but you do have alot of courage and bravery as well, along with loyalty. The best for you would be...GRYFFINDOR!!" The Hat cried. Leaping up, his dark eyes sparkling, he got up and practically flew to the table. Gryffindor! His father would be so proud of him! Remus Lupin thought.


"Pettigrew, Peter!" A watery-eyed boy stood up and approached the stool. "Well, you're definitely Hufflepuff material. But you have a few Gryffindor values too. Courage and loyalty. GRYFFINDOR!!" The boy stood up, shaking, while dizzy with excitement. I'm in Gryffindor, he thought happily. Gryffindor!


James Potter put the hat on, his hazel eyes confident. "A Gryffindor descendent himself. Well you're definitely Gryffindor material, so GRYFFINDOR!" He smiled, and laughed, and raced to the table before whipping out a piece of parchment and a Self-Inking quill.

Dear Mum and Dad, he wrote, I made it! I'm in Gryffindor!


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