Well, it's my birthday, so as a present to you all, a drabble I concocted instead of an assignment which just so happens to be due tomorrow, the first day back at school. Strange pairing I know, but I adore it. There needs to be more of it.
So read, review and enjoy! All Critcism welcome.

She cringed as cool chalky fingers ran down her pretty face; she was as defenseless as she was a hundred years ago, but that was the closest thing to affection she had right now, she cherished it.

She was faced with scarlet irises illuminating a pitch room day after day; her golden haired angel was nowhere to be seen.

She was used to being abandoned and she didn't see how this could be different, but it still hurt. She was lost and she would do anything to be found again.

"He's not coming for you, you know that right. He abandoned you, but you need to be loved. I can make you feel love again." His words were harsh lies in the form of rough velvet, but she believed each white-hot word that fell from his tongue.

"Prove it. Make me feel loved again."