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Chapter 2: The Arrival of Two Prodigies

Lily Evans looked around the station carefully, her eyes scanning the crowd warily. Finally, she spotted a familiar face. She sighed, relieved as she walked over to Severus, trying not to appear too eager. "Bye, Mum! Bye, Dad! Bye, Tuney!" she called, waving, and tried to ignore Petunia's silence.

"Hi, Sev!" she greeted with a hug. Severus hugged her back, rather stiffly. "What's wrong?" she asked. Quietly, he replied, "They fought again." Immediately, Lily's mind flashed to the first and only time she'd visited Severus, and ended up terrified and scared stiff at their screams and yells.

He tensed up, as if waiting for her to cringe away. She didn't, but simply opened the door to a compartment and silently invited him to go in. He slumped into the opposite bench and stared out of the window dejectedly. Lily did the same, except her eyes were thoughtful rather than depressed. Had she made a mistake coming to Hogwarts?

Finally, the silence was broken by a raven-haired, Ravenclaw prefect telling them sternly to get changed. And the rest of the train ride was silent again, although Severus did tell Lily a bit about the four houses.

When they got out of the train, Lily had to admit that she was rather glad. Pretending not to notice him, she slid into a boat with three other girls who were chattering away happily.

"Evans, Lily!" Professor McGonagall called. Trembling, she stumbled up and sat on the stool awkwardly. 'It's quite simple, really. Brave, reckless...it will definitely be GRYFFINDOR!" Feeling slightly disappointed, she walked over to the cheering Gryffindors and sat down on the bench next to a blonde girl who introduced herself as Emily Stevenson. Then, a nice-looking brunette girl sat down next to her. "Hi. I'm Alice Prewett," she said, holding out a small hand. "Lily Evans," Lily replied, shaking her hand. "Pleasure," Alice said with a small nod.

Later, "Potter, James!" and "Lupin, Remus!" were Sorted into Gryffindor. It seemed hesitant to Sort "Pettigrew, Peter!" into Gryffindor as well, but it did anyway. "Snape, Severus!" got Sorted into Slytherin after a while.

Lucius Malfoy welcomed Severus a little too warmly, in Lily's opinion. When Severus mentioned that he was, in fact, not a Muggleborn, he went all happy and friendly and acted like they'd known each other for life.


Anyway, Lily was finding James Potter and Sirius Black rather irritating. They kept doing gross stuff (shoving food up their nostrils) and making fun of random people. They had been rather cold to each other at first, but now they were going all BFFs on each other.

Lily shook her head. Maybe Tuney was right, she thought absentmindedly. Wizards really are freaky.

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